Is a 'Resurgent' Russia a Threat to the US?: Eland
Ghosties, Ghoulies, Iran's Nuclear Program: Prather
What About Sovereignty?: Jacob G. Hornberger
The New Technology of Repression: Robert Parry
Obama and Iraq: Robert Dreyfuss
 Daphne Eviatar

Torture Is Illegal

 Chris Calabrese

America: Constitution Free Zone

 Mark Ames

US vs. Russia, Reason

 Robert Dreyfuss

The US and Iran in Iraq

Iraqi Kurdish Chief Says US Can Have Bases in Northern Iraq: Report    Like US, Iraqis Divided on McCain, Obama    Pakistani Taliban Denies Al-Qaeda Ties, Calls for Peace    Top Obama Adviser Has Long Ties to Neocons    Report: Turkey Promises to Play Role in Stopping US Attacks Into Pakistan    US Official: Syria 'Relatively Good' on Border Recently    Iraq, Syria Aim to Ease Tensions Over US Raid    Anticipating Cuts in Military Spending, Budget Planners Sharpen Their Pencils    Next President Will Face Test on Detainees    The Limits of Change    Judge Tells White House to Release Wiretapping Docs    Saudi Official: 2003 Terror Plot Against US Foiled    As Taliban Overwhelm Police, Pakistanis Hit Back    Analysis: Iraq Could Weigh Down New President    Young Israelis Resent Occupation    'War Court Czar' Wants to Retire    US Mulls UN Extension of Iraq Mandate    From Checks and Balances to Executive Despotism    Israel Cuts Aid to Outposts Amid Rising Settler Violence    Two, Three, Many Grand Bargains?    Will the Next President Be Any Better?    The Pentagon on Defense    The End of a Subprime Administration    Anti-Qaeda Tribal Chief and Family Killed in Iraq    Friends Like These    US Still the Villain in Iraq's Former Rebel Bastion    Not My Grandfather's Afghanistan    Pakistan: Suicide Car Bomb Kills 8 Troops    Petraeus Signals US Priorities With Pakistan Visit    Sri Lanka War Flares With Air, Sea Battles    The Single Worst Expression in American Politics    Iraq Expects US Answer on Amendments After Election    Israel Spy Chief Fears Jewish Extremist Plot    
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Updated November 2, 2008 - 11:26 PM EST
Iraqi PM Pushing Idea US Departure Is in Sight
  Iraq Expects US Reply on Troop Pact After US Election
  Iraq Sends More Police to Syrian Border
  Two Iraqi Civilians Killed by US Warplane Fire West of Mosul
  The US Election, Viewed From Baghdad
British Commander in Afghanistan Quits
  Afghanistan Deaths Fault of MoD, Says SAS Major
  Gates: Afghan Conflict Must Not Be Seen as 'America's War'
Fears of New War Rise Over Separatist Abkhazia
  The Truth About South Ossetia
  Georgia’s Battered Face in a Separatist Republic of South Ossetia
Was Syria Complicit in US Attack?
Some Israelis Feel an Urgency to Attack Iran
Pak Militants Threaten to Scrap Peace Accord After US Attack
No Charges but US May Never Free Gitmo Uighur Prisoners
What About Syria's and Pakistan's Sovereignty?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Ghosties, Ghoulies and Iran's Nuclear Program  by Gordon Prather
Six Held in Guantanamo Even After Bush Plot Claim Is Dropped  by Robert Fisk
US's Syrian Raid Sets Iraq on Fire
by Sami Moubayed
The New Technology of Repression
by Robert Parry
The Torturer's Tale  by Jolyon Jenkins

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Pakistani Kids Vote for Obama, Hope He Won't Rain Missiles
Judge Dept. Orders Justice to Produce Wiretap Memos
Iraqi MP: MNF Arrest Women Instead of Wanted Relatives
Cases Against Algerian Detainees at Gitmo Have Thinned
Terrorism Financing Blacklists at Risk
Islamist Sites Debate Traits of Candidates
US, Zimbabwe Oppose UN Arms Trade Treaty
Lebanon: 12 Israeli Jets
Violated Our Airspace
Iraq Occupation
Many Soldiers in Iraq May Skip Vote, Low Return on Absentee Ballots Expected; Some Officers Refuse to Vote to Underscore Political Neutrality
US Official: We Made Huge Steps to Protect Investors in Iraq
US Official Urges Oil and Gas Law Passage for Iraq
Iraqi Economists: Failure to Sign Deal With US Would Harm Iraq's Economy
Iraq Police Leaders Come to Missouri for Training
US Forces in Iraq Release 47 Fallujans
Today in Iraq
Iraqis in Charge of Security in More Than Two-Thirds of the Country
Saddam Hussein's Body Mutilated After Execution, Says Guard
Saddam Hussein the 'Martyr' Inside Tyrant's Tomb
Iraq Earmarks $15 Billion for Reconstruction
Iraqi PM Allocates $459,000 for Families of Killed, Wounded Diyala Policemen
Amidst Iraq's Violence, a Radio Station Gives People Hope
Iraqi Policeman Wounded in Mosul Blast
24 Innocent Detainees Released in Iraq's Diyala Province
Saturday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Iraq's Kurd President Wants to Hold Security Pact With Britain
Fleeing Iraqis Who Worked for the British Are Denied Entry to UK
Northern Ireland MP Attempts to Stop UN Job for Iraq War Lawyer
Demonstration in Sweden Supporting Iraq's Christians
With US Election, Sun Setting on Guantánamo Trials
Dublin in Rendition Plea to US Over Guantánamo Bay
Video Lured Suicide Bombers, Guantánamo Jury Told
Bin Laden Videomaker Faces Life in Gitmo Trial
Battles of Britain
UK Minister Horrified by Kit Claim for Afghanistan
Snatch Land Rovers: The 'Mobile Coffins' of the British Army
MoD 'Can Be Sued' Over SAS Deaths in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Dead Soldier's Mother Backs 'Protest' Resignation in UK
UK: Stories of Loss and Love From Families of Army's Fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan
MK Lieberman: Shin Bet Could Be Behind Settler Violence
Hamas Warns Against Schalit Rescue Operation
Eight Police Injured in West Bank Scuffles Over Their Departure
UN Envoy Raps Israel for Razing West Bank Homes
Two Border Police Hurt by Stone-Throwing Settlers Demonstrating Against Removal of Police Outpost
Lebanon Arrests Cell Suspected of Working for Israel's Mossad Since 1980s
Fmr Amb. Bolton Links US Election to Instability in Lebanon
Report: Hezbollah Picks Mughniyah Replacement
Middle East
Protests, Explosion Greet Turkish PM on Visit to Kurdish Region
Iran Upholds Sentence Against Kurdish Activist
Saudi Activists Plan Hunger Strike to Protest Jailing of Reformists
Yemen Identifies Attackers in US Embassy Attack
Bolivian President Suspends US Anti-Drug Efforts
Bolivia Alleges US Role in Violent Jungle Clash
Venezuela Raids Offshore Banker Stanford Bank, Alleges CIA Ties
US Election Could Shift Policy on Cuba
Illegal Killings by Army Seen Widespread in Colombia
Americans Keep Dying
Newlywed Eugene (OR) Soldier Dies From Combat Wounds
Soldier From Framingham (MA) Dies in Iraq From Non-Combat Injuries
Scottsbluff (NE) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Bartlett (IL) Soldier's Family: 'Daddy Is in God's Home'
Canton (OH) Soldier Killed by Suicide Bomb in Afghanistan
Marine From Pleasant Valley (NY) Killed in Afghanistan
Friends Remember Pennsylvania Airman Who Died in Iraq
An Expanding War in Afghanistan Awaits Next US President
US Says It Killed 19 Militants in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Can the US Kill Its Way to Victory?
Canadian Troops in Afghanistan Measure Success Inch by Inch
Afghanistan: Outgoing Canadian General Says Tribal Dynamics Key Mission
Dutch General Takes Command of NATO Force in Southern Afghanistan
Pakistan PM Terms US Attacks 'Counterproductive'
Taliban Announces Ceasefire in Mamond Area of Bajaur
Pakistan Accepts 11 IMF Conditions
Turkey to Play Role in Stopping US Attacks in Pakistan
Force Is Last Resort in Anti-Terror Fight, Says Pakistani PM
Police Arrest 3 in Attacks in India That Killed 77
Indian Police Question Six People in Assam Bombings
No Compromise on Terrorism, Says India Premier
Truth and Rumor Mix in Indian Terror Shooting
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says 17 Rebels Killed in Sea Clash
Tamil Actors Protest Killings in Sri Lanka
North Korea Threatens Countermeasures Against US, South Korea
US Asks Australia, New Zealand, EU for North Korea Energy Aid: Seoul
North Korea Says Leader Kim Attends Soccer Match
Ailing Kim Jong-Il's Furtive Activities Draw Out Japanese Spies
Bombs Uncovered in Sulawesi as Bali Bombers' Execution Nears
Aussies Warned Away From Indonesia as Bali Bombers' Executions Loom
China & Her Neighbors
China Condemns Sacked Japan General's War Comments
Taiwan Protesters to Throw Eggs at China Envoy
UK Policy Angers Tibet Ahead of Beijing Talks
Ousted PM Urges Thais to Bring Him Home From Exile
At a Temple in Indochina, Placid Days, but No Peace
Malaysia Court Frees Ex-Aide to Deputy PM
Serbia Expels Malaysia's Ambassador After Recognizing Kosovo
Serbia: Student Wanted in US Will Not Be Handed Over
Russia, Libya Sign Civil Nuclear Deal as Kadhafi Visits
Russian Navy to Hold War Games in the Indian Ocean
France: Storm Over Spy Chief's Splurge of Information
Georgian Parliament Endorses New Prime Minister
Ukraine: IMF Bid for Loan Supported
Former Envoy: Relations in Bosnia Still Poisoned
DR Congo
1 Million Flee Congo Fighting, UN Says
Rebels Tighten Their Grip in Eastern Congo
Europe to Help East Congo, but Cool on Troops
Eastern Congo Rebels Celebrate, but Fear Prevails
With Tense Calm in Congo, Time to Assess Damage
UN: Ugandan Rebels Attack Congo Town, 50,000 Flee
FM: UK Troops Will Not Go to Congo
Mining for Minerals Fuels Congo Conflict
Congolese Behind Rebel Lines Try to Return Home
Congo: Many Soldiers Were Clearly Traumatized, Their Eyes Bloodshot and Breath Heavy With the Reek of Stale Alcohol
The Rape of Congo's Women
UN Chief Urges Congo Talks in Neutral Venue
Islamist Leader Back in Somalia Stronghold After Two Years in Ethiopia
Somalia: Turkish Ship's Owner Says Seized Crew Unharmed
Cameroon Militia Says Will Not Kill 10 Hostages
Nigeria Militant to Appeal for Bail to Seek Medical Care
ANC Dissidents Meet to Prepare New South African Party

Zambia Opposition Asks for Suspension of Poll Results


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