Cornering the Russian Bear: T.G. Moore
US Invasion of Pakistan Begun?: Tariq Ali
Tzipi's Choice: Uri Avnery
Winter Soldiers Get Heard: Dahr Jamail
Palin's 'Pro-Georgia' Bellicosity: Mark Ames

 Steve Connors and Molly Bingham

Meeting Resistance

 Chris Floyd

The Victory of War Party Slogans

 Eric Margolis

Empire of Insanity

 Glenn Greenwald

St. Paul Police State

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Updated September 17, 2008 - 11:22 PM EDT

16 Die in US Embassy Attack in Yemen

CIA Aims to 'Tickle' Pakistan Militants, Kills 7


Mullen Pops In on Pakistan as Tensions Worsen


Pakistan Orders Troops to Fire on US Raids


Zardari: US Actions in Pakistan Harm Democracy

  Injured Bajaur Civilians Accuse Both Sides of Collateral Damage

Gates Apologizes for Afghan Civilian Deaths


Afghan Civilian Casualties Soar


New Breed of Taliban Replaces Old Guard

  Pentagon to Expand Intel Ops at US Prison in Afghanistan
7 Soldiers Die in Chopper Crash in Iraq
  Maliki Increasingly Beyond America's Control
  Pentagon Chief Cites Caution on US Troop Pullout
  Wednesday: 10 US Soldiers, 18 Iraqis Killed; 79 Iraqis Wounded

IAEA Cites Laptop in Iran Allegations

  Iran Gives Full Powers to Hard-Line Guards in Gulf

CIA Admits Role in Attack on Syria


Hamas Denies Claims an Official Was Assassinated in Syria

Georgian 'Evidence' of Russian Aggression Revealed

Bolivian Troops Arrest Governor of Rebellious Region

Has the US Invasion of Pakistan Begun?  by Tariq Ali and Tom Engelhardt
Weakened Warriors: When the Military Gets Combat Fatigue  by Bruce Falconer
New Book Lets Winter Soldiers Be Heard  by Dahr Jamail
Cornering the Russian Bear
by Thomas Gale Moore
Toward a Second Cold War?
by Noam Chomsky
Tzipi's Choice  by Uri Avnery

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Independent Panel to Study Anthrax Case

US Officials: Al-Qaeda Unpopular and 'Imploding'...

...or, CIA Chief: Al-Qaeda Is Top Nuclear Concern

NATO Chief Says Body Will Continue to Expand

Petraeus Hands Iraq Command to Odierno
US Senate Bill Would Declare Surge a Success

Bunker-Busting Bombs Added to US Arsenal

New UN Assembly Head Wants Weaker Security Council

Rosenbergs' Sons Accept That Father Was a Spy

Former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey Livid Cheney Lied to Him About Iraq 'Mini-Nuke'
Today in Iraq

Iraqi MP Expects Parliament's Voting on New Polls Law on Wednesday

Militants Prey on Desperate Iraqi Women

Syria to Send First Ambassador in 25 Years to Iraq

Attacks Continue

Some Deadly Bombings in Baghdad This Year

Tuesday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded

Occupying Iraq

US Officials Warn Against Leaving Iraq Forces on Their Own Too Soon

Troops in Iraq Facing Increasingly Aggressive Kids

Sources: Charges Against Blackwater Guards Debated

Video: Gates and Maliki Meet in Baghdad

Iraqis Abused by British Troops to Get $2 Million in Damages

'War on Terror'

Gitmo Judge Postpones Trial for Canadian Detainee

Fate of Guantanamo to Be Left to Next US President

Congress Says DHS Oversaw $15 Billion in Failed Contracts


NATO, US, Insurgents Take Greater Toll on Afghans

NATO Forces Kill 11 Militants, Detain 20 in Afghanistan

NATO Changes Ordered to Cut Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

NATO Commander Fears Tougher Days in Afghanistan

Military: British Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast

More Afghans Demanding Peace

General: Far More US Troops Needed in Afghanistan

Taliban Target Afghan Police; 720 Dead in 6 Months

Deadly Incidents for US Troops in Afghanistan

Afghanistan in Backward Slide, Analysts Say


US Ground Force Option May Be Limited in Pakistan

Taliban to Abide by South Waziristan Peace Deal

Blast Heard as Drones Reappear Over South Waziristan

Foreigners Among 12 Militants Killed in Bajaur


Indian Muslims Angry for Being Targeted in Bomb Probe

Churches Damaged in India as Religious Riots Spread


UN Pulls Out of North Sri Lanka

Malaysian Opposition Leader Seeks Peaceful Transition

Thai Fury Over 'Puppet PM' Choice


Alleged ETA Assassination Attempt Against Police Official Fails


Putin: Russia Defense Spending to Grow 27 Percent in 2009

NATO Chief: Russia Can't Block Georgia From NATO

US Envoy Says Conflicts With Enclaves Shouldn't Keep Georgia Out of NATO

Russian FM: International Monitors Will Need South Ossetia's Permission to Operate There


Iran Warns UN Atomic Agency Not to Expect Any Favors After Tough Report

France Pushing for More Sanctions Against Iran

China Urges Iran's Cooperation With Nuclear Agency

European Jewish Panel: Only Military Action Can Stop Iran


Lebanese Sources Deny Presence of Syrian Troops in Lebanon

Christian Factions Clash in North Lebanon, 2 Dead

Hezbollah Power 'at Lebanon's Service'


12 Dead as Hamas, Clan Battle in Gaza City

Official: Hamas Held Secret Leadership Election

Poll Favors Livni as Israel Leadership Vote Nears

Israeli Military Defends Leniency in Punishment of Commander Who Ordered Detainee Shot

Israelis Vote on New Leader but Olmert Hangs On


Kurdish Party in Turkey Opposes Ban


Mugabe Has Upper Hand Over Tsvangirai in New Zimbabwe Government

Tsvangirai Moves to Assure Mugabe

Unity Agreement Doesn't Slow Exodus of Zimbabweans


Rights Group: Almost 9,500 Somalis Killed Since Early 2007

Ugandan Soldier Dies in Somalia Attack


Nigerian Militants Sabotage Oil Facilities

Nigeria Defense Department Dismisses Militant Threat


Bolivia Strengthens Relations With Russia After US Fallout

South American Leaders Hold Emergency Session on Bolivia

Bolivia's President Calls Unrest an Attempted Coup


Hague Jails Ex-Bosnian Army Chief

Dutch Block EU-Serbia Trade Deal


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