Liquidating the Empire: Patrick Buchanan
My Depression – or Ours?: Tom Engelhardt
A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Ron Paul
Afghan War Is Unwinnable: Gwynne Dyer
A Blow for Liberty: The Guardian

 Lawrence Wilkerson

The Cheney Cabal's Lies and Torture

 Jacob Hornberger

Operation Keelhaul

 Steve Clemons

Iran, Palestine, Pakistan

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Bailout Law's Police State Powers

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Updated October 14, 2008 - 11:20 PM EDT

US, Iraq at Odds on Status of Forces


Returnees Still Face Violence in 'Safer' Iraq

  Iran Accused of Bribery in Attempt to Foil Status of Forces Agreement

Iraq: Businessman Killed as Attacks on Christians Continue

  Monday: 1 US Soldier, 2 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded

US Urged to Grow Military for Future Wars

Clashes in Pakistani Tribal Regions Kill 51


Pakistani Tribesmen Rise Up Against Militants

EU Struggles to Reach Consensus on Russia


Russia Flexes Muscles With Volley of Missile Tests

IAEA: N. Korea Renews UN Access to Nuclear Site

My Depression – or Ours?
by Tom Engelhardt
Afghan War Is Unwinnable
by Gwynne Dyer
Saudi Rescue in Afghan War?
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
Liquidating the Empire  by Patrick Buchanan
A Foreign Policy of Freedom
by Rep. Ron Paul
A Blow for Liberty  The Guardian

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Iraq Strives to Move Beyond Body Count

The Battle of Sadr City

Tribes Plan to Unleash Awakening Councils in Mosul

Iraqi Minister Denies Budget Surplus

30,000 White Powder Scares, No Actual Anthrax

UK House of Lords Rejects Longer Terror Detention Plan

War Resister in Canada Since '05 Ordered to Leave

WWII Warhead Prompts Evac of Okinawa Town

Montenegro Police Use Tear Gas as 10,000 Protest Recognition of Kosovo Independence
Today in Iraq

Muslim Scholars Issue Anti-SOFA Fatwa

Iraq Strives for Provincial Vote This Year

Defense Minister, Czech Envoy Consider Upgrading Iraqi Army

Bin Laden Under Attack in Iraqi Paper

Iraq Offers Foreign Oil Firms Profit Share Deals

Syria Sends First Ambassador to Iraq in Decades

Attacks Continue

Car Bombings in Mosul and Baghdad Kill 13

Iraq Calmer but Copycat Kidnappings Spread

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 2 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded

Turkey to Push Iraq for Action Against PKK

Turkey: No Buffer Zone Inside Iraq

Occupying Iraq

US Troops Now Serve as Welcome Wagon in Baghdad

Basra Secure, British Forces Say

US Military

Mullen: PTSD Screenings for All Returning Combat Troops

Group Calls for Changes in Alaska Guard Deployments

'War on Terror'

Report Slams TSA Failure to Track Security Passes

NSA Revelations to Have Lasting Implications

US Army Manual Has Terrorist Kidnapping Theories

Menezes Evidence Altered

UK Defense Ministry's Missing Hard Drive Had Information on 1.7 Million People


Hard Times for Afghan Nomads

14 Militants, 8 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan


Clashes in Pakistani Tribal Region Kill 24

Pakistan Region's Shi'ites, Sunnis Agree on Temporary Truce

Opposition Urges Pakistani Govt to Hold Dialogue With Militants

American Man Arrested in Pakistani Border Region

South Asia

Zardari Warning Over Kashmir Dam

India's PM Blames Wave of Violence on Extremists

Sri Lanka's MI-24 Helicopters Blast Rebel Positions


Public Stage for Iran's Ex-President Fuels Talk of Political Return

Iran Says Thwarted Terror Plot

Peace Pacts Are Not Solving Mideast Dilemma, Ahmadinejad Tells Annan

UK Army Interpreter 'Spied for Iran'


Nasrallah Successor Chosen for Eventual Assassination

Lebanese Army Targeted Out of Revenge


West Bank Farmers: Settlers Cut Down at Least 20 Olive Trees

Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Trying to Escape at Checkpoint

Israel Closes West Bank for Sukkot Holiday

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Police Arrest Arab Driver for 'Harming Religious Sensibilities'

Facts About Acre and Arabs in Israel

Israeli Politics

Israeli Official Says Livni Closer to PM Post

Labor Party, Kadima Sign Coalition Agreement

Netanyahu Urges Shas Not to Join Livni-Led Coalition


Fighting in Mogadishu as African Union Bolsters Its Force

Civilian Killed in Crossfire as AU Troops Battle Rebels in Mogadishu


Sudanese Arrest Darfur Militia Leader


Mugabe Riles Foes in Zimbabwe as Mediator Flies In

Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal Faces Parliament Test

Tsvangirai May Quit as Mugabe Grabs Top Posts

Russia and Her Neighbors

Diplomats: US to Take Part in Russia-Georgia Talks

EU Suspends Travel Ban on Belarus Leader, Others

Rebels Bomb Colombia Hotels
Southeast Asia

Thai Queen Weighs in With Anti-Govt Protesters

Cambodian PM Gives Thailand Border Ultimatum

Bali Bombers Could Be Executed Next Week


South Korea May Expand Projects With North Korea

Photos of North Korean Leader Raise Questions


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