Have No Illusions: Justin Raimondo
Good Morning, Ehud!: Uri Avnery
Judge Releases Gitmo Uighurs: Ali Gharib
50-Yr-Olds Freed From Gitmo: Andy Worthington
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 Jon Basil Utley

Costs of Soldiers in Iraq

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Madman McCain and Worse

'No Timetable' for SOFA as Troop Immunity Remains a Sticking Point    Judge Orders Release of Uighurs at Guantanamo    Pakistan 'Greatest Single Challenge' to Next President    US Inquiry Revises Herat Civilian Toll, Still Disputes Un, Afghan Accounts    Study of Data Mining for Terrorists Is Urged    In Blow to Bush, Judge Orders 17 Guantánamo Detainees Freed    For Sunnis, an Uneasy Return Home    2008 'Town-Hall' Presidential Debate - a Foreign Policy Breakdown    Treatment of Detainees Inside US Jails Detailed    Immunity for US Troops a Barrier in Iraq Talks    Pakistani Defense Secretary Says Pulling Out of US Alliance Not Possible    Shin Bet Bars Jews in Physicians for Human Rights From Entering Gaza    Have No Illusions    Two 50-Year-Olds Released From Guantánamo    Resurgent Taliban Vow to Disrupt 'Joke' Presidential Election    Pakistani Army Rules Out Fresh Operation in North Waziristan    Upbeat Petraeus Sees 'A Little Bit Less' Fragility in Iraq    UK Police Chief: We Might Kill Another Civilian We Mistake for a Terrorist    Blasts Outside Iraqi Foreign Ministry as US Envoy Visits    US Intelligence Warns Iraq War Could Explode Again    Russia Accuses US of Letting Arms Controls Treaties Lapse    German Cabinet Backs 1,000 Extra Troops for Afghanistan    North Korea Reportedly Fires Missile Into Yellow Sea    Two Kinds of Change: Comparing the Candidates on Foreign Policy [.pdf]    I Survived the Georgian War. Here's What I Saw.    Good Morning, Ehud!    Afghan Govt Denies Saudi Meeting Was Peace Talks    Gates Pledges Weapons, Aid for Kosovo Security Force    Army Deployed After Police Clash With Bangkok Protesters    Mission Accomplished Forever    Bulking Up Pentagon North    Bearing Witness: The Afghan Tragedy    
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Updated October 8, 2008 - 11:28 PM EDT

The Debate: Foreign Policy Breakdown

Pentagon: US Strike Killed 30 Afghan Civilians


Nearly 60 Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan


Afghan Govt Denies Saudi Meeting Was Peace Talks

Immunity for US Troops a Barrier in Iraq Talks


US Intel Warns Iraq War Could Explode Again

  Upbeat Petraeus Sees 'A Bit Less' Fragility in Iraq
  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 19 Iraqis Killed; 34 Iraqis Wounded

Pakistani Sec Def Says No Break With US


PM: Pakistan Suffered Most in War on Terror


Tribesmen Fire Rockets at Drones in North Waziristan


Pakistan 'Greatest Single Challenge' to Next President

Former Officials Say Iran Helped US on al-Qaeda

Iran Denies Report US Plane Forced to Land


Iran: Six Powers 'Unreasonable' in Nuclear Row

In Blow to Bush, Judge Orders Release of 17 Gitmo Uighurs

Tanks Hijacked by Somalis Bound for S. Sudan?

I Survived the Georgian War. Here's What I Saw.  by Lira Tskhovrebova
Two 50-Year-Olds Released From Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Bearing Witness:
The Afghan Tragedy
 by Malalai Joya
Mission Accomplished Forever
by Jeff Huber
Good Morning, Ehud!  by Uri Avnery
Bulking Up Pentagon North
by Linda McQuaig

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For Sunnis, an Uneasy Return Home

Hezbollah Arms Smugglers Captured in Iraq

McCain Linked to Group in Iran-Contra Affair

To Combat Suicides, Army Introduces Interactive Video

Nigerian Conflict a Warning for Big Oil in Iraq

Russia to Extend Georgia Pullback on Wednesday
Army Deployed After Police Clash With Bangkok Protesters

Portugal Announces Recognition of Kosovo

Dangerous Spent Fuel Returned to US

German Cabinet Backs 1,000 Extra Troops for Afghanistan
Today in Iraq

Turkish PM Threatens New Incursions Into Iraq

Saddam Now Seen as 'Father of Martyrs' by Visitors to His Grave

Iraq Comedy Holds Mirror to Crisis

Iraqi Govt

Iraqi PM Welcomes Abu Dhabi Crown Prince

Strategic Agreement Between Kurdistan, UN Next Week

Iraqi Speaker Arrives in Tehran After Initial Entry Refusal

Iraq Lawmakers Urged to Restore Quota System

Shi'ite Politician: Constitution Key to Healing Iraq's Sectarian Rifts

Attacks Continue

Blasts Near Iraq Ministry as US Official Visits

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 7 Iraqis Killed; 10 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Negroponte Arrives in Basra

Negroponte Calls Security Deal on Iraq 'Close'

Iraq Says Bold Decisions Needed on US Troops

Iran Opposes US-Iraq Security Deal

The War at Home

Former Contractor Pleads Guilty to Iraq Fuel Theft

Widow Sues US Over Iraq Vet-Husband's Suicide

Democrats Balking at Personnel Increases as Military Budget Crunch Looms

'War on Terror'

Seven Years After 9/11, Spies Finally Forced to Share

Treatment of Detainees Inside US Jails Detailed

UK Police Chief: We Might Kill Another Civilian We Mistake for a Terrorist

Germany Frees 2 Terrorism Suspects

Study of Data Mining for Terrorists Is Urged


US to Unify Training Efforts in Afghanistan

Resurgent Taliban Vow to Disrupt 'Joke' Presidential Election

US: Taliban Can Be Beaten

Norwegian Foreign Minister Visits Afghanistan

Canada Says Afghan Mission Can't Last Indefinitely

UN Calls for 'Political Engagement' to Restore Stability in Afghanistan


Pakistani Army Called to Protect Parliament

Pakistani Army Rules Out Fresh Operation in North Waziristan

Zardari's Strategies Raise Questions

Elders: South Waziristan Taliban Will Stick to Peace Deal


Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Change Nuclear Position After UN Resolution

Israel Gets No Firm Pledge on Russia Arms Sale to Iran

Iran Slams Indian PM's Remarks


Hamas Takes Its Turn at Reconciliation Talks

Settlers Warn Giving Security Control of Hebron to Palestinians Could 'Lead to Bloodshed'

Israel Arrests 19 Palestinians in West Bank Raids

Gaza Merchants: Israel Holding Our Stock

Shin Bet Bars Jews in Physicians for Human Rights From Entering Gaza

Widow of Abducted Israeli Soldier Starts Television Career

India, Palestinian Authority Take Stock of Middle East Peace Process

Middle East

35 Years After Yom Kippur War, Israeli-Syrian Peace Remains Elusive

Syria Plays Hardball With the Saudis

Russia and Her Neighbors

UN Chief Wants New Look at UN Georgia Mission

Russia Defense Watch: Biggest Bomber Test

Russia Accuses US of Letting Arms Controls Treaties Lapse

Russia's Jerusalem Land Claim Worries Israelis

Russia: Arms Sales to Venezuela Are Defensive


North Korea Reportedly Fires Missile Into Yellow Sea

US, North Korea Seek Compromise in Nuclear Deadlock

South Korea Dismisses North's Nuclear 'Ultimatum'


President Presses World to Build 'Strong Army' for Somalia

UN Calls for Military Action Against Pirates

South Korean Mulls Deploying Navy Off Somali Coast


UN 'Lacked Mandate' to Prevent Darfur Camp Deaths

Mauritania in Talks With AU After Snubbing Ultimatum


Gates: No Self-Determination for Kosovo Serbs

Gates: US to Remain in Kosovo Through Late 2009

Gates Pledges Weapons, Aid for Kosovo Security Force

Gates, in Kosovo, Highlights US Balancing Act on Russia


India Lifts Kashmir Curfew as Separatists Call for Calm

More Die as Anti-Muslim Riots Continue in Assam

Sri Lanka

Blast Kills Sri Lanka Opposition Leader


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