Anthrax Follies and the Bizarro Effect: J. Raimondo
Which China Will We See?: Doug Bandow
The End of Gitmo?: Andy Worthington
Iranian Chess Game Continues: William Beeman
Peaceniks at the Pentagon?: Anna Mulrine

 Scott Horton

The Bogus "Trial" of Salim Hamdan

 Dahr Jamail

Iraq Still in Chaos

 Glenn Greenwald

Ivins Being Hatfilled in Anthrax Case?

 Michael Scheuer

Iraq and al Qaeda

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Updated August 8, 2008 - 11:19 PM EDT
Georgian Army Invades South Ossetia
  '100s Dead' as Russia Battles Georgian Troops
  Russian Leader Vows to Protect Compatriots in S. Ossetia
  10 Russian Troops Killed in Georgia Battle
  Georgia Shoots Down Two Russian Planes During Clashes
  Russian, Abkhaz Volunteers Head for South Ossetia
Iraqis: Deal Close on Plan for US Troops to Leave
  Iraqi Cleric Links Truce, US Withdrawal Timetable
  US Keeps Iraqi Detainees in Crates
  Friday: 2 Marines, 27 Iraqis Killed; 81 Wounded
Rice: US Can't Stop Israeli Decision to Attack Iran
  Study Cautions Against Strike on Iran's Nuclear Facilities
  Why Iran Won't Budge on Nukes
  Israel Threatens to Neutralize Russian Air Defense if Iran Sales Continue
Anthrax Case 'Staggering for Lack of Evidence'
  Three Key Questions Still Unanswered in Anthrax Case
  Anthrax Case Raises Doubt on Security
  Summary of Evidence Laid Out by Prosecutors
US Gen.: Pakistan Spies Behind Afghan Violence
  Coalition in Pakistan Moves to Impeach Musharraf
  Fierce Pakistan Battle Kills 10 Troops, 25 Militants
US-Led Forces Kill 4 Afghan Women and 1 Child
Pentagon Quietly Celebrates Hamdan Sentence
Hamdan's Sentence Signals the End of Gitmo  by Andy Worthington
The White House's Implausible Deniability  by Ian Williams
Have Military Commissions Been Worth It?  by Rosa Brooks
Did Bush Manipulate the Anthrax Scare?  by Alexander Cockburn
The Iranian Chess Game Continues
by William O. Beeman
A Powerful Peace  by Jonathan Schell

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CIA Officials Deny Suskind Quotes, White House Says
Iran May Gain From Iraq's Suffering
Gulf Countries Chief Slams Iran for Attacking Arab Monarchies
UN Iraq Mandate Renewed; Baghdad Wants More UN Help
Gates Endorses $20 Billion Bid to Aid Afghans
Russia Mulls Missiles in Belarus to Offset US
Japan: US Sub Leaked Radiation for Two Years
Hamdan Sentenced: 66 Months, Less 61 Months Time Served, Equals Life?
Today in Iraq
In Iraq, Regional Politics Heats Up
Sadr Offers to Turn Militia Into Nonviolent Organization
US Army Detains Two Iraqi Special Groups Gunmen
Kurdistan's President Mulls Ways to Incorporate Peshmerga Into United Security Forces
US Regrets Iraqi Failure to Complete Election Law
Iraqi Economy
Iraqi MP Defends Spending
Iraq Allocates $10 Billion Reconstruction Plan for Shi'ite Slum
Iraq to Resume Oil Exploration After 20-Year Pause
Iraq Oil Refineries Eye Upgrades as Exports Slip
Attacks Continue
Probing Why Women Kill in Iraq
Iraq's Islamic Party Leader Assassinated in Mosul
Thursday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 36 Wounded
The War at Home
Bolten, Miers Ask Judge to Delay Subpoena
McCain Says Obama Wants to Forfeit War in Iraq
McCain to Iraq: Pick Up More of the Tab
Two Louisiana Businessmen Sentenced in Iran Export Plot
US Military
Pentagon Mounts $2.2 Billion Push for War Zone Surveillance
Military Doctors Learn to Practice Wartime Medicine on Mock Battlefield

Remote-Control Warriors Suffer War Stress

Firm Mismanaged Military Housing, Suit Says
Anthrax Case
New Details Show Anthrax Suspect Away on Key Day
Case Against Ivins Not Airtight
Govt Still Looking for Evidence in Anthrax Case
Army Post Tarnished by 'Devastating' Anthrax Claim
Key Events in the Anthrax Episode
Seized Library Computers May Hold Ivins Clues
Leahy Seeks Motive in Anthrax Case
White House Memo Exposes Rove Knew of Problems With Anthrax Vaccine
Anthrax Widow: It's Time for the Feds to Pay Up
Detainees Moved Often Despite Ban on Tactic
Bin Laden's Driver Says Sorry for US Victims
Bin Laden's Driver 'Shocked' by USS Cole Attack
Guantánamo Detainee Petitions Rights Panel Over Torture
Some Pending Cases in Guantánamo Court
The Next Guantánamo Tribunals
'War on Terror'
New US Cyber Defense Coordinator Hints at Plans
Lawyer: Defendant Unaware of Canada Terror Plot
Georgian Forces Attack Russian-Backed Separatists
Georgia Pounds Breakaway Capital, Short-Lived Cease-Fire Ends
Georgia Surrounds Breakaway City, Rebels Defiant
Africa: 10 Years Ago
Kenya Remembers Bombing, Urges Mideast Peace
Kenya, Tanzania Mark Decade Since US Embassy Bombs
Impact of Extremist Attacks in Kenya
Mauritania Coup Chief Leads March in the Capital
Mauritania Junta Promises Free Elections 'Soon'
African Union Demands Release of Mauritanian Leader
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Says Progress Made in Talks
Kenya PM: Somalia a Threat to Peace
Morales Seen Winning Bolivia Recall Vote
Clashes in Bolivia Halt Talks Before Morales Referendum
Drive for New Iran Sanctions Seen Long and Hard
Iranian Envoy Warns Israel Against Attacking
Iran Sunni Rebels Say Willing to Talk to Tehran
Iranian Army Claims Heavy Blow to PKK
UN Nuclear Inspector in Iran for Talks
Israel Slams Turkey for Ahmadinejad Visit
Egyptian FM Warns Against Attacking Iran
The Mystery Behind a Syrian Murder
Syria Frees Economist After Nearly 7 Years in Jail
Fury After Israeli Officer in Charge of Prisoner's Shooting Is 'Reassigned'
Hamas Frees 150 Prisoners From Gazan Jails
Settlers Attack British Diplomats in Hebron
Israel to Build New Homes on Occupied Land
Gaza Militants Warn Israel Truce May End in 3 Weeks
Israeli DM: Peace Deal Unlikely With PA in 2008
Israel Opens West Bank Roadblock for Trucks
Israeli-Palestinian Hatreds Envenom West Bank City
Gaza Fulbright Scholars Appeal for US Visas
Palestinians: Mossad Tried to Assassinate West Bank Exile
Shortage of Cash in Gaza Threatens Salaries
'Soft Charges Hurt More Than Bullet'
Israel, Palestinians Agree to Boost Postal Cooperation
Israel: Lebanon Responsible for Hezbollah Actions
Lebanese Paper Close to Hezbollah Criticizes UN Troops
Spy Case Casts Light on Hezbollah Recruitment in Germany
Middle East
Kurdish Rebels Say They Sabotaged Turkey Pipeline
Jordan in Secret Talks With Hamas: Islamist
Egypt Faces New Media Censorship
Seven Policemen, 24 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
Colombia Mulls Deploying Troops in Afghanistan
Hundreds of French Troops Deploy to Afghanistan
More UK Troops May Be Sent to Afghanistan, Hints Des Browne
Soldiers Wounded as Canada Launches New Facility in Afghanistan
NATO Aircraft Crashes in Eastern Afghanistan
TV Report: German-Afghan Hostage Released in Afghanistan
Canada Moves to Solve Afghan Helicopter Shortage
Musharraf Impeachment a Test to Army Neutrality
Sharif the Likely Winner of Pakistan's Power Play
Pakistan Lawyers Threaten Civil Disobedience if Judges Not Restored in a Week
Pakistani PM, Not Musharraf, to Go to China
Key Dates in Musharraf's Tenure
China Rebuffs Criticisms as Bush Lands in Beijing
Attack on Chinese Police Carefully Planned
Chinese Islamic Group Issues New Olympic Threat
Tibet Protesters: Breaching Chinese Security Was Easy
Olympics: Tibet Protest Shows Security Weak Link
Bush Dedicates New Massive US Embassy in Beijing
Human Rights Groups Critical of China Are Attacked on Web
Bush Criticizes China and Myanmar in Thailand Visit
Tibet Exiles Protest Against China in Nepal, India
25 Die in Sri Lanka Fighting
No Joint March by Koreas in Beijing
Troops on Standby After Kashmir Shrine Violence
UN Human Rights Expert Released in Bangladesh

Justin Raimondo
The Anthrax Follies and the Bizarro Effect

Doug Bandow
Which China Will We See?

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My Energy Plan Is
Better Than Yours

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The Security Blanket

Alan Bock
From the Frying Pan…

Ivan Eland
We Don't Need a War on Terrorism

Nebojsa Malic
Bosnia's Problem

Philip Giraldi
The Father of Lies

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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