Mumbai Wake-up Call: Frida Berrigan
9 Is Not 11: Arundhati Roy and Tom Engelhardt
Lessons on the Battlefield: Ivan Eland
Economy, Ties with West Key to Iran Polls: Porter
Nuke Umbrellas: Gordon Prather
 Justin Raimondo

A New World Order?

 Russell Means

The Independent Republic of Lakota

 Robert Parry


 Joseph Salerno

The Logic of War-Making

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Updated December 13, 2008 - 11:29 PM EST
The Long Road Out of Iraq
  Rights Abuses to Be Investigated in Iraq Warehouse Scandal
  Iraq Requests $6 Billion From US for Security Upgrades
More NATO Supplies Destroyed in Pakistan
  Peshawar the New Front Line in the Fight With Taliban
  Pakistan Says India Must Give Evidence on Mumbai
Floundering Somali Govt Nears Collapse
  US Navy Commander Questions Land Attacks on Pirates
  US Teen Disappears: 'Mom, I'm in Somalia'
Karzai Reviews Process for NATO Air Strikes
  NATO Troops Open Fire on Afghan Bus, Kill Four Civilians
  Afghan Troops Losing Support From Locals
Pentagon May Have 'Wrongly' Mixed Propaganda With PR
  Pentagon Pro-Troop Group Misspent Millions, Report Says
Dispute Over Border Village Near South Ossetia Continues
9 Is Not 11
by Arundhati Roy and Tom Engelhardt
Britain Leaves Iraq in Shame. the US Won't Go So Quietly  by Seumas Milne
Costs of War: Silent Suffering
by Shaun Waterman
Mumbai Wake-up Call  by Frida Berrigan
Nuke Umbrellas  by Gordon Prather
We All Failed Gary Webb  by Robert Parry

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Economy, Ties with West Are Key to Iran Polls
Rice to Tackle Mideast Peace, Zimbabwe, Somalia
Iraqi Official Urges Austerity Measures Due to Falling Oil Prices
Confiscating Toy Guns Part of US Mission in Iraq
Nonprofit Formed to Help Veterans Wasted Large Sum, Senate Report Says
New Rule Expands DNA Collection to All People Arrested
Today in Iraq
Iraq Clerics Call for Calm After Bombing
Kurdish Lawmaker Blames Kirkuk Blast on al-Qaeda
Iraqis in North Mourn Suicide Bombing Deaths
Thousands Celebrate in Baghdad as Violence Falls
British Soldier in Iraq Dies After Shooting Himself
Sticky Bomb Explodes Without Casualties in Kirkuk
Portugal Move May Help Shut Guantánamo Camp
US Calls on Europe to Take Guantánamo Inmates
Canadian's Battle Role Cast in Doubt at Guantánamo

Govt Pulls Witness in Gitmo Case Against Canadian

'War on Terror'

FBI Says 20 Letters With 'White Powder' Sent to 13 Governors
Menezes Jury Rejects Police Claim of Lawful Killing
British Ex-Intel Chief 'Astonished' at How Many Organizations Use Anti-Terror Law
Iran Cleric Says Obama Adopting Old US Tactics
US: Iran Buying Russian Arms Via Belarus
Negotiator: Israel Wants 6.8 Percent of West Bank
US and Russia Seek UN Council Agreement on Middle East
Arab Israelis Outraged Over Livni Remark
Palestinian Poll: 40 Percent of Gaza Residents Wish to Emigrate
Israeli Soldiers Critically Wound Palestinian Youth With Rubber-Coated Bullet
Joy Is in Short Supply for Gaza Eid
Amira Hass Returns to Gaza After a Two-Year Absence
Syria's Own 'War on Terror'
Mandate of UN Golan Force Renewed Till Next June
United Arab Emirates
White House Wants Nuclear Deal With UAE
US Arms Control Official to Hold Talks in Moscow
Russia Raps NATO Over Georgia, Ukraine
Russian Lawmakers Pass Bill Limiting Jury Trials on Terror
Report: Serbian Police Search for War Criminals
Six Alleged Islamic Extremists Charged in Belgium
Marshall Islands
US Refuses Marshall Islands Bid to Use Aid for Nuclear Victims
Pakistan Sends Troops to Guard NATO Supply Trucks
Pakistanis Will Not Be Handed Over to India
Pakistan Cracks Down on Lashkar, Charity; Scores Held
Kashmir Rebels Slam UN, Pakistan Over Charity Crackdown
Pakistani Town Roiled by Alleged Link to Mumbai Suspect
Ex-Indian Air Force Chief Says No Chance of Pakistan's Nukes Falling Into Wrong Hands
India Presses Pakistan on Terrorism but Finds Its Own Options Limited
Mumbai Residents in Human Chain Protest Over Attacks
Mumbai Attacks Spark Upper-Class Calls for Change
India, US Official Discuss Mumbai Attack Probe
Scenarios: Assessing Risks of India, Pakistan Confrontation
'12-Year-Old' Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills Three Marines
Suicide Bombs Tearing at Ordinary Afghan Families
UN Says Afghan Graves Were Disturbed; Physicians Demand Probe
Four British Marines Killed in Afghanistan Blasts
Japan Extends Afghan Naval Support
Karzai Visits US Aircraft Carrier
US Says North Korea Will Not Get More Fuel Until Deal
Musical Diplomacy Resonates With North Korea as Official Efforts Stall
South Korea and Japan Condemn North Korea Over Nuclear Talks
French Doctor Denies Treating Kim
North Korea Sending More Signs Kim Has Recovered: Seoul
Thai Protesters Warn Against Pro-Thaksin PM
Casualties Up as Fighting Rages on in Northern Sri Lanka
Darfur Clashes Kill 75, Including Policemen
Violence Flares in Flashpoint Sudan Oil Town
DR Congo/Rwanda
UN Report Says Rwanda and Congo Fighting Proxy War
Panel Urges UN to Expand Congo Sanctions List
Report: Both Sides in Congo Use Rape as a Weapon
Mugabe Blames Britain for 'Cholera Genocide'

UK: Sealing Zimbabwe Borders Will Make Matters Worse

US Helps African States Fend Off Militants

UN Fails to Gather Troops for Somalia Stabilization


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Obama, Iraq, and the Cyprus Solution

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Lessons on the Battlefield Need to Be Learned at a Higher Level

Doug Bandow
Force: The Real 'F' Word

Alan Bock
Mumbai and Obama

Nebojsa Malic
Triumph of Tragedy

Charles Peña
More Security, Less Secure

Philip Giraldi
Get Out Now,
or Get Out Later

David R. Henderson
A Veterans Day Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

Ran HaCohen
Black Israeli Voices on Obama's Victory

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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