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Rice Goes Deeper Into the Absurd: G. Greenwald
US Role in Georgia Crisis Can't Be Ignored: Zunes
Fallujah Fall Guy: Aaron Glantz
Musharraf Out, Bush Still In: Ray McGovern
Georgia on My Mind: Conn Hallinan

 Robert Higgs

Philip Dru in Power

 Glenn Greenwald

Bloggers Thrash Feds, Times, Post on Anthrax Cover-Up

 Greg Palast

War: Why Your Gas is So Expensive

 Gareth Porter

AP Disseminates Bogus War Propaganda

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Updated August 21, 2008 - 11:45 AM EDT
12 Afghan Civilians Killed in US Air Raid
  Report: French Troops Killed by NATO Jets
  Documents: US Strike Aided bin Laden-Taliban Ties
  Three NATO Soldiers Killed in Central Afghanistan
  Pentagon to Send 12,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
  State Newspaper: Afghans Doubt US Intentions
Bush: Breakaway Republics Belong to Georgia
  Russia Makes New Threats Over US-Poland Missile Deal
  Russia Likely to Recognize Breakaway Republics in Georgia
  Norway: Russia to Cut All Military Ties With NATO
  Bush Calls Georgia 'Under Siege'
Draft Pact Is Set to Keep US Forces on Iraqi Soil
  Key US Iraq Strategy in Danger of Collapse
  Iraq's Sunni Politicians Angry Over Arrests
  US Denounces Chaotic Iraqi Raid
  Wednesday: 1 Marine, 9 Iraqis Killed; 8 Iraqis Wounded
60 Killed in Pakistan Munitions Factory Bombing
  Zardari to Be Next President of Pakistan
  At Least Eight Killed in Wana Missile Strike
  NATO General Says Pakistan Chaos Emboldens Taliban
Libby Questioned on Forged Letter Linking Saddam to 9/11
FBI Admits Missteps, but Defends Anthrax Probe
US Role in Georgia Crisis Cannot Be Ignored  by Stephen Zunes
Musharraf Out, Like Nixon; Bush Still In, Like Flynn  by Ray McGovern
Blood in August: On Avoiding World War III  by John Zmirak
Hegemon Hijinks  by Jeff Huber
Georgia on My Mind  by Conn Hallinan
Fallujah Fall Guy  by Aaron Glantz

More Viewpoints

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Andrew Bacevich on the End of American Exceptionalism
Congressional War Critic Dies
Petraeus Book 'Endorsement' Draws Fire
Iraqi Figures Back US View on Low Spending for Reconstruction
New Guidelines Would Give FBI Broader Powers
Bombings Kill 12 on Second Day of Attacks in Algeria
Saalashvili: Russian Army Badly Dressed, Many of Them Are Drunk
Sarkozy Tells Mourning Soldiers There Will Be No Retreat From Afghanistan
Today in Iraq
Exiting Iraq, Petraeus Says Gains Are Fragile
Iraq Condemns Oil Majors' 'Humanitarian' Failure
Iraq Mustn't Let Kirkuk Feud Sink Polls, US Says
UN Hopes for 'Grand Deal' to Resolve Iraq's Kirkuk
Chasing al-Qaeda in the Desert
Wednesday: 1 Marine, 9 Iraqis Killed; 8 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Signs Treaty Banning Nuclear Explosions
Turkish Troops Shell Kurd Rebels in Northern Iraq
UN to Offer 'Options' to Solve Iraqi Territorial Disputes
Lebanese Calls for Arabs to Embrace Iraq
Iraq to Export Oil to Lebanon, Under Series of Upcoming Trade Deals
Regional Ties With Iraq Start to Grow
The War at Home
White House Missing as Many as 225 Days of E-Mail
52 Arrests, a $2 Million Payout, and Many Questions
No Razor Wire at Denver Convention Holding Cells
US Military
Navy Wants 'Lots of Lasers'
Using PTSD as a Defense
Army Promises Survivors Longer Help
'War on Terror'
MI5: Terrorists Not Frustrated Religious Loners
FEMA Phones Hacked; Calls Made to Mideast, Asia
Officials: Danes Face Worst Terror Threat in Years
Suspected Fort Dix Plotters Seek Delay in Trial
Flights Grounded After TSA Employee Damages Nine Planes by Climbing on Probes
Aviation Community in Uproar Over TSA's Botched Security Check
Is War in Air in the Gulf?
Iran to Continue 'Positive' Nuclear Talks With IAEA
Ex-Spy Chief Says Ahmadinejad Is 'Gift' to Israel
Palestinian Groups Say Cease-Fire at Risk
Israeli Troops Shut Three Radio Stations in Hebron
Fatah Shuts Down West Bank Charity Linked to Hamas
Israel to Keep Gaza Crossings Shut Until Thursday Afternoon
War-Scarred Children Begin to Heal at Gaza Summer Camps
Pro-Palestinian Activists Set Sail to Challenge Gaza Blockade Amid Israeli Warning
Palestinians Shoot Back at Israelis – With Cameras
Shin Bet: Release of Palestinian Prisoners Puts Pressure on Hamas
Israeli Teen Who Objects to Military Service Is Jailed
PM: All Military Means Acceptable to Prevent Hezbollah Controlling Lebanon
Lebanese Sunnis Freeze Hezbollah Truce
UN Force Chief Seeks Meeting With Ehud Barak, in Vain
Lebanese PM Visits Iraq
Israel Warns Israelis Abroad of Hezbollah Kidnap Plans
Syria to Expand Military Ties With Russia
Assad Visit Shows Russia Resurgent in Middle East
Middle East
Turkey Confirms Suicide Bombing Wounds 13
Saudis Use Cash and Counseling to Fight Terrorism
Jordan Confirms 'Security' Talks With Hamas
Somali Transitional Govt, Opposition Faction Sign Peace Deal
Mogadishu Residents Express Concern Over Soldiers' Violent Acts
Four Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in Central Somalia
Four Civilians Killed in Mogadishu as Insurgents Attack Ugandan Troops
Strategic Shift in North Africa Militancy
Mugabe to Open Parliament on Tuesday Despite Warning
Sudan's President: Darfur Genocide 'Nonexistent'
Displaced Kenyans Ordered to Leave Camps
South Ossetian Martial Law Creates a No Man's Land
Russia Builds Ossetia 'Buffer Zone'
Abkhazia Asks Russia to Back Independence From Georgia
Saakashvili Doubts Russians Will Withdraw
OSCE: Russia Agrees Increase in Monitors
Russia Warns NATO Against Re-Equipping Georgia's Military
Russia Says 64 Soldiers Dead in Fight With Georgia
Georgia War Shows Russian Army Strong but Flawed
Red Cross Says Staff Heading to South Ossetia Capital
Russia Lawmakers to Meet on Georgia Rebel Regions
Text: Russian Draft Security Council Resolution on Georgia
Global Ossetia Fallout
US Options in Georgia Remain Limited
Germany: Russia Pullout ''Very Unsatisfactory'
West Baffled by 2 Heads for Russian Government
Ukrainian PM Against Tension With Russia Over Black Sea Fleet
How Israel Trained and Equipped Georgia's Army
Assad: Israeli Aid to Georgia Encourages Syria-Russia Ties
Lieberman Advocates Stronger Georgia Defense
Romanian President: Kosovo Issue Foreshadows Similar Direction in South Ossetia
US, Poland Sign Pacts on Missile Defense
Rice: Russian Reaction to US-Polish Missile Shield Agreement 'Bizarre'
US Contractors Eye Gains From Polish Shield Deal
US General Warns of Security Gap When Marines Leave Afghanistan
Air Strikes Kill Nine Rebels in Afghanistan
Afghan Deaths Unsettle France
France Shocked by Afghan Deaths, Questions Asked
Brown Plays Down Taliban Resurgence
Musharraf Exit
Musharraf: No Plans to Leave Pakistan
Musharraf Unwinds, but Could Face Court
UK Accused of Musharraf Exit Deal
The Dream House That Pervez Musharraf Built but Cannot Live In
Musharraf Rumored to Be Mulling Move to New Mexico
For Emigres, Musharraf's Exit Brings Relief, Anxiety
Pakistan Coalition Working to Smooth Rifts
Hospital Blast Underscores Challenges Facing Pakistan
Taliban 'Executes' Women in Pakistan
Two Children Killed in Swat Valley Violence
US Lawmakers: India Nuclear Deal Could Trigger Arms Race
US-India Nuclear Deal Faces Crucial Meeting
US Push to Expand India's Nuclear Trade Draws Skepticism
Indian Govt Okays Over $1.5 Billion in Arms Deals With Israel
Lab: Explosives Used in Jaipur Blasts Similar to Those Used by Military
25 Wounded as Hindus Protest in Indian Kashmir
New Kashmir Curfew After Clashes
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Troops Break Through Rebel Defenses
Sri Lanka Says Offensive Will Be Defeat for Rebels
Nepal's Ex-Guerrillas Take on Civilian Rule
North Korea
North Korea Vows to Boost 'War Deterrent'
North Korea Pours Cold Water on Nuclear Talks
Rebel Commander Declares 'All-Out War' Against Philippines
Philippines Peace in Tatters After Rebel Attack
Philippines: Peace Deal to Be Renegotiated
Philippines' Arroyo Steps Up Pressure on Rebels
Peru's Army on Standby as Jungle Unrest Grows
Close Ally of Colombia's President Freed From Jail

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A Familiar Enemy

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Crisis in the Caucasus

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Washington's Laughable Lack of Self-Awareness

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Krajina, Not Kosovo

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America's Israeli-Occupied Media

Charles Peña
My Energy Plan Is
Better Than Yours

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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