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Updated October 6, 2008 - 10:49 PM EDT
Taliban Moves Aggressively After US Strike
  20 Killed, Over 50 Injured in Punjab Suicide Blast
  Pakistan Aims to Expel Afghan Refugees as Bajaur Offensive Continues
  Pakistan's Fresh Resolve in Latest Battle Against Taliban
Afghan/Taliban Peace Talks: Real or Rumor?
US Raid Kills 11 Members of Mosul Family
  Christian Security Forces Growing Stronger in Iraq
  Sunday: 26 Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded
Turkey Accuses Iraqi Kurds of Aiding Rebels
  Turkish Warplanes Bomb Kurd Bases in Northern Iraq
  Turkey Demands Iraq, US to Control Borders
Tensions High as Russian Pullout From Georgia on Track
  Rice Says US Not Trying to Undermine Russia
US Sanctions: Financial Firewall for Iran, Syria?
VP Debate an Exchange of Disinformation  by Stephen Zunes
When It Comes to Palestine and Israel, the US Simply Doesn't Get It  by Robert Fisk
Spying on the Future  by Tom Engelhardt
Down the Road to Serfdom
by Ann Berg

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The New Face of Israel?
Sudan Criticizes Palin, Biden Over Darfur Flight Ban
Palin Says Obama 'Palling Around' With Terrorists
Report: US Considers Lifting Syrian Sanctions
Gun-Toting Civilians Take on Taliban
Russia's Warships Head for Exercise With Venezuelan Navy
Cash-Strapped British Navy Cuts Destroyer Fleet
Jewish 'Modesty Patrols' Sow Fear in Israel
Turkey Buries 15 Soldiers
Slain in Kurdish Rebel Attack
Today in Iraq
Displaced Iraqis, Now Told to Go Home, Fear for Their Lives
Iraq Hopes Shrine Rebuild Can Reconcile Sects
Iraqi Stock Exchange Small but Surging
Fewer Black Funeral Banners Blanket Baghdad
Iraq: Risky Land of Opportunity
Innkeeper's Log Chronicles Ebb and Flow of Iraq War
US Forces Release 36 Detainees in Fallujah
Sunday: 26 Iraqis Killed, 13 Wounded
Iraq & Her Neighbors
Pressure on Turkey to Crush PKK May Hurt US, EU Ties
Egypt to Re-Open Baghdad Embassy
Regional Ties With Iraq Start to Grow
UK 'War on Terror'
UK's 42-Day Detention Plan Dropped as Unworkable
US Still Considering Diplomatic Outpost in Iran: Rice
Iran to Enrich Uranium Even if Fuel Supply Guaranteed
Iran's Khatami May Run for Presidency Again
Israel & Iran
Israel Will Hit Iran Nuke Sites, France's Kouchner Warns
Israeli Paper May Eat Its Words Over French FM
Dropped 'H' Causes Trouble for France's Kouchner
Olmert to Urge Moscow: Don't Arm Israel's Enemies
Israel & Russia
Israeli DM: Russia Destabilizing Middle East
Israelis See Delay in Iran-Russia Missile Deal
Livni: Time Running Out on Israel-Palestinian Deal
Palestinian FM: Settlements Are Ticking Bombs
West Bank: Palestinian Olive Groves Closed Off to Israelis
Hezbollah Dismisses Israeli Threats of Destruction in Next War
Lebanon: Israelis Say Spy Chief Killed Hezbollah Commander Mughniyah
Somali Pirates Stare Down Global Superpowers
Somalian 'Ghost City' Wracked by War
Five Killed in Mogadishu as Airport Bombed
Fear of Taliban Penetrates Kabul as Afghans Register to Vote in Elections
Six Killed in New Afghan Violence
In Poverty and Strife, Afghan Women Test Limits
US Military to Deploy More Surveillance Planes to Afghanistan
Zardari: India Not a Threat to Pakistan
Anti-US Views Fuel Polio Growth in Pakistan
Panic in Islamabad After Holiday Inn Bomb Hoax
Pakistanis Eye US Presidential Candidates
Pakistan Army: Two Militant Commanders Killed in Swat District
Envoy: Musharraf Ignored Banned Terrorist Groups
Zardari Treats Pakistani MPs to Rare Intelligence Briefing
At Least 33 Killed in Ethnic Violence in India's Assam
Report: Maoists Say They Murdered Hindu Leader
Curfew in Kashmir Ahead of Independence Rally
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: 34 Dead as Fighting Nears Rebel Base
Sri Lanka Rebels Face Major Setback, but War Far From Over
Kazakhstan Seeks to Balance East and West
North Korea's Kim Signals He Is Back in Control: Analysts
Chechnya Renames Capital's Avenue After Putin
One Way Up: US Space Plan Relies on Russia
Japan Denies Visa for Russian Diplomat
Bosnians Vote Along Ethnic Lines in Local Polls
Bosnia Votes in Poll Expected to Seal Hardliners' Dominance
Zimbabwe Factions, Far Apart, Resume Cabinet Talks
Nigerian Oil Rebels Release 19 Hostages
Mauritanian Forces Beat Anti-Junta Protesters
Post-Apartheid South Africa Enters Anxious Era
Report Reveals Kenyan Arms Imports

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A Star Is Born

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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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