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Updated September 5, 2008 - 11:29 PM EDT
Pakistan Cuts Off NATO Afghan Access
  US Kills 5 More Civilians on Pak-Afghan Border
  Tribal Area Legislators Threaten to Leave Pakistan's Already Shaky Govt
  Pakistan Raid May Signal More US Attacks
  Pakistan: Uproar Grows Over First Ground Assault by US Troops
Bush to Punish Moscow for Invading Georgia
  Georgia Linked to NATO Early Warning System
  US Yet to Decide About Boosting Georgian Military
Pentagon: No Major Iraq Troop Cuts for Now
  Baghdad to Take Control of Sunni Anti-Qaeda Groups: US
  US Spied on Iraqi Leaders, Book Says
  High Commission: Britain Must Disclose Iraq Intelligence Memos
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 8 Iraqis Killed; 13 Iraqis Wounded
Karzai says NATO Ties Strained Over Killings
  Two Afghan Civilians Killed in US Airstrike Against Taliban
  US Envoy Cites 'Fog of War' in Afghan Tolls
  Taliban Ambush Trophy Photos Shock France
  Australian Troops Held Taliban Suspects in Dog Pen
Police Block Antiwar March to GOP Convention
Obama: Iraq Surge Success Beyond 'Wildest Dreams'
Mexico Drug Plane Used for US 'Rendition' Flights
Going on an Imperial Bender
by Tom Engelhardt
Don't Make Afghanistan the Democrats' War  by Katrina vanden Huevel
The Next President and the Next War  by Jon Harrison
Spinners and Losers  by Jeff Huber
Opening the Gates of Hell in Pakistan  by M. Junaid Levesque-Alam
Unaddressed Issue  by Bruce Fein

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Amy Goodman: 'Why We Were Falsely Arrested'
Army Suicide Rate May Hit New High: Officials
Sarkozy Warns Iran It Risks Israeli Attack
US Detains Second Iraqi Cameraman This Week
Two US Troops Charged for Iraqi Detainee Murder
US Plans Modest Shift of Forces From Iraq to Afghanistan
Sarah Palin: The New Face
of Neocon Foreign Policy?
Today in Iraq
Deba'athification Authority Astonished at US Arrest of Director
Iraqi MP Calls on Govt to Present Details of US-Iraq Security Deal to Parliament
US: Sunni Fighters Will Now Have to Get Paid by Iraqi Govt
Iraq to Go Ahead With Local Polls Even Without New Election Law
Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 8 Iraqis Killed; 13 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
McCain Foreign Policy Factions Unsure Who Will Prevail
Experts Helping Palin Brush Up on Foreign Policy
Palin's National Guard Faces a Crisis in Personnel
102 Arrested After GOP Convention's Third Night
Iraq Film Explores Soldiers' Addiction to Danger
'War on Terror'
Pakistani Tortured, Her Attorney Says
Pakistani al-Qaeda Suspect Refuses US Strip Search
DHS Scales Back Plan for Radiation Detectors
German Prosecutor Charges Suspected al-Qaeda Member
Jerusalem Police Limit Entry of Palestinians for Ramadan Prayer
Police to Decide on Olmert Indictment 'in Days'
Third Peace Activist Boat Set to Reach Gaza on September 22
Israel Declares Public Holiday for Golan Referendum Vote
Shin Bet to Palestinian: Collaborate or Go to Jail
Israeli Arab Convicted of Spying for Hezbollah
Counter-Terrorism Bureau Tells Israelis: Leave Sinai Immediately
British Aid Workers Risk Arrest in Gaza
Israel Court OKs Far-Right Demo in Arab Town
Assad Says 'Crucial' Talks With Israel Postponed
Syria Makes Peace Proposals to Israel
France Gives Boost to Israeli-Syrian Talks
Assad: We Won't Cut Our Ties With Hezbollah, Despite Israel Talks
Hezbollah Chief Defends 'Accidental' Fire on Lebanon Chopper
Assad Says Lebanon Fragile, Warns of Extremism
Zimbabwe's Opposition Says Lost Faith in Talks
Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Sign Deal or I Form Cabinet
MDC Says One-Party Cabinet for Zimbabwe Is 'Political Suicide'
Somali Insurgents Vow More Attacks During Ramadan
Somali Islamist Fighters Destroy Daily Restaurants for Violating Ramadan Fast
Toll Rises to Six in Ethiopian Blast
Rice to Prod Libya on Detained Activist
Angola Gears Up for Historic Post-War Vote
US Offers Storm Aid to Cuba Only Through Relief Groups
Cuban Dissidents Ask Looser US Embargo After Storm
Regional Powers Try to Stop North's Nuclear Restart
South Korea: US Was Told North Would Restore Nuke Operation
More Charges in South Korea's Seductress-Spy Case
Son of Former Georgian Leader Held on Coup Charge
Cheney Says US Committed to Georgia NATO Bid
Cheney Visit: US Treads Tightrope on Georgia Aid
Russia Gives Monitors Access to Georgia Buffer Zone
White House: Russia War Strengthened Desire to Bring Georgia Into NATO
Russia Allies Fail to Back Moscow on Enclaves
Nicaragua Recognizes South Ossetia, Abkhazia
Georgia War Boosts Status of Russia's Medvedev
Ukraine Coalition Deadlocked, No Enthusiasm for Poll
Czechs, Hosting Shield, Seek US Help With Planes
German DM Condemns 'Irresponsible' Antiwar Poster From Five Years Ago
Afghan President Karzai Visits Scene of Deadly American-Led Raid
Karzai Promises Punishment for Afghan Civil Casualties
NATO, Afghans to Coordinate to Avoid Civilian Deaths
UK Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Kajaki Dam: Contentious, Costly, and a Failure
US Raid in Pakistan
US Admits Special Forces Carried Out Pakistan Raid
Pakistani Parliament Condemns US-Led Attack
Pakistan Protests to US Envoy Over Border Raid
US Raid Complicating Pakistani's Presidential Bid
Zardari Condemns Killings in Waziristan Attack
Zardari: We Stand With US War on Terror
Pakistan Anxious as Zardari Poised for Presidency
FATA MPs Threaten to Leave Coalition if Military Operations Don't Cease
17 Militants Killed in Swat Valley Clash
In Twist, Pakistan's 'Mr. 10 Percent' Poised for Presidency
Pakistan Probes Attack on PM's Motorcade
Taliban Silences Performances by Swat Valley's Famous Dancers
Militants Stage Anti-India Rally in Pakistani Kashmir
Rejuvenated Generation of Kashmiris Takes Over Revolt Against India
India-US Nuclear Pact
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo US-India Nuke Deal
In India, Outcry Over US Letter
India Govt Under Fire Over US Nuclear Deal
US Says Nuclear Nations Nearing Deal on India Trade
US Agrees to Changes in Nuclear Trade Waiver for India
Five Police Killed in Maoist Attack in Central India
Indian PM to Use Force to Stop Attacks on Christians
India Supreme Court Orders Security for Riot-Hit Christians
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Clashes Claim 41 Lives
Thailand Plans Referendum to End Crisis
Thailand's Grumpy, Food-Loving PM Defies Critics

Justin Raimondo
Sarah Palin: The Xena of
the War Party

Doug Bandow
The Hothead and
the Finger on the Button

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Alan Bock
Kosovo and Georgia:
The Larger Picture

Ivan Eland
Don't Worry About Dependence on Foreign Oil

Charles Peņa
Georgia On My Mind

Nebojsa Malic
Mystery in Moscow

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Philip Giraldi
The Evil Empire Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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