A Mandate to End the War: Justin Raimondo
Somalia: The Third Front Revisited: Matthew Blood
The Myth of the Green Peril: Leon Hadar
Losing Liberty in the War on Terrorism: Bart Frazier
Pentagon the Prez's Private Army: Fred Reed
 Robert Parry

Technological Terror War

 Justin Raimondo

War Party Democrats

 Lew Rockwell

Nero vs. Caligula

 Daphne Eviatar

Torture Is Illegal

No Change Expected in Iraq After Obama's Victory    At Least 40 Civilians Killed as US Strikes Afghan Wedding Party    Obama May Keep Some Bush Foreign Policies    Israelis Wary of Obama Presidency    President Obama - a World Reacts    Karzai Appeals to Obama: Stop Killing Civilians    Iran: 'Obama Policy on Iraq Same as Bush'    Obama Worries Israelis    What Obama's Victory Means for US Foreign Policy    Israeli Strike Is First in Gaza Since Start of Cease-Fire    Pakistan Denies 'Secret Understanding' on US Strikes    Report: Positive Indications From US on Iraqi Pact Amendments    Obama Wins    A Mandate to End the War    Pakistan Denies 'Secret Understanding' on US Strikes    UN's Ban Calls for Troop Surge in Congo    Taiwan, China Envoys Sign Historic Trade Pact    Somalia: The Third Front Revisited    North Korea Back on the Brink of Famine    Islam and the West: The Myth of the Green Peril    Georgia's Saakashvili Sacks Military Chief    Rights Group Concludes Georgian Cluster Bombs Killed at Least Three of Their Own Civilians    Election's Impact on War and Peace    NATO: Iran's Threats to Close Hormuz a 'Fantasy'    World Hopes for a 'Less Arrogant America'    14 Killed in Bomb Attacks in Baghdad    Petraeus Says He'll Consider Pakistan Criticisms    More Dollars for 'Multiple Kill' Missile Defenses    Iran's Parliament Impeaches Ahmadinejad Ally    Soldiers in Iraq Keep Close Tabs on Election    The Pentagon Is the President's Private Army    Losing Liberty in the War on Terrorism    No Habeas Corpus in Iraq    
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Updated November 5, 2008 - 11:28 PM EST
President Obama – A World Reacts
  No Change Expected in Iraq After Obama's Win

Obama May Keep Some Bush Foreign Policies


Obama Worries Israelis


Obama Foreign Policy Likely to Be More Afghan-Centric

US Airstrike Kills 40 Civilians at Afghan Wedding
  Karzai Appeals to Obama: Stop Killing Civilians
Pakistan Denies 'Understanding' on US Strikes
  Petraeus Says He'll Consider Pakistan Criticisms
Saakashvili Hails Obama, Biden Georgia Stance
  Rights Group: Georgian Cluster Bombs Killed Own Civilians
Iraq VP Proposes Referendum on US Pact

Report: Positive Indications From US on Iraqi Pact Amendments

  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 23 Iraqis Wounded

UN Chief Calls for Troop Surge in Congo

The Pentagon Is the President's
Private Army
 by Fred Reed
Losing Liberty in the
War on Terrorism
 by Bart Frazier
No Habeas Corpus in Iraq
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Somalia: The Third Front Revisited
by Matthew Blood

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World Hopes for a 'Less Arrogant America'

Iran's Parliament Impeaches Ahmadinejad Ally

NATO: Iran's Threats to Close Hormuz a 'Fantasy'

More Dollars for 'Multiple Kill' Missile Defenses

North Korea Back on the Brink of Famine

Israeli Strike Is First in Gaza Since Start of Cease-Fire

Press Protest in Sudan

Bin Laden's Son Requests Political Asylum During Layover at Madrid Airport

US Troops on Front Lines of War Track Election
Today in Iraq

Chalabi: Foreigners Fund Iraq Spy Agency

Bad Case of Baghdadophobia

Attacks Continue

New Blasts in Uptick of Iraq Violence

US Hummer Kills Two in Tikrit

14 Killed in Bomb Attacks in Baghdad

Tuesday: 36 Iraqis Killed, 69 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Ruling Party MP: Positive Signs on Iraq Security Deal

Kurdish MP: Negotiations Over Security Pact to Resume Soon

The War at Home

Pentagon Ready to Brief Incoming Administration Immediately

Soldier Gets 10 Years in Slaying of Fellow Veteran

South Asia

Police Make First Arrests in Deadly India Bombs

Kashmiris See Hope in Obama

Former Nepal Rebel Combatants Threaten Revolt Over Integration


South Korea: North Building Base for Bigger Missiles

North Korea Campaigns to Show Healthy Kim Jong-Il


2 Bombs in Southern Thailand Wound 71

Taiwan, China Envoys Sign Historic Trade Pact

Japanese Defense Officials Punished Over War Essay

Indonesia Heightens Security Before Bali Bombers' Executions


Colombian Army Chief Resigns After Killings Probe

Russia and Her Neighbors

Georgia's Saakashvili Sacks Military Chief

Medvedev to Tackle Economy, Georgia in Key Speech

Clashes as Russia Marks Unity Day

Ukraine Seeks Arms, Energy Deals With Libya


Ministers Reach Deal to Launch EU-Med Partnership

NATO Chief: Election Outcome Won't Affect US Policy on Kosovo

France Detains Eight Basque Separatist Suspects

World Reaction to US Vote

Middle East Hails Obama Win Amid Mixed Expectations of Change

Lebanon, Syria Hope for Change Under Obama
Iran Warns US Forces After Obama Win

Iran: 'Obama Policy on Iraq Same as Bush'

Asian Investors Toast Obama's Victory

China Reacts Cautiously to Barack Obama's Win

Castro on Obama: 'Intelligent, Educated, and Level-Headed'

Experts Guess Whether Obama Is Better for Russia


UAE Challenges Iran With US-Inspired Confidence

Iran Awaits More Than Just a Change of Face in the White House

Minister's Dismissal Is Setback for Iranian Leader


NATO Denies Plan to Cancel Afghan Election

Three Security Personnel, 13 Taliban Killed in Pakistan

US Military Destroys 40 Tons of Afghan Hashish

UN Team to Visit Afghanistan


Five More Militants Perish in Bajaur Blitz

Suicide Bomb at Pakistani Post Kills One, 9 Hurt

Pakistan Hotel Bomb Suspects Held, Await Charges

DR Congo

Fears Rise of Wider Conflict in Congo

Rebels Threaten Congo if Bid for Talks Fails

UK Intervention in Congo Earns Rebuke From Rwanda

Congo Rebels Accuse Angola, Zimbabwe

UN: Rwanda Backing Congo Rebels


Livni to US: Don't Ask Israel to Make 'Shortcuts' in Peace Process

Hamas: Israeli Strikes on Gaza Kill Six Gunmen

Palestinian Power Struggle Swallows Millions in Aid Cash

Israeli Government Proposes Relocating Outpost

Egypt Allowing Palestinian Amendments on Peace Proposal

Middle East

Brown Believes Middle East Peace Can Be Reached 'Quickly'

Arab Leaders Urged to Rethink UN Arms Treaty

Opposition Smolders as Egypt's Ruling Party Touts Its Successes


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Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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