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Updated October 23, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Drone Attack Kills 10 in Pakistan Village
  Pakistan Will Give Arms to Tribal Militias
  Pakistan's Hidden War
  At Least 15 Pakistani Troops Killed in Swat Valley Battle
  Pakistani Lawmakers Push Dialogue With Militants
Pentagon: Iran Trying to Undermine US-Iraq Pact
  Rice Says Iraqis Can't Yet Defend Iraq Alone
  In Sadr City, a Repressed but Growing Rage
  Senate Democrats Would Put US-Iraq Agreement to a Vote
  Thursday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 43 Wounded
Disillusioned Afghans Seen Turning on Karzai
  NATO Kills 9 Afghan Soldiers by Mistake
  Afghanistan Condemns Friendly-Fire Deaths
  Former Taliban FM Warns Against Afghanistan Surge
Mullen Vows US Military Support for Baltics Against Attack
  Russia Modernizes Missiles in Response to US Plans
  South Ossetia Appoints Former Russian Offical as PM
Russia's Resentment of the West Began With a Broken Promise  by William Pfaff
Conscience Over Career: The Prosecution of the American Taliban  by Jesselyn Radack
Will Iraq Finally End the Colonial Era?  by Rami G. Khouri
Al-Qaeda Endorses McCain...but Why?  by Robert Dreyfuss
Guantánamo's Bleak Farce
by Andy Worthington
Massacre by Drone in Afghanistan
by Brian Cloughley

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Is the Sun Setting on US Empire?
Final Text of Iraq Pact Reveals a US Debacle
Judge Blocks Retrial of War Objector Watada
Private Iraq Investigators Out
Defense Contractors Profits Rise
Iraqi Govt Slams US Statement on Security Pact
Russia Backs Keeping US Force in Iraq
A Northern Neighbor Growls, and Azerbaijan Adjusts
Official Describes Secret Uranium Shipment
Underground Cattle Trade
Thrives in Gaza Tunnels
Today in Iraq
Auditors Mystified by $185,000 in Cash Abandoned by Contractor in Iraq
Face to Face With the Iraqi Insurgency
Iraq Spared Worst of Credit Crisis, Exposed to Oil Drop
Iraqi al-Qaeda-Linked Group Reports a Leader Killed
Barzani: Iraq Not a Launch Pad for Iran War
Barazani: Security Pacts With US Does Not Violate Iraq's Sovereignty
Iraqi Christians
Mystery Shrouds Attacks on Iraq's Christians
Iraq: Few Christians Returning to Mosul
Maliki Orders Broader Christian Participation in Security Forces
Attacks Continue
Iraq Officials Find Mass Graves Near Syrian Border
Car Bomb Explodes in Northern Iraq, Killing Four
Wednesday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Coroner Blames British Defense Ministry for Hercules Crash That Killed 10 in Iraq
Kuwait Ends 18-Year Iraq Absence
Regional Ties With Iraq Growing
US Military
Soldier's Remarks in Iraq Slayings Case Revealed
Defense: Army Rushed to Judgment in Fragging Case
US Air Force Seeks to Fix Nuclear Mission
Ex-Prosecutor Behind Gitmo Dismissals?
UK Court Postpones Ruling on Guantánamo Detainee
US Pressed to Turn Over Detainee Papers
UN Rights Official Expects Next US President to Close Guantánamo
'War on Terror'
War Tech's Greatest Hits, Biggest Misses
Study Finds Dubious Information Helped Lead to Torture of Three Canadians
Torture Report Urges Ottawa to Better Protect Rights
Terrorism Laws Can Be Abused to Stifle Dissent: UN Rights Expert
Homeland Security to Change Airline Boarding Process
Intel Service Says It Stopped Terrorists Attacking Australia

Powder Mailed to Banks and FDIC Office

Georgian Opposition Promises New Wave of Protests
West Pledges $4.5 Billion to Rebuild Georgia
Ex-Peace Envoys: Bosnian Peace Deal May Collapse
Germany Rejects Italian WWII Damages Ruling
Uganda Govt Accuses Rebels of Selling Children
African Leaders Agree to Form Single Market
NATO Sees Anti-Piracy Force in Somalia Within Days
Colombia Dismantles Drug Ring With Alleged Hezbollah Ties
Peru Rebel Group Robs Dynamite From US Miner
Bolivia's President Celebrates Constitution Win
Lebanese City's Strife Reflects Two Conflicts
Israeli Security Services List Possible Hezbollah Targets
Newspaper: Hezbollah Rejects Any Form of Negotiation With Israel
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Indicts 991 Suspected al-Qaeda Militants
Kuwaiti Court Acquits Shi'ites of Militant Eulogy
Egypt Arrests Pro-Gaza Islamists

Syria Calls for a More Engaged EU Political Role in the Mideast

Pentagon Sees Fewer Foreign Fighters Slipping Into Afghanistan
Afghan Reporter's 20-Year Sentence Shameful: Watchdog
Afghan Minister Says Saudi Talks a Start
US Commandos Rescue American Hostage Near Kabul
Australia Pays Compensation to Afghan Family
Australian Soldier's Bloody Fight in Afghanistan
Pakistan, Afghanistan Differ Over NATO Attacks
US: Al-Qaeda Commander Probably Killed in South Waziristan
Hope Gives Way to Despair in Pakistan
Text of Pakistan PM's Letter to Opposition Leader Sharif
IMF Moves to Bail Out Pakistan
Turned Down by Its Allies, Pakistan Seeks IMF Rescue
Blast at Police Center in India's Northeast Kills 17
Boy Killed in India Violence, Mumbai Leader Free
India Wants to Seal Border With Myanmar After Blast
Pakistan, India Again Linked by Kashmir Road
The Philippines: America's Other War on Terrorism
Philippine Army Relies on a Sympathetic Public
Indonesian Police Thwart Fuel Depot Terrorist Plot
Indonesia Fights Terrorism With Power of Persuasion
East Timor
Australia to Pull Some Troops From East Timor: Minister
East Timor Warns Against Stoking Tensions
Taiwanese Protesters Attack Chinese Envoy
Chinese Official Suspected of Defecting to France
Thai Prime Minister Flees Raucous Protesters
Sri Lanka Navy: Rebel Suicide Attack Foiled at Sea
South Korea Says North Korea Running Normally Under Kim
Myanmar Police Free Local Magazine Journalist
Chagos Islands
Chagos Exiles 'Cannot Return'

Chagos Islanders: Q&A

Russia's Deputy PM: Russia May Leave Sevastopol if Asked
Russia Wants to Extend Black Sea Navy Base Lease
Russia Test-Fires Ballistic Missile
Khamenei Advisor: Israeli Rhetoric Bolsters Iranian Officials Who Want Preemptive Strike
Army Official: Aggression to Drive Iran Beyond Its Borders
Report: Iran Rejects Idea of US NGO Presence
US Treasury Bans Dealing With an Iran Export Bank
Malaysia Scraps Nobel Laureate's Speech for Iran
Palestinians Welcome Israeli Interest in Saudi Plan
Abbas Sacks Intelligence Chief Ahead of Fatah-Hamas Talks
Israel Shuts Gaza Crossings After Rocket Attack
29 Settlers Arrested at Protest Outside Israeli General's Home
Israeli Troops, Settlers Clash
Israel Seeks to Pressure Hamas on Captured Soldier
US Gives $150 Million Budget Aid to Palestinians
UN Reports Calm in Gaza and Southern Israel, With Few Incidents
Israeli Air Force Training Accident Kills Two
Palestinians Won't Be Driven Off, Says Fayyad
Israeli, Egyptian Leaders to Meet on Mideast Peace

Justin Raimondo
The War Party Embraces Obama

David R. Henderson
Central Planning at Home
and Abroad

Charles Peña
What Happens in a Police State…

Philip Giraldi
Zero Plus Zero Equals Zero

Alan Bock
Coffee With Robert Fisk

Ivan Eland
Will Transplanting the Strategy in Iraq to Afghanistan Save the Day?

Doug Bandow
The NATO Alliance: Dangerous Anachronism

Nebojsa Malic
Cheap Thrills

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

Ran HaCohen
Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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