Pull the Plug on the War State: Charley Reese
Did the Surge Work?: Ivan Eland
Res. 362: A Grave Mistake to Avert: Reza Nasri
Regime Change Rationales: Gordon Prather
On Winning and Losing Wars: Sheldon Richman

 Pat Buchanan

The Good War a Big Mistake?

 Doug Bandow

War Powers and Foreign Follies

 David Bromwich

The War Party and the Times

 Andy Worthington

Torture and Bogus "Trials"

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Updated July 27, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT
Bombings in Western India Kill 45, Wound 162
  India Police Say Few Clues Over Bangalore Bombings
NATO Kills 4 More Civilians in Afghanistan
  Governor: NATO Air Raid Kills Dozens of Taliban
  NATO States Agree to Send More Forces to Afghanistan
PM: War on Terror Is Pakistan's Own War
  Musharraf: Pakistan Has Right to Retaliate if Allied Forces Attack
Seven Pilgrims Shot Dead on Road to Baghdad
  Shi'ite Militia in Baghdad Sees Its Power Ebb
  Sunni Leader Calls for Sacking Iraq President
  US Military: Inmates in Iraq Imposed Islamic Justice on Each Other
Iran Says Now Has 6,000 Centrifuges for Uranium
  Both Israel, Iran Silent on Arms Convoy Blast
Nine Killed in Lebanon Sectarian Fighting
New Evidence Reveals Secret Database Used in Spy Program
Resolution 362: A Grave Mistake to Avert  by Reza Nasri
The Parade of 'Shrill, Unserious Extremists' on Display at Today's Impeachment Hearings  by Glenn Greenwald
Should We Stay or Should We Go?
by Steve Chapman
Pull the Plug on the War State
by Charley Reese
Regime Change Rationales
by Gordon Prather
Barack in Iraq  by Ximena Ortiz

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Pakistan, India Trade Fire on Kashmir Border
Palestinian 'Che' Blindfolded and Shot
Obama Says Conditions to Dictate Final Iraq Force
Obama Camp Cites Pentagon in Scrapping Troop Visit
Paper: Kurdistan Seeks to Annex Other Iraqi Provinces
Baghdad Outraged by Olympic Ban
Iran Says Oil Price Could Reach $500
Judge Tosses Savage's Suit Against Islamic Group
Nuclear Dispute Dogs US Ties With New Zealand
Maliki Invites Pope
to Visit Iraq to Help Peace
Today in Iraq
Olympic Committee Offers Last Chance for Iraq
Iraq Reviews Rejected Election Law Bill
Iraq: Curfew During Shi'ite Pilgrimage Still Undecided
Iraq Pledges Protection of Foreign Investment Companies
Safer Pipeline Lets Iraq Oil Exports Flow
Oil Exports From Northern Iraq Rise Sharply
Saturday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
The War at Home
No 'Blank Check' for Iraq War, Democrats Say
Obama Defends Tour, Says McCain Shifting on War
US Engineer Indicted on Iran Dealings
Florida Travel Agents Fight Higher Bond on Cuba Trips
Report Urges Overhauling How Passports Are Issued
'War on Terror'
UK: MPs Cast Doubt on Iraq Torture Denials
Briton Faces 60 Years in US Prison After Hacking Into Pentagon
Anti-Terror Funds Questioned
Goal of Hamdan Trial: Credibility
Australia: Transcripts Show Police 'Failed' Innocent Terror Suspect
Australian Federal Police Bars 'Parallel' Haneef Inquiry
Indian Mujahideen: Third Deadly Strike by Little Known Terror Outfit
Hyderabad Police to Check for Links to Bangalore Blasts
Delhi Wants to Avoid Vote at IAEA Meeting
Key Details About Bangalore
Chronology: Major Attacks in India Since 2003
India 'Concerned' Over Pakistan Getting $230m to Upgrade F-16s
US Green Berets to Get Trained in India
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: Fighting Kills 70 Combatants
Sri Lankan Troops to Hand Over Dead Bodies to Rebels
Parties Reject Maoist Terms to Join Government
Anti-Hindi Protests Continue in Nepal
Radovan Karadzic
Unclear Whether Karadzic Appeals Extradition
Karadzic Supporters Hold Protests
Karadzic Lived in Vienna for Months
Karadzic Got Too Complacent
Radovan Karadzic: Master of Life and Death
Radovan Karadzic's Female Friend Says He Was 'Humanitarian'
Russia Slams Bush for Linking Nazi and Soviet Evils
Raucous Russian Tabloids Thrive Despite Narrowing of Press Freedom
US Wants Georgia, Abkhazia Talks Without Preconditions
Ukraine Calls for Independent Church in Spat With Moscow
Macedonian Lawmakers Approve New Pro-EU Government
Irish Oppose Second EU Pact Referendum
US Military Housing Projects Advance in Eastern Europe
Rice Tells Fiji to Hold Elections on Time
Americans Keep Dying
Marine's Mother Left Stunned by His Death in Afghanistan (NJ)
Miami-Dade (FL) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Was to Get Married Next Month
Illinois Soldier Who Died in Afghanistan Laid to Rest
Enemy Fire in Afghanistan Kills West Point Grad (WI)
Florissant (MO) Soldier Dies in Action in Afghanistan
Family Struggles With Loss of Soldier Son in Afghanistan (GA)
Lockport (LA) Marine Killed by Sniper in Iraq Laid to Rest
Clearlake (CA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan by IED
Five Gaza Militants, Child Killed in Gaza Blast
Hamas Arrest 160 Fatah Men After 6 Die in Gaza Blast
Hamas Seizes Abbas-Run Agency in Gaza Crackdown
Hamas Calls Emergency Meeting Following Blast
Arabs Under Siege as Israel Tightens Grip on Holy City
Arab Aid to Palestinians Often Doesn't Fulfill Pledges
Palestinian Family Loses Home in Jerusalem After 52 Years
Abrams: Olmert Doesn't Have Enough Political Weight to Sell Peace Deal
Talks on Lebanon Cabinet Policy Flounder as Deadline Nears
UN Force Lodges Complaint With Israel Over Violations of Lebanese Airspace
Report: Syrian Forces Detain Lebanese Soldier
Unity Plea to Avert Crisis in Turkey
Turkish Soldier Killed, One Wounded in Clashes With Kurdish Rebels
Taliban Targets Kabul
German FM: Afghan Situation Worse in 2008
Australian Diggers Injured in Afghanistan Flare Accident
Fewer Norwegians Support Afghan Mission
Afghan Police Kill Taliban Commander
British Soldier Faces Manslaughter Charges Over Afghanistan 'Friendly Fire' Deaths
UK Soldier Killed After Delaying Flight Home From Afghanistan
Coalition, Afghan Officials Say Two Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Australia Rejects Medivac Bungle Claim Involving US Commanders
German FM Opens Driving School for Afghan Military
Pakistani Leader to Defend Anti-Militant Strategy
Pakistan Puts Spy Agency Under Civilian Control
Pakistan: Justice Qayyum's Son Shot Dead
12 Militants, Three Security Men Killed in Pakistan's Dera Bugti
Hangu Leader's Brother Among Four Kidnapped in Pakistan
Pakistani Acquitted After 15 Years Illegal Detention in Held Kashmir

Olympics Threatened by Islamic Separatists

China Group Asserts That It Bombed Buses
China Denies Group's Claim of Role in Bombings
China Urged Not to Use Security Fears as Cover-Up
China Surpasses US in Number of Internet Users
Cambodia Border Dispute Strengthens PM in Vote
Manila's Attempts to Alter Terms Undid Deal With Rebel Group
As Zimbabwe Talks Begin, Abductions of Opposition Members Continue
In Zimbabwe Talks, Who Will Get the Real Power?
Nigerian Gunmen Release 8 Expats, 8 Others Still Held
Freed US Hostage Was Chad Rebels' 'Guest of Honor'
Weekend Reviews
Antiwar Literature
A History of Abuse in the War on Terror
Madness and Shame
Facing Up to America's 'Dark Side'
The Lion and the Unicorn
Colombian Rebels Reject Asylum
FARC 'Coordinator' Held in Spain

Cocaine Sustains War Despite Rebel Losses in Colombia

Bolivia to Fight Cocaine Trade With Its Own Funds

Justin Raimondo
Follow That Story!

Ivan Eland
Did the Surge Work?

Doug Bandow
The Lion and the Unicorn

Nebojsa Malic
Everyone's Favorite Villain

Sascha Matuszak
The No-Fun Olympics

Charles Peņa
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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