Obama's War?: Patrick Buchanan
Conspiracy to Kill Iraqis?: Ron Jacobs
Livin' la Vida Barroca: Thomas Harrington
Bush Forced Maliki to Back Down in 2006: Porter
The Post's Latest Rule of Law Sermon: Greenwald

 Philip Giraldi

Beware False Flag Attack In Iraq

 Pat Buchanan

The Good War a Big Mistake?

 Doug Bandow

War Powers and Foreign Follies

 David Bromwich

The War Party and the Times

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Updated July 29, 2008 - 11:27 PM EDT
Wars Will Hike Record Deficit Higher
  Obama Says US Must Reassert World Leadership
  Still at Code Yellow, DHS Fears 11 Months of 'Heightened Alert'
Female Bombers Kill Scores of Iraqi Pilgrims
  Richard Perle Looks at Iraq Oil Business
  Petraeus: US, Iraqi Security Forces Control Virtually All Iraq
  Bush Forced al-Maliki to Back Down on Pullout in 2006
  US Soldiers Cleared After Iraqi Civilians Shot Dead
  Air Force Plans Altered Role in Iraq
  Monday: 87 Iraqis Killed, 288 Wounded
Bush Blasted by Pakistan PM for Missile Strike
  Pakistan General Warns Against More US Missile Strikes
  Taliban Split Into Two Factions in Pakistan Tribal District
  Doubts Pakistan Can Assert Control Over Spy Agency
Canadians Shoot, Kill Afghan Kids in Car
  Spokeswoman: Killing of Children 'Tough' for Soldiers to Deal With
Israeli DM Warns Gates Not to Rule Out Attacking Iran
  NBC Interview: Ahmadinejad Offers 'Positive' Response
Police Link US Man's Computer to India Bomb E-Mail
Caught on Tape: Army Recruiters Threaten High School Students
Daniel Ellsberg's Lessons
for Our Time
 by James Bovard
Livin' la Vida Barroca
by Thomas Harrington
The Bush Administration's Secret Biowarfare Agenda  by Stephen Lendman
Obama's War?  by Patrick Buchanan
Caterpillar Fashion  by Gideon Levy
Conspiracy to Kill Iraqis?  by Ron Jacobs

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Candidates Deny Shifting on Iraq
A Sanitized View of the Iraq War?
Report: Empty Prison in Iraq a $40m 'Failure'
Contractor, Pentagon Wasted Millions in Iraq, Inspector General Says
Audit Questions Millions in Blackwater Contracts
McCain's Very Own Foreign Policy Outlet
Dept of Justice: Former Aide Broke Law in Hiring Scandal
Injured Vets Pull Dick Cheney Invitation Over Security Demands
Water Crisis in Iraq Brings Failed Crops, Sandstorms and Scorched Earth
Today in Iraq
Trio Interrogated Over Iraq Suicide Bombing
Some of the Deadliest Attacks in Iraq This Year
Kurd MP Blames Election Bill Drafters for Kirkuk Attacks
Report: Diyala Operations Commander Dismissed
IED Injures Two Cops in Mosul
Monday: 87 Iraqis Killed, 288 Wounded
British Iraq Fallout
UK: No Prosecution Over Journalist Death in Iraq
Britons Regret Military Engagement in Iraq
US Military
Bush Approves Execution of Soldier for Murders
Brig. Gen. Tinsley, Alaska 3rd Wing Commander, Dies at Home of Gunshot Wound
VA Suicide Hot Line Got 22,000 Calls in First Year
Air Force Exec Resigns, Cites Leader Changes
Pentagon Eyes $1.5 Billion Aircraft Sale to Iraq
Army Search Under Way for Enhanced Body Armor
Detaining Justice
Guantánamo Prisoners in Limbo as Trials Gain Pace
Pentagon-Produced al-Qaeda Movie Played at Gitmo Trial
UK Security Services Are Accused of Role in Detainee's Torture
A US Trial by Its Looks,
but Only So
'Complicating Factors' in Afghanistan Surge
Report: Afghan Attacks 'Escalating'
Private Contractors' Role in Afghanistan to Grow With Awarding of Latest Contracts
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
UN Envoy Backs Karzai Against Pakistan
Kidnapped French Nationals Fine: Afghan Official
Bush Hails Pakistan's New PM as a Reliable Partner
Pakistan PM Tries to Reassure Bush on Afghanistan
In Pakistan Mountains, Jihadis Train for War

Pakistan Militants Execute Alleged US Spy

Three Intelligence Officials Killed in Swat Valley
Afghan Spy Agency: Pakistan Prepares Anti-India Attacks
Four Die as India, Pakistan Trade Fire in Kashmir
India PM Visits Bomb Victims, Calls to Boost Security
Mass Mourning for Indian Bomb Victims
Indian Police Releases Sketch of Alleged Militant
India Stock Exchange Steps Up Security After Blasts
Plagued by Terrorism, Indians Voice Frustration
Protests Against Nepal's Vice President
Nepal Stops Exiles From Marching to Tibet, 30 Held
Hun Sen's Party Probably Expanded Majority in Cambodia Election
Cambodian Opposition Demands New Ballot
Thailand, Cambodia Agree to Pull Back Some Troops
Thai and Cambodian Leaders Begin Talks
Alleged Arms Dealer Bout in Thai Court for Extradition Case
Fierce Artillery Duels Kill 22 in Sri Lanka
Philippine Rebel Talks Reach Deal
China Criticizes McCain-Dalai Lama Meeting
Ahmadinejad Cites 'Common Ground' With West
Israeli DM: Iran Putting Entire World at Risk
Diplomat Close to IAEA Says Iran Inflates Atom Progress
Ahmadinejad: Nukes Are So Last Century
Iran Orders Jail for Journalist Over 'Lies'
Iran Overhauls F-14 Fighter Jets
Iran Slams Iraq, India Bombings
Olmert: No Jerusalem Deal With Palestinians in 2008
Rights Report: 20-30 Percent of Detainees in Gaza and West Bank Tortured
Israeli Settlements 'Choke' Jordan Valley
Olmert: Living With 270,000 Arabs in Jerusalem Means More Terror
Hamas Bans Fatah-Affiliated Newspapers
Fatah Arrests Hamas Activists in West Bank
Arrests Increase Tensions Between Palestinian Factions
Talks With Hamas on Shalit Release to Resume Tuesday
Israel Fears European Ship May Sail to Gaza
PA 'On the Brink of Bankruptcy'
Israeli Military Starts Using Lasers Near Gaza
Syria Envoy Calls for Peace With Israel
Israel: Good Signs From Syria
Syrians See an Economic Side to Peace
Olmert Accuses 'Public Figures' of Attempting Informal Contact With Syria
Death Toll in Istanbul Blast Rises to 17, PKK Denies Link
Three Teens Reportedly Held in Turkey Bombing
Turkish Bombings Probed, Official Links Kurds
Turkish PM Calls for Unity After Bombings
Secularists Raise Tension as Turkish Court Prepares Landmark Judgment on Ruling Party
Turkey Expresses Concern Over Bomb Attacks in Iraq's Kirkuk
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Commander Urges Killing of Saudi King
Truce in Yemen Seeks Credibility
Lebanese Speaker: New PM to Be Named if Deadlock Persists
Russia's Plan to Avert Second Cold War
Kremlin Youth Group Seeks New Role in Russia
Tension Mounting in Serbia on Eve of Nationalist Rally
Serbian Nationalists Gear Up to Fight Karadzic's Extradition
Northern Ireland
Bombs and Death Threats: Northern Irish Dissidents Step Up Efforts to Derail Power-Sharing
Zimbabwe Crisis Negotiations Deadlocked
Zimbabweans Still Displaced Month After Polls
Oil Prices Rise After Nigeria Pipelines Attacked
Biafrans Deny Treason in Nigeria
Somali Opposition Leader Calls for Ethiopian Pullout
UN Council Split on Sudan Genocide Indictment
Kenya Urged to Investigate Mount Elgon Torture

Justin Raimondo
The War Party's Credo: Power Before Profits

Ivan Eland
Did the Surge Work?

Doug Bandow
The Lion and the Unicorn

Nebojsa Malic
Everyone's Favorite Villain

Sascha Matuszak
The No-Fun Olympics

Charles Peña
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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