Gang of Democracies: Justin Raimondo
Cost of Boots on the Ground in Iraq: Jon Basil Utley
The Harsh Constant: Nebojsa Malic
Dark Heart of the Gitmo Trials: Andy Worthington
War on Two Fronts, Without Railways: William Lind

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The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

 Gareth Porter

Bush 'Truly Not Concerned' With bin Laden

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Guantanamo Trials: Tragedy and Farce

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Updated October 2, 2008 - 11:21 PM EDT
New Pakistani FM: US Raids Hurt Terror Fight
  US Missile Strike Kills 9 in Pakistan
  Spanish Report Ties Pakistan Spy Agency to Taliban
Distrust as Iraqi Govt Takes Control of 'Sons'
  Bombs Kill 24 Near Baghdad Shi'ite Mosques
  Pentagon Report: Iraq Remains 'Locked in Conflict'
  US to Keep Same Iraq Troops Levels for 2009
  Thursday: 39 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded
  Iraq Attacks Kill 440 in September
Iran May Rethink Enrichment for Fuel Guarantees
  Pentagon: Iran Is Biggest Threat to Iraq's Stability
  Iran Promotes Syria Against Afghanistan in Battle for IAEA Board Seat
Key Players Differ on Taliban Strategy
  Leaked UK Envoy Memo: Mission in Afghanistan Is Doomed
  US General Wants Help in Afghanistan Now
  Three Warlords Lead Afghan Uprising
US Tries to Keep Iraqi Refugees Out of Michigan
Senate Gives Final OK to US-India Nuclear Deal
Russia Fears US Nuclear Arms on Its Borders
The Cost of Boots on the Ground
in Iraq
 by Jon Basil Utley
The Dark Heart of the Guantánamo Trials  by Andy Worthington
Somalia: More Blowback From the War on Terror  by Jennifer Daskal
Gang of Democracies  by Justin Raimondo
Wolfowitz Up to More Mischief?
by Jim Lobe
War on Two Fronts, Without Railways  by William S. Lind

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US Africom Chief Says 'No Hidden Agenda'
Investigating 'Africa's Guantanamo'
Iraq Civilian, US Troop Deaths Fall in September
Iraq: Key Figures Since the War Began
Rivalries May Negate Gains in Iraq
In Iraq, Progress Itself Brings Risks
Army Sending 12,000 Fort Lewis Soldiers to Iraq
Pakistani Leader Repeats a Hoax Debunked Long Ago
Afghans Urge IAEA to Tackle Pakistan 'Tie' to Khan
Report: Dresden Bombing Deaths Overestimated
Former Abu Ghraib Guard Says Prisoners Were Treated Even Worse Than Was Reported, Abuse Continued After Release of Photos
Iraq Occupation
Soldiers Headed to Iraq Worry About Economy
RAF Chiefs Were Warned of Risk to Plane Downed in Iraq
A Look at the Air Force Theater Hospital in Iraq
US Combat Hospital Saving More Wounded Iraqis
Attacks Continue
Sunni Mosque's Imam Wounded in Mosul
Three Killed, 30 Wounded in Salah al-Din Blast
Wednesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 37 Wounded
The War at Home
Report: Police Erred in Activist Surveillance
US Judge Orders Pakistani to Take Psychiatric Exam
Legal Troubles Remain for Reporter on Anthrax Case
Mailmen Might Deliver Meds in Next Anthrax Attack
Ex-Weapons Hunter: Iran 2-5 Years From Nuke Bomb
Positive Sign for Warmer US-Iran Ties
How I Became a Target for Israel's 'Jewish Terrorists'
Palestinian Girl Arrested for Suicide Attack Threat
Book Ban Ends Rare Arab-Israeli Cultural Exchange
Tension Grows Between Syria and Lebanon After Bombings
Syria Urges Security Cooperation on Lebanon Border
Death Toll in North Lebanon Blast Rises to Seven
Syria Denies Supplying Arms to Hezbollah
Hezbollah Orders Its Leaders Not to Visit Syria
Syrian FM: Israel Not Interested in Real Peace
Middle East
Tensions Simmer in Southern Yemen
Coup Case Breaks Taboos in Turkey
Bahrain Calls for New Regional Organization With Israel
Medvedev: No Grounds for Cold War With US
Diplomat Says US Has No Plans to Revive Cold War
US Rebuffs Putin Criticism Over Crisis
Russia Boosts Arms Spending to Replace Georgia Losses
'Eminem Rap Video' Embarrasses Russian Military
Russia Hosts Germany's Leader to Mend Ties
Georia/Abkhazia/S. Ossetia
Medvedev Says Troops to Withdraw From Georgia by October 10
Tension as EU Monitors Enter Georgia
For Abkhazia, a Special Independence Day
Russia Examines Rail Link to South Ossetia
Key Question Lingers: Who Started the War in Georgia?
Even After a War With Russia, Many Georgians Revere Stalin
Russian Drone Crashes in Georgia
Serbia Signs Security Agreement With NATO
French Fighter Jets Collide
Student Opposition Leader Gunned Down in Venezuela
US Backs Down, Will Give Cuban Journalists Visas
NATO Does Not Rule Out Afghan Talks With Taliban
Gen. Mckiernan: Taliban Reconciliation 'A Political Move'
NATO Forces to Begin Attacks on Afghan Drug Lords
Taliban Chief Vows 'Safe Retreat' for Foreign Troops
Seven Czech Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
Czech Govt to Send More Troops to Afghanistan in 2009
Bush Says Extremists Can't Stand Afghan Progress
Pakistan Attacks 'Central Hub' of Militants' Border Bases
Pakistani Tribesmen Kill 13 Taliban Militants: Officials
Officials: Pakistani Taliban Leader Mehsud Seriously Ill
Pakistani Taliban Deny Report Leader Mehsud Dead
Zardari: Marriott Bombing Was Assassination Attempt
UK to Bring Home Diplomats' Children From Pakistan
Q&A: The US India Civil Nuclear Pact

Blasts Kill Two, Wound 100 in Eastern India

India Struggles With Hindu Attacks on Christians
Orissa Curfew After Fresh Hindu/Christian Clash
Sri Lanka
Air Force Bombs Rebel Targets in Northern Sri Lanka
US, South Korea Try to Cool Tensions With North
North and South Koreas to Hold Military Talks
US Envoy Takes New Nuclear Proposal to North Korea
Q&A: What Is at Stake in US Envoy Trip to North Korea?
North Korean Defector Denies Spy Charges in South Korea
US Seeks Special Chinese Role to Break North Korea Deadlock
Surveillance of Skype Messages Found in China
China Tourists, Dollars Could Charm, Alarm Taiwan
Taiwan Opens to Chinese Tourists, Investors
French Judge Dismisses Taiwan Warship Graft Case
Somalia Pirates
Somalia Pirates Stick to Ransom Demand; Standoff at 7 Days
Somalia: World Can Use Force Against the Pirates
US Navy Plays Waiting Game With Pirates
Somali Pirates 'Negotiating' With Ukranian Ship Owners
Pirates Off Somalia Have Gotten $18-30 Million Ransoms This Year
EU States Raise Hands for Somalia Maritime Force
Life in Zimbabwe: Wait for Useless Money
Zimbabwe Opposition Urges Mediation in Talks
Mbeki Resignation Hangs Over Zimbabwe Talks
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Rejects Call for Mbeki Mediation
Mogadishu Mortar Attack Kills Seven
Group Says Ethiopia Won't Release Terror Suspects
Al-Qaeda Says It Was Behind Algeria Bombing
UN Urges Rebels to Free 90 Kids in Congo
Amnesty Law 'Unacceptable,' Says Central African Republic Rebel Leader
Ex-Liberia President, Son Face UN, US Charges

Justin Raimondo
A Dial Marked 'War'

Nebojsa Malic
The Harsh Constant

Alan Bock
No Matter Who Wins,
Expect More Wars

Ivan Eland
Republicans on the Left and Democrats on the Right

Charles Peña
The Pakistan Dilemma

Philip Giraldi
Ashes of Empire

Doug Bandow
Time to Tell Irresponsible Allies No Thanks

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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