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Updated September 19, 2008 - 11:27 PM EDT
US-Pakistan Ties Deteriorate Over Air Strikes
  Gates Defends Right of US to Strike in Pakistan
  US Military Advisors May Soon Head to Pakistan
  US Airstrikes Test Alliance With Pakistan
  Taliban Opens New Front in Pakistan
Iraqis Say US Raid Kills Displaced Family of 8
  US-Iraq Pact Facing 'Dangerous' Obstacles: PM
  US Soldier Admits Role in Execution of Iraqi Prisoners, Gets 7 Months
  Friday: 16 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
US Looks at Further Action Against Russia
  Rice Says Russia Has Taken a 'Dark Turn'
  Diplomats Now Say Pullout From Georgia Not Enough to Resume Talks
  Talks on Sending Monitors to Georgia Deadlocked
Karzai-Allied Governor Killed by NATO Troops
  US to Expand Drone Use, Other Surveillance in Afghanistan
  Russia Envoy Warns NATO on Air Space to Afghanistan
  US Wants $20 Billion More to Fund Afghanistan Fight
Ahmadinejad Underlines Commitment to Nuclear Agenda
  Iran Official Says Missiles Can Reach Ships in Gulf
  Ahmadinejad Ready to Debate US Presidential Hopefuls
Gates: US Should Apologize More Quickly for Deaths
Seized at 15, Omar Khadr Turns 22 in Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Must America's Fate Be Tied to NATO and Georgia?  by Gary Benoit
Open Letter to Christian US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan  by Stan Goff
'Round the Bananastan, Bush
by Jeff Huber
FBI's Anthrax Tale Unravels
by Glenn Greenwald
Biden & Israel: The Lobby Has Spoken  by Susan Abulhawa

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Palin Uninvited to Anti-Iran Rally After Clinton Pulls Out
Cabinet Dispute Threatens Zimbabwe Unity Deal
US Court Is Now Guiding Fewer Nations
Bipartisan Study Group Questions Military Action Against Iran
States Accuse Pentagon of Threats, Retaliation Over Base Cleanup Demands
US, China Urged to Work Out Space Security Regime
Soldier Formally Charged in Afghan Civilian Death
Insurgents in Afghanistan Show
Strength, Sophistication
Today in Iraq
US: Malfunction Likely Cause of Iraq Chopper Crash
US Trains Iraqi Women Spies
IED Injures Two Civilians in Kirkuk
Iraq Seeks British Help in Oil Industry: PM
US Army Nabs 13 al-Qaeda Suspects in Northern Iraq
Thursday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 34 Wounded
Germany in Iraq
German Spies 'Actively Supported' Invasion of Iraq
Opposition Says Germany Covered Up Iraq Spy Role
Syria and Iraq
Syria to Send First Ambassador in 25 Years to Iraq
More Iraqi Refugees to Leave Syria for Home
The War at Home
Indictment: Iraq Bomb Parts Came From South Florida
Administration Trying for Spy Satellites Again
Report Faults US Move of Cheyenne Command Center
Bob Barr: US Should Talk to Iran
Boston College Students Protest Defense Contractors at Career Fair
Psychologists Vote to End Gitmo Consultations
Attorney for Gitmo Inmate Works to Drum Up Support
Major Powers to Discuss Iran Amid Russia Tension
US Steps Up Its Criminal Prosecution of Illegal Technology Exports to Iran
Solana: IAEA's Iran Report Worries Russia, China
Hackers Shut Down Iranian Clerics' Web Sites
Iran's President Says He Opposes Israel, Not Israelis
Israeli Politics
Mofaz May Demand Recount, Narrows Gap in Israeli Primary
Netanyahu Urges Livni to Hold General Elections
Israeli FM Eyes New Coalition Govt
Ultra-Orthodox Party Emerging as Israel Kingmaker
Key Players in Israel Coalition Talks
Israel's Livni Now in Battle for Premiership
Tzipi Livni: From Mossad Agent to Israel's Next Prime Minister
Key Facts About Israel's Tzipi Livni
UN Urges Next Israeli Government to Stop Settlements
Hamas: Livni Means Pursuit of Israeli Aggression
UN Envoy Says Mideast Peace Efforts at Crossroads
Settlers Suspected of Setting Palestinian Fields Ablaze
500 Palestinian Security Force Members Head to Jordan for US-Funded Training
Yemen Arrests 30 After US Embassy Attack
US Woman Killed in Yemen Embassy Attack
Deep-Rooted al-Qaeda Hard to Extract From Yemen
Yemen Attack Shows al-Qaeda Rebound in Key Country
Nigerian Militants Say Shell Pipeline Destroyed
Nigerian Journalists Freed, TV Still Off Air Over Presidential Story
Sudan Planes Bombing Darfur Positions: Rebels
US Military Donates Boats, Equipment to Cameroonian Navy
Sentence Scrapped Against Blogger Critical of Moroccan Monarch
'Secret Talks' Ongoing to Reopen Mogadishu Airport
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Puts South Ossetia Off-Limits to International Monitors
Russia Test-Fires New-Generation Strategic Missile
Gates Urges Cautious NATO Stance on Russia After Georgia Conflict
Gorbachev Urges Caution in Rice's Call for Action
US: Russia Will Not Be Able to Oust Georgia Govt
Moscow Thanks Nicaragua for Recognizing South Ossetia, Abkhazia
10 Rebels Killed in Dagestan
For Georgians, a Much-Needed Break
NATO Chief Foresees 'No U-Turn' in Relations With Russia
US to 'Help' Solve Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
NATO Should Stop Expanding, Says UK Think-Tank
Danes Who Sold T-Shirts for Militants Convicted
NATO Probes Report Afghan Governor Killed by 'Friendly Fire'
Britain to Boost Afghanistan Force, US Defense Secretary Says
Gates: US Reviewing Its Afghanistan War Strategy
Afghan-Pakistan Border Security Must Be Bolstered: NATO Chief
NATO Suffers Casualties From Afghanistan Ambush
Arming the Taliban
War and Drought Threaten Afghan Food Supply
Attacks on Aid Challenge Afghan Reconstruction
Pakistan: US Did Not Warn of Missile Strike
Pakistan FM: US Made No Promises It Would Cease Attacks
Unnamed al-Qaeda Commander Said Killed in US Strike
Negroponte Says Against Unilateral Actions Inside Pakistan
Taliban Suffers Heavy Losses in Bajaur
Report: Pakistan's Zardari Could Face Threat From Army
Pakistan Close to Boosting Atom Bomb Means: Report
Blasts Reported in Pakistan's Troubled Northwest
10 Killed in Renewed Kurram Clashes
Bush to Meet With New Pakistani President
Indian PM Admits Intelligence Failings After Blasts
Fifteen Injured in Bombing as India Mulls Stronger Anti-Terror Laws
US Concerned About Potential for Instability in North Korea
South Korea: Talking About Kim Illness May Hurt Ties
North Korea Dismisses Reports of Leader Kim's Illness
North Korea Can Restore Nuclear Program Within Year: Think Tank
Sir Lanka Military Says Navy Sinks 10 Rebel Boats, Kills 25 Sailors
New Thai PM Appeals for Unity, Protesters Stay Put
UN Again Throws Out Taiwan Bid for Recognition
Japan Shoots Down Dummy Ballistic Missile in Test
Nepal PM Calls His India Visit a Success
Venezuela-Russia Ties Deepen Despite US Pressure
Feisty Latin America Left Dents US Influence

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