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Updated September 10, 2008 - 11:27 PM EDT

Russia Repeats Threats to Target US Missile Sites

  Georgian Opposition Urges Saakashvili's Ouster

OSCE: Stuffed Ballots, Biased Campaign Tainted Georgia Vote

  Saakashvili Claims Secret 'Proof' Russia Started War
  South Ossetia Confirms Deaths of 500 During War

Russia to Keep 7,600 Troops in South Ossetia, Abkhazia

US Set on Mission to Rebuild Georgian Military
  Russians Seized Considerable US Military Equipment in Georgia War
Israel Warns Russia: Halt Arms Sales to Iran, Syria
  Iran Won't Get Russian Missile System Soon, US Says
Pentagon Leaders to Urge Caution in Troop Cuts
  Petraeus: Iraq Is 'Central Front' for Extremists
  Al-Qaeda Figure: Death to Iraqi Sunni Leaders

Tuesday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded

Off-Target NATO Bomb Kills 2 Afghan Civilians


Seven Years On, Afghanistan Again 'War on Terror' Frontline


Afghanistan Bombing Kills Three Coalition Troops, Local Contractor

Pakistan's Zardari Sworn in as President

Worshiping the Indispensable Nation  by Andrew Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
God Is Not Responsible for
Sins in Iraq
 by Jacob G. Hornberger
Troop Cuts Don't Mean Iraq War Is Being Won  by Martin Sieff
Obama Campaign Spooked?
by Kelley Vlahos
The Rising Cost of the Iraq 'Surge'
by Robert Parry
'Good' War Hits Pakistan Hard
by Syed Saleem Shahzad

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Sacked Air Force Secretary: We Shoulda Sent Jets, Troops to Fight Russia

Reduced Dominance Is Predicted for US

American Official: North Korean Leader Is Very Ill

Survey: Terrorist Threat Perception Down

Beyond the Jury-Rigged Bomb: Improvised War

Secret Killing Program Is Key in Iraq, Woodward Says

A Portrait of a Man Defined by His Wars

US to Replace Iran as Top Pistachio Exporter

Thai PM Ordered to Resign for Appearing on Cooking Show

Afghans Say Will Open Graves
to Show Civilian Deaths
Today in Iraq

Iraqi Govt Vows Not to Let Down Awakening Forces

Iraqi Shi'ite Lawmaker Uneasy Over Ba'athist Roles

Iraqi Parliament Begins Key Session in Green Zone

Iraqi Communists Discuss Security Pact

Iraqi Guards Shoot Up Intersection, Kill Pedestrian

Displaced Iraqi Families Returning to Diyala

Iraqi Deepwater Port Reopens

UAE Ambassador Takes Up Baghdad Post

Iraqi FM Meets Kuwaiti Counterpart in Cairo

Attacks Continue

TV Journalist Escapes Assassination in Baghdad

NGO Official Assassinated in Mosul

Tuesday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded

Occupying Iraq

US Frees Cameraman Working for Baghdad TV Station

No Need for Diplomatic Draft for Baghdad Embassy

The War at Home

Democrats Hit Bush on Troop Plan for Both Wars

Protesters Fear for Iranian Exile Militia in Iraq

'War on Terror'

Senate Bill to Mandate Review of War on Terror

In WMD Report, US Gets a C

No One Convicted of Terror Plot to Bomb Planes

Groups Warn of Growing Government Secrecy

Guantanamo Briton Hits Out at 'Disgraceful' UK Government


Karzai: Afghanistan Needs More Than Just Troops

Officials: 27 Militants Killed in Afghan Air Strikes


Pakistan's New Leader Signals Opening to Afghanistan

Pakistan, Afghanistan Promise Joint Effort Against Terrorism

Pakistan Rights Commission Presses Govt to Stop US Attacks in Tribal Areas

France Slams US Missile Strikes in Pakistan

Bush: Pakistan Has Responsibility to Fight Extremists

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan Leader Killed in North Waziristan Attack

Seven Militants Killed in Bajaur


Rice Presses Congress on India Nuclear Deal

Australia Says No Change to India Uranium Ban

Twenty-Five Wounded in Indian Kashmir Violence

Indian Troops Kill Five Rebels Hiding in a Lake

Sri Lanka

Rebels Attack Sri Lanka Army Base

Sri Lanka 'Shoots Down' First Tamil Tiger Plane in 25-Year Civil War

UN Pulls Out of Sri Lanka War Zone


Lack of Written Agreement Snags North Korea Talks


Nepal Maoists Urged to Prosecute Soldiers for Rights Abuses

Australian PM: Military Needs Better Equipment to Deal With Asian Security Threats

Russia Presses for Georgia Arms Embargo

Russians Hail Georgia Deal as Big Win

Lavrov: Russia to Cede Peacekeeping Responsibilities in Georgia Buffer to EU

Saakashvili: Russia Pullout Only First Step

Burnt Georgian Forest Shows Costs of War

Sen. Clinton Questions US Freeze on Russian Nuclear Pact

Analysts: Russia's Venezuela Gambit a Test for US

South Ossetia

South Ossetia's Abandoned Villages

Two Polish Journalists Freed in South Ossetia


European Union Fails to Offer Ukraine Membership

EU Offers Ukraine Reassurance

Fear That Sevastopol May Be Next Port of Call for Russia

France: No Sign Russia Wants to Shift Ukraine Borders


Iran Demands UN Response to Israeli 'Threats'

US Sees Scope for Insurance Clampdown on Iran

Website Claims Iran Bought Advanced Air Defense System From Croatia

Résumé Scandal May Weaken Iran's Leader


Lebanon's Sunni, Shi'ite Rivals Sign Reconciliation Agreement

Lebanon President Calls Rival Leaders for Talks

Lebanese Factions to Meet Over Future of Hezbollah Military Wing

Twelve Acquitted of Attempt to Kill Hezbollah's Nasrallah


US Approves $330 Million in Arms Deals for Israel

Peres: Very Small Difference Between Israel, PA Positions on Borders

Syria: US Opposed to Indirect Jerusalem-Damascus Talks

Israeli Military: If Released, Barghouti Unlikely to Unite Palestinians

Arab League Concerned Over Feuding Palestinian Factions

US Performer Says Forced to Dance for Israeli Airport Security to Prove Identity

Gaza's Tunnel Economy Stumbles

Report: IDF Officers Abroad Urged to Return Home Over Hezbollah Threats


Zimbabwe Parties Hopeful on Talks Breakthrough

Uganda Rebels Denounce Offensive

13 Killed as Somali Insurgency Rages

Angolan Opposition Accepts Defeat in Election


Serbia Balances EU Membership Bid With Russian Gazprom Ties

Serbian MPs Endorse Key EU Deal


New Security Database Angers Many in France

Poland Gears for Welcome, Costly End to Army Draft


Bolivian Troops Guard Gas Lines


Justin Raimondo
A Message to My Readers

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What $700 Billion?

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Feeding on Fear

Alan Bock
Mass Destruction or
Mass Distraction?

Ivan Eland
Judgment Is More Important Than Experience

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the Finger on the Button

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Nebojsa Malic
Mystery in Moscow

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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