A Dial Marked 'War': Justin Raimondo
Biden: Time for Confession: Ray McGovern
Campaign Rip Tides: Chernus/Engelhardt
Syria Talks Spur Speculation: Jim Lobe
Israel's Terror Breeding Ground: Jonathan Cook

 Andy Worthington

Guantanamo Trials: Tragedy and Farce

 Jeff Huber

Land Wars in Asia

 Sydney Schanberg

John McCain and the POW Cover-Up

 Scott Horton

Taxi to the Dark Side

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Updated October 1, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Missile Strike Kills 9 in Pakistan
  Attacks in Pakistan Stir Anger at US
  Pakistan Appoints New Spy Chief

Pakistan Suicide Hits Kill 1,200 in 14 Months


Violence Declines in Iraq, But Could Resurge

US General Wants Help in Afghanistan Now


Afghan Insurgents Are Gaining, Petraeus Says

US to Keep Same Iraq Troops Levels for 2009


Maliki Says Iraq Ready to Compromise on US Security Pact

  Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 9 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded

Brief Talks with Syria Spur Speculation

Discontented Fatah Men Consider Launching Third Intifada

US Confirms Deployment of Powerful Radar to Israel

Campaign Rip Tides From the Forgotten War  by Ira Chernus and Tom Engelhardt
Goodlings, Bad Things, and a McCain Imperial City  by Kelley Vlahos
Israel's Breeding Ground for Terrorism  by Jonathan Cook
Wackystan  by Jeff Huber
To Joe Biden: Time for Confession
by Ray McGovern
Remember Iraq?  by Gary Kamiya

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Poll: Few Americans Back Military Action in Iran

FBI Won't Release Documents on Anthrax Suspect

Is Kurdish-Arab 'Honeymoon' Over?

Pentagon Report: Iraq Still Locked in 'Communal Struggle'

Prosecutor Suspends Case Against S. Korean Reporter Who Made Film on Iraq War

Military Force, Technology Have Limits, Gates Warns

Army Forms Military Funeral
News Coverage Panel
Today in Iraq

Sons of Iraq Despair at Imminent Takeover by Shi'ite Government

Future of Sunni Militias a Test of Whether Iraq Is on a Path to Peace

Sadrist Leader: Iraq's Unity Threatened by Lack of Minority Quota

Iraq's Sunnis Celebrate Eid Festival Amid Security

Baghdad Residents, Hopeful but Wary After Drop in Violence, Gather in the Open for Holiday

Cost of Massive Unemployment in Iraq Could Be Paid in Blood

Iraq Resettlement Comes With Deadly Risks

Iraqi Oil Flows to Jordan

Attacks Continue

Car Bomb Strikes Baghdad Restaurant

Three Civilians Killed, Seven Injured in Baghdad Car Bombing

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 6 Iraqis Killed; 17 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Gen. Odierno: Iraqi Government Must Improve Services

More Iraqi Forces, Fewer Americans Die in Iraq


Three US-Led Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Afghan President Urges Taliban to Hold Peace Talks

Karzai Seeks Saudi Help With Taliban

Recovery of Kidnapped Afghan Envoy Denied

Military Sees Window to Adjust Afghanistan Plan

Bush to Meet Commander of NATO Afghan Force


Pakistani Tribesmen Battle Militants in Bajaur

Officials: 13 Militants Killed in Bajaur Offensive

Battle of Bajaur Is Acid Test for Pakistani Military

Pakistan's Bajaur Region

Pakistan, US Affirm Commitment to 'Strong and Lasting Relationship'


Bombs Kill 5 in India Cities, Adding to Toll Across Nation

168 Killed in Indian Temple Stampede After Fake Bomb Scare

India's Conversions Controversy

Objections on US-India Nuclear Deal Overcome


Violence in Korean Waters Raises Animosity Toward China

Myanmar on the Cyber-Offensive


Spike Lee's WWII Film Causes Uproar in Italy


ElBaradei: IAEA Lacks Tools to Expose Secret Work

IAEA Chief: Nuclear States Set Example for Others

Clash Looms as Syria Bids for Seat on IAEA Panel


Iran's Influence? You Can Hear It on Iraqi Streets

Assad: Relations With Iran to Continue Even if Peace With Israel Achieved

US Lawmakers Want Probe of Exports to Iran


American Diplomats Meet Syrians in Sign of Thaw

Syria Tightens Control Over Internet

FM: Slovakia Wants to Deepen Relations With Syria


West Bank Settler Violence Challenges Israel

Israel Cuts US Cluster Bombs for Homemade Self-Detonating Brand

US Approves Sale to Israel of 25 F-35 Fighter Jets

Israel Supplied With Long-Range Radar, but US to Get Missile Warning First

Israel's West Bank Roadblocks Increasing, Says UN

Book Ban Ends Rare Arab-Israeli Cultural Exchange

Palestinian Politics

Rival Hamas, Fatah Leaders Pledge Palestinian Unity Bid

Abbas: Visit to Washington Was 'Frank and Successful'

Federal Judge Upholds Right of US Terror Victims in Israel to Sue PLO

Middle East

Tripoli Turmoil Increases Risk of a Sunni-Shiite War in Lebanon

Turkish Forces Launch Military Operation Against PKK Overnight


EU's Solana Optimistic on Russian Troop Pullback

Russia Says No Immediate EU Access to Georgian Zone

EU Monitors Begin Georgia Mission, Awaiting Access

Grateful Abkhazia Thanks Russia on National Day


Somali Pirates Hold Onto Tank-Laden Ship Despite US Force

US Official: Somali Pirates Had Shootout on Ship

Somali Pirates on Ship Deny Report of Shootout, Celebrate Eid

Somali Pirates Tell All: They're in It for the Money

Where Were Russian Tanks Destined on Ship Hijacked Off Somalia?

Islamists Destroy Somali Church


Liberia Torture Allegations Unfolding in Florida Courtroom

Zimbabwe Opposition: No Deal on Makeup of Cabinet


Justin Raimondo
A Dial Marked 'War'

Alan Bock
No Matter Who Wins,
Expect More Wars

Ivan Eland
Republicans on the Left and Democrats on the Right

Charles Peņa
The Pakistan Dilemma

Philip Giraldi
Ashes of Empire

Doug Bandow
Time to Tell Irresponsible Allies No Thanks

Nebojsa Malic

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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