October Surprise?: Justin Raimondo
An Upside to the Financial Crisis?: Alan Bock
The Diplomacy of Lying: John Pilger
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 Grant F. Smith


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 Gareth Porter

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Gen. McKiernan Slams Media for Negative Afghan Headlines    Gunfire Brings Down US Helicopter in Afghanistan    A Bitter War Has Kurds Divided Among Themselves    Guerrillas Seize Congo Gorilla Sanctuary    US Helicopters, Commandos Attack Syrian Border Town Killing Eight    Livni Calls for New Israeli Elections as Coalition Talks Fail    US Threatens to Halt Services if Iraq Rejects Troop Deal    Pakistan PM Slams US After Latest Drone Strike Kills 20    Syria Condemns US Attack as 'Serious Aggression'    US Takes to Air to Hit Militants Inside Pakistan    Somalia Makes Peace Deal With a Militia    Obama, McCain Have Similar Views on Use of Force    Putting the Pentagon on the Auction Block    Olive Harvest Becomes West Bank Battleground    US Considers Sending Special Ops to Afghanistan    Khyber Criminals Posing as Taliban to Settle Scores    Pakistan Would Have to Cut Military Budget 30 Percent Under IMF Conditions    Revolutionary Guard Commander: Iran Arming 'Freedom Armies'    Is Musharraf Eying Political Comeback?    Bush Leaves Successor a World of Trouble    Push to Negotiate With the Taliban Will Begin Monday    My Farewell Plea to MPs: Defend Liberty    October Surprise?    The Diplomacy of Lying     An Upside to the Financial Crisis?    The Age of Triumphalism Is Over    Report: US Air Strike Kills 24 Afghan Guards    Canadian Officials Complicit in Torture    Peace Process May Be Derailed by Israeli Election    Abkhaz Rebels Say EU Ignores 'Georgian Provocation'    Rebels Seize East Congo Army Camp, Thousands Flee    Maliki Sees Signing Agreement as Political Suicide    Ex-Bush Official: We Should Talk to Iran    US-Iraq Deal 'Dead in the Water'    Russia and Georgia Revisited    Cathy Young Sticks Up for Media Manipulators    
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Updated October 27, 2008 - 10:40 PM EDT
Syria Slams US Attack as 'Serious Aggression'
  US Copters Hit Syrian Village, 8 Dead
US Threatens to Halt Iraq Services Without Pact
  US-Iraq Deal 'Dead in the Water'
  Maliki Sees Signing Agreement as Political Suicide

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 18 Iraqis Killed; 21 Iraqis Wounded

Pakistan PM Slams US After New Strike Kills 20
  US Takes to Air to Hit Militants Inside Pakistan
  Pakistan Would Have to Cut Military Budget 30% Under IMF Conditions

General Slams Media for Negative Afghan Stories


Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Suicide Bombing

  Gunfire Downs US Helicopter in Afghanistan
  Push to Negotiate With Taliban Will Begin Monday
  Report: US Air Strike Kills 24 Afghan Guards
  US Considers Sending Special Ops to Afghanistan
Livni Calls Israeli Election as Coalition Talks Fail
  Chance for Netanyahu as Livni Talks Collapse
  Peace Process May Be Derailed by Israeli Election
Obama, McCain Have Similar Views on Use of Force
Secret Iraqi Documents: Abu Nidal Was a US Spy
Putting the Pentagon on the Auction Block  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
My Farewell Plea to MPs:
Defend Liberty
 by Simon Jenkins
Canadian Officials Complicit
in Torture
 by Haroon Siddiqui
The Age of Triumphalism Is Over
by Andrew J. Bacevich
Russia and Georgia Revisited
by Daniel Larison
The Diplomacy of Lying  by John Pilger

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Bush Leaves Successor a World of Trouble
US Nuclear Warhead Estimates Throughout Years
Trail of Odd Anthrax Cells Led FBI to Army Scientist
Ex-Bush Official: We Should Talk to Iran
A Bitter War Has Kurds Divided Among Themselves
Somalia Makes Peace Deal With a Militia
Russians React to Article on Moscow Mayor's Ventures
Abkhaz Rebels Say EU Ignores 'Georgian Provocation'
Iraqis Await Resurrection
of Scarred Mosul
Today in Iraq
Iraq Govt Cancels Meeting to Discuss US-Iraqi Pact
Iraqi Parliament Committee Fails to Back Oil Law
Iraqi Interior Minister: Strategic Mistake to Scrap US Pact
Kurdistan President to Head to US Over Security Deal
Sunday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Iranian President Suffering From Exhaustion
Khamenei's 'Aide Rules Out Presidential Run'
Iranian MPs Move to Impeach Senior Minister
Revolutionary Guard Commander: Iran Arming 'Freedom Armies'
Shi'ite MP Denies Iranian Influence to Scrap US-Iraq Security Deal
Iran Says OPEC May Decrease Production Further
Syria Summons US, Iraqi Diplomats Over Raid
Israeli General: Syria-Hezbollah Ties Growing Stronger
Middle East
Wall St.'s Denizens Look East
Saudi King to Attend UN Interfaith Dialogue
Israel's Livni Takes a Risk With Early Elections
Text: Livni Calls for an Israeli Election
Mental-Health Specialists Protest After Israel Bars Them From Gaza Medical Conference
Palestinian Football Team Held to Draw, but Scores a Victory
Settlers Vandalize West Bank Cemetery
Olive Harvest Becomes West Bank Battleground
Israeli Settlers Protest Removal of West Bank Outpost
Israeli Official Names Prisoners Hamas Wants for Soldier
Israel Says Uncovered Hamas Plot to Capture Soldiers
Palestinian Farmers: We Are at Settlers' Mercy
NATO Officers Rent Villa Owned by Naples Mafia Boss
Former Colombian Congressman Held Hostage Eight Years Escapes With Rebel Jailer
Afghan Security Forces Free Former Afghan Presidential Candidate
British Defense Secretary Hopes UK Will Win War Against Taliban
Attackers Gouge Out Afghan Man's Eyes
Canadian Soldier Injured by Explosive Device
Slain British Aid Worker Buried in Afghanistan
Khyber Criminals Posing as Taliban to Settle Scores
10 Troops Killed in Mohmand Suicide Attack
Official: 11 Killed in Pakistan Border Fighting
Is Musharraf Eying Political Comeback?
Brother of Pakistani Taliban Commander Found Dead
Pakistan Militias Thwart Leader's Kidnapping
Troops Kill Five Rebels in India's Assam
Indian Troops Fire on Kashmir Protesters; 1 Dead
Koreas Hold Talks as Anti-North Leaflet Planned
Dalai Lama Losing Hope for Tibet Autonomy: Aide
Sri Lanka Reassures India Over Tamils
China and Vietnam Seek Land Border Solution
UN World Heritage Temple Damaged in Thai Clashes: Cambodia
DR Congo
Rebels Seize East Congo Army Camp, Thousands Flee
Guerrillas Seize Congo Gorilla Sanctuary
Hard-Line Sudan Politician May Hold Key to Darfur Conflict
Sudan Confident Chinese Hostages Will Be Released
China Says Working With West to Avoid Darfur Strife
China Wants Sudan War Crimes Crisis 'Soft Landing': Envoy
Security Firms Join Somali Piracy Fight
Women Run the Show in a Recovering Rwanda
Chronology: Maldives' Road to Political Reform

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