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Get Out Now, or Later: Philip Giraldi
Cost of Hegemony Beyond Reach: P.C. Roberts
The Rationale of Terror: Patrick Buchanan
Diplomacy Stressed by Obama Team: Jim Lobe
Stay Calm, India: Juan Cole

 Katrina vanden Heuvel

Republic Not Empire

 Bill Barnwell

The End of Days

 Eric Margolis

Mumbai Attack

 Will Grigg

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Updated December 2, 2008 - 11:21 PM EST
Obama: US to Have 'Strongest Military on Planet'
  Obama Choice Dims Hopes in Middle East for Change
  Clinton's India Ties May Complicate Obama Policy
  Obama Still Looks for Iraq Pullout in 16 Months

Bush: 'I Was Unprepared for War'

India Demands 'Action' From Pakistan


Kashmir at Center of Indo-Pakistani Row


Warmongering Militants Stoke India-Pakistan Crisis


In Wake of Attacks, India-Pakistan Tensions Grow

Iran to Back US-Iraq Pact After Referendum


Iraq Civilian Death Toll Up in Nov., US Deaths Down

  Monday: 58 Iraqis Killed, 112 Wounded

Thousands of Afghans Held Without Trial

  Bomber Kills Seven in Violent Afghan Province

Iranian Parliament Open to US Talks

Israel Turns Back Gaza Aid Boat

Thailand's Prime Minister Resigns After Protests

India: Please Don't Go Down the Bush-Cheney Road  by Juan Cole
Afghanistan: What's Our Definition of Victory?  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Torture, Preventive Detention, and the Terror Trials  by Andy Worthington
The Rationale of Terror
by Patrick Buchanan
The Cost of Hegemony Is Beyond Reach  by Paul Craig Roberts
Songs for the Mahdi Army  by Nir Rosen

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Diplomacy, Multilateralism Stressed by Obama Team

Olmert: Hillary Clinton Will Advance Israel-US Relations

Gates' Top Deputies May Leave

WMD Attack Is Likely, US Govt Panel Says

As Military Suicides Climb, a Search for 'Why?'

Cluster Bombs Long-Term Killers

Official: Bomb Blast Kills 2, Wounds 30 in India

Today in Iraq

Relatives Meet Remains of Kurds Found in Mass Graves

Iraqi Police Officer Arrested in Assassination Probe

Displaced Iraqis at Point of No Return

As Turmoil Ebbs, Iraqi Women Seek Freedom of Road Again

Female Officers at Risk in Iraq

Attacks Continue

Iraq: Bomb Wounds Senior Defense Ministry Official

NPR Journalists Narrowly Escape Iraq Car Bomb

Monday: 58 Iraqis Killed, 112 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Officially Labels Mahdi Army an 'Insurgency'

America's Diminishing Role in Iraq


Iran Dismisses Israeli Military Threat

Iran Says Designs Radar-Evading Military Aircraft

Iran to Launch Campaign to Condemn Sanctions on Its Aviation Industry


UN Accuses Israel of Punishing Aid Workers

Qatari Charity Plans Aid Mission to Besieged Gaza

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian in Nablus

Israel Asks PA to Remove Forces From Hebron

Palestinian News Agency Shuts Down, Citing Government 'Obstruction'

Blast Reported at Bangkok Airport

Thai Protesters to Focus on Airports

Brits in Bangkok Furious at Lack of Rescue


China Rejects EU Criticism of Taiwan Spy Execution

North Korea Squeezes South With Border Clampdown

Turkmenistan to Secure Weapons Stockpiles


Germany Criticizes Kosovo Over Imprisonment of Agents

Germany's Failed Spy Mission in Kosovo


Russia to Upgrade Missiles to Evade US Space Arms

Gunmen Kill Four in Attack on Police in Dagestan

Germany Aims to Protect Its Interests by Guiding the West's Ties to Russia

India Clears Bodies From Last Mumbai Siege Site

More Indian Officials Quit in Aftermath of Attacks

Systemic Failure Seen in India's Response to Attacks

Who Was to Blame for Indian Intelligence Failure?

Mumbai Fears Five Terrorists Are 'Missing'

Anguished Indian Public Presses Leaders for Answers

Indians Express Anger Toward Terrorists, Government

Muslim Body Refuses to Bury 9 Killers

Who Are the Lashkar-E-Taiba?

Analysts Say It Will Be Difficult to Shield Luxury Hotels From Terrorist Attacks
India-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan Blames 'Non-State Actors' for Mumbai Attacks

India Summons Pakistan Envoy Over Mumbai Attacks

Pakistan Intel's Secret Role in Massacre Under Scrutiny

Pakistan: India Diplomatic Channels Operational

Mumbai Attack Puts Focus on Pakistan Militant Link

Pakistan Warns India of Troop Redeployment

Rice: Pakistan Must Cooperate in Terror Probe


Gunmen on Motorbike Kill Afghan Official

US Deaths in Afghanistan in November Drop Sharply

UN: Half of Afghan Prisoners Have Not Faced Trial

South Asia
NATO Trucks Attacked in Pakistan; Bomber Kills 8

Obama: South Asia Biggest Threat to US

Pro-India Kashmir Leaders Ask Govt to Show Restraint

Sri Lanka Seizes Town Held by Rebels for 18 Years


Europe Hesitant, Divided Over Force for East Congo

Congo Rebels Quit Border Town, Urge Govt to Talk

Congolese Refugees Brave Lions to Flee Violence


Stone-Throwers Attack Soldiers in Zimbabwe Capital

Zimbabwe Police Skirmish With Angry Soldiers

Zimbabwe Says It Will Defy Land-Seizure Ruling


Somali Islamists Capture Military Base Near Baidoa

UN: Ousted President Should Join Mauritania Talks


Justin Raimondo
The End of the Affair

Philip Giraldi
Get Out Now,
or Get Out Later

Ivan Eland
Heed Russia's Warnings About Further NATO Expansion

Alan Bock
Out of Africa

Doug Bandow
A Return to Liberal Warmongering? Peace Advocates Must Continue the Battle

Nebojsa Malic
An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

Charles Peņa
Missile Defense and
the American Empire

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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