Is the Surge Working?: Justin Raimondo
The Father of Lies by Philip Giraldi
Bosnia and the Roots of Terrorism: Brendan O'Neill
Obama No Flip-Flopper on Iran: Richard Lightner
Glenn Greenwald Interviews Daniel Ellsberg

 Chalmers Johnson

Public-Private Imperial Police State

 Philip Giraldi

Beware False Flag Attack In Iraq

 Pat Buchanan

The Good War a Big Mistake?

 Doug Bandow

War Powers and Foreign Follies

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Updated July 30, 2008 - 11:27 PM EDT
Israeli PM Olmert to Resign in Sept.
US Troops Kill Three More Iraqi Civilians
  Iraqi, US Forces Meet No Resistance in Diyala Op
  Richard Perle Looks at Iraq Oil Business
  US Officers: 'Sons of Iraq' 'Just Trying to Get Us to Fight Their Battles'
  Turkish Strikes in Northern Iraq 'Retaliation' for Istanbul Bombing
Pakistani PM: No Unilateral US Attacks
  CIA Outlines Pakistan Links With Militants
  Militants Capture 25 Pakistani Security Personnel
  Pakistan Plans a Push Into Its Tribal Areas
  Congress Acts to Suspend Bush Bid to Upgrade Pakistan Fighter Fleet
Risks to Civilians Rise as Afghan Air War Grows
  Afghanistan Surpasses Iraq as Deadliest Spot for US Troops
Choosing a King in November
Glenn Greenwald Interviews Daniel Ellsberg
Bosnia, Hysteria Politics, and the Roots of International Terrorism  by Brendan O'Neill
No Flip-Flopper: Obama Has Always Been Belligerent on Iran  by Richard Lightner
Acts of War  by Scott Ritter
A 'People's Court' for America?
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Using Law to Justify Torture
by Daphne Eviatar

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Afghan-Pakistani Border Scuffles Up
IOC Lifts Iraq Olympic Ban, Limits Athletes to Two
Can Iraq's New Calm Hold?
Mbeki: Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks 'Going Well'
Italian Court Permits US to Expand Military Base
Karadzic on His Way to the Hague: Serbian Sources
Report Appears to Clear KBR in Soldier's Death
UN Official Warns Against Using Mercenaries to Pacify Trouble Spots
Iraq's Growing Female Bomber Fear
Iraq Occupation
US Troop Deaths in Iraq Down in July
Petraeus-Crocker Partnership in Iraq Breaking Up
Petraeus: Iraq Returning to 'Normal' Levels of Violence

US: Iraqi Fighters Extort, Kidnap to Raise Funds

Today in Iraq
Iraqis More Secure, but Few Are Finding Jobs
Will Peace Hold in Sadr City?
Baghdad Shi'ite Pilgrimage Passes Peacefully
Iraq MP Calls for Oil Minister to Resign Over Administration Failure
'Martyrs' List' Tallies Mahdi Army's Troubles
Prominent Names on al-Sadr's Martyr List
Kurds in Northern Iraq Protest Local Elections Law
Female Guards to Fill a 'Void' at Checkpoints
Three Iraqi Soldiers, Civilian Injured by Bomb Blast in Mosul
Tuesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Refugees in Jordan Skeptical That Iraq Is Safe
Polish Ambassador to Iraq Resigns After Being Wounded Last Year
US Military
Prosecutors Appeal Dismissal of Haditha Charges
Army Commander to Officers: Learn Arabic, Now
Captain Fired After Ship Runs Aground in Persian Gulf
House OKs Benefits for Military 'Sole Survivors'
Detaining Justice
Gitmo War Crimes Judge Penalizes Prosecutors
Driver's Work for bin Laden Is Said to Predate War
Trial: Bin Laden Sought US Fame in TV Interview
UK Security Services Are Accused of Role in Detainee's Torture
'War on Terror'
Rand Corp: A Better Way to Beat al-Qaeda
Rand: US Should Rethink War on Terror
ACLU Warns Against 'No Rules' Surveillance Apparatus
Study Proposes Revamping US Security System
Doubts Mount on Afghan Surge
Afghan Reporter Detained After Criticizing Government
Govt Newspaper: Afghans Must Command Foreign Troops
20 Killed or Injured in Clashes, Explosions in Afghanistan
NATO Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Afghans Say Time for Pakistani Action on Militants
Bribery Rules on Afghan Roads
Kidnapped Afghan Businessman Found
Pakistanis Urge Tougher IAEA Stance on India Deal
Report: Teenagers Trained Into Terrorists Near Peshawar for Fighting NATO Troops in Afghanistan
Pakistan Police Seize 980 Tons of Flour Headed for Afghanistan
India, Pakistan Continue Trading Fire at Kashmir
Kashmir Gun Battle Violates India-Pakistan Ceasefire
Police Defuse 18 Bombs Near Another Indian Market
Sophisticated Attacks Catch Indian Agencies Napping
Indian Govt in Diplomatic Overdrive to Seal US Nuclear Pact
Indian Police Struggle to Halt Bombings
Indian Police Hunt for Bombers in Suburb
Bush Tells Chinese Dissidents He Will Push Beijing to Make Reforms
Radical Islam Stirs in China's Remote West
China to Censor Internet During Games: Official
Senator: China Spying on Internet Use in Hotels
US Envoy Urges Japan to Continue Iraq, Afghan Missions
Japan Holds Missile Shield Drill in Tokyo's Center
Barak Urges US to Keep Attack Options Open Against Iran
Rice Warns Iran Against Stalling on Nuclear Offer
Iran Says Nuclear Talks 'Positive and Progressive'
Economic, Political Pressure on Iran Is Best: Pentagon
Iranian President: 'Big Powers' Going Down
Iran Tells Developing States to Fight UN Bias
Non-Aligned Movement Meets in Iran
Mideast Peace?
US Says Settlements Are 'Problem' as Israel-PA Talks Shift to Washington
Abbas: If Israel Frees Hamas Prisoners, I Will Dismantle PA
Rice Says Mideast Peace Can Be Reached by Year's End
Israeli Military Promises Investigation After Killing of Nine-Year-Old
Israeli Army Suspends Commander Over Shooting of Bound Palestinian
Israel Gives Amnesty to 400 Arrested During Gaza Pullout
Hamas, Fatah Pursue War of Words Over Detentions
Hamas to Fatah: Only Zionist Protection Keeping You Safe in West Bank
Hamas Accuses Dahlan's Group of Weekend Blast
UN Report: Gaza Unemployment Reaches 45 Percent
Huge Blast Rocks Hamas Training Base Wounding at Least Five
US to Explore Upgrades for Israel's Defense Capabilities
Israeli PM's Kadima Faction Sets September 17 Primary
Israeli Academics Protest at Army Bar on Palestinians
Group Aims to Silence Anti-Israel Facebook Groups
Olmert Demands Syria Decide: Axis of Evil or Peace
Olmert Sends Envoys to Turkey for More Syria Talks
Roadside Bomb Wounds Fatah Commander in Lebanon
Hezbollah Lashes Out at US Ambassador to Lebanon
Turks Mourn Blast Victims; Rebels Deny Culpability
High Court in Turkey Expected to Ban Ruling Party
Egypt Detains Facebook Activists – Again
Sinai Women Protest Against Detention of Relatives
Leftists' Dreams Die Hard in Egypt
Nationalists, Police Clash at Pro-Karadzic Rally
Seven Bosnian Serbs Convicted of Genocide in Srebrenica, Four Others Acquited
Medvedev Names Iran Pointman as US Ambassador
Push to Rebuild Brings Protest in Georgia's Capital
UN Split Over Darfur Force
South Africa Asks UN to Suspend Bashir Indictment
Nigeria Militants Hit Major Oil Pipelines
UN Peacekeeping Chief Worried About Somalia Mission
US and UK Urged to Review Military Aid to Kenya
US Offers Nicaragua Health Aid for Missile Destruction
Ex-Official of Cuban Group Killed in Puerto Rico
Chile Faces Its Dark History by Tracking Down Torture Centers
Sri Lankan Military Kills 34 Rebels in Fresh Fighting
South Korea's PM Visits Disputed Islets
Indonesia: Asian Militants Sought al-Qaeda Funds
US Clamps Down on Firms Linked to Myanmar

Justin Raimondo
Is the Surge Working?

Philip Giraldi
The Father of Lies

Ivan Eland
Did the Surge Work?

Doug Bandow
The Lion and the Unicorn

Nebojsa Malic
Everyone's Favorite Villain

Sascha Matuszak
The No-Fun Olympics

Charles Peņa
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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