Andrew Cockburn pt.1

Rumsfeld's Legacy

 Andrew Cockburn pt.2

Rumsfeld: War Criminal

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraq Wins Iraq War

 Philip Giraldi

Israeli Spies Get Out of Jail Free

Israeli Navy Attacks Gaza-Bound Aid Ship    UN: Ugandan LRA Rebels Kill 189 Congo Villagers    Israeli Military Surprised by Relative Lack of Hamas Response    Five Gaza Sisters Killed in Their Beds in Israeli Attack    Casualties Overwhelm Gaza Hospitals    European Govts Reluctant to Criticize Gaza Strikes as Protesters Take to the Streets    Olmert Orders Cabinet Not to Mention Truce    350 Killed, Over 1,500 Wounded as Gaza Strikes Continue    Israeli Attack May Complicate Obama's Plans    US Exit Increases Optimism in Falluja    Rare Suicide Bombing in Iran Kills 4    Gaza Carnage Brakes Syria-Israel Peace Moves    Bush, Obama, and the Gaza Blitz    Kucinich Criticizes Israel; Wants UN Probe    A Year On, Pakistan Has Yet to Find Bhutto Assassins    Israeli Strikes in Gaza Risk Political Win for Hamas    Pakistan's Military Leaders Urge Easing of Tensions With India    US Warship Docks in Georgia    Pro-Thaksin Protesters Ring Thai Parliament    Gaza Violence Adds to Market Jitters    Somalia Faces More Turmoil as Official President Resigns    US Activists Call for Release, Pardon of Iraq Shoe-Thrower    Eartha Kitt: An Antiwar Patriot    Pacifying Gaza    Livni Chides Al-Jazeera for Showing Photos of Gaza Destruction    Anger and Anguish at Mass Funerals in Gaza    Barak Vows 'War to the Bitter End' in Gaza    A Hundred Eyes for an Eye    An Interview With Guantánamo Whistleblower Stephen Abraham    Obama's Fateful Nuclear Challenge    Israel Hopes Gaza Killings Will Establish Deterrence Credibility    Neocons, NYT Demand More War, Torture    Gorbachev's Model for Obama    
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Updated December 30, 2008 - 11:18 PM EST
375 Killed, 1,500+ Hurt as Gaza Strikes Continue

Israeli Military Declares Online Media 'Another War Zone'

  Israeli Military Surprised by Relative Lack of Hamas Response

Israeli Patrol Rams Gaza Relief Boat

  Five Gaza Sisters Killed in Their Beds in Israeli Attack

Gaza-Fired Missile Hits Israel City of Ashdod for First Time

Israel Mulls Truce Offer on Day 4 of Gaza Assault

  Olmert Orders Cabinet Not to Mention Truce

Israel Hopes Gaza Killings Will Establish Deterrence Credibility


Hamas Recruiting Volunteers to Oppose Potential Invasion


Israeli Strikes in Gaza Risk Political Win for Hamas

Israeli Attack May Complicate Obama's Plans

Ex-Army Engineer Pleads Guilty to Spying for Israel


European Govts Reluctant to Criticize Gaza Strikes as Citizens Protest

  Iraqi Parliament Calls for Stand Against Israeli 'Aggressions' on Gaza
US Exit Increases Optimism in Fallujah

Did Secret US Unit Execute Suspected Insurgent in Cold Blood?


Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded

Army: Crises May Require Domestic Military Use

Rare Suicide Bombing in Iran Kills 4

Bush, Obama, and the Gaza Blitz
by Patrick Buchanan
An Interview With Guantánamo Whistleblower Stephen Abraham  by Andy Worthington
Gorbachev's Model for Obama
by James Carroll
A Hundred Eyes for an Eye
by Norman Solomon
Eartha Kitt: An Antiwar Patriot
by John Nichols
Obama's Fateful Nuclear Challenge
Toronto Star

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Gaza Violence Adds to Market Jitters

Casualties Overwhelm Gaza Hospitals

Clinton-Tied Lobbying Firm Quietly Ends Deal with Pakistani Ruling Party

Spending by a US Nonprofit for Veterans Is Faulted

Soldier Alleges Military Pattern of Christian Bias

Photographers Recorded Mumbai Rampage in Stark Detail

US Warship Docks in Georgia

Today in Iraq

US Activists Call for Release, Pardon of Iraq Shoe-Thrower

Mashhadani Rejects Cabinet No-Confidence Vote

Fallujah Prepares to Secure Elections

Iraq Too Dangerous, Expensive for TV Networks to Cover

Sweden Urges Due Process for Iraq Detainee

Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded


Half of Pakistanis Believe US Missile Strikes Ineffective

Taliban Hideouts Pounded in Bajaur

Swat Valley Militants Blow Up Abandoned Security Post

Scenic Pakistani Valley Falls to Taliban Militants

A Year On, Pakistan Has Yet to Find Bhutto Assassins

Man Is Freed in Swiss Probe of Nuclear Ring
Indo-Pak Relations

Pakistan Army: We Must 'Avoid Conflict' With India

China Steps Up Effort to Ease India-Pakistan Tension

Pakistan, China Sign Security Equipment Deal

Rice Cautions India, Pakistan Against Rising Tensions

Pakistan, India Troop Strength, Deployments


Somalia Faces More Turmoil as Official President Resigns

Somalia Facing Further Power Struggles

Opportunities and Risks After Somali Leader Quits

Somali Islamist Group al-Shabab Retakes Central Towns

Kerry Urges Caution on 'Hot Pursuit' in Somalia


Zimbabwean Activists in Court in Mugabe Plot Case

African Union Suspends Guinea Following Coup

UN: Ugandan LRA Rebels Kill 189 Congo Villagers


Outrage at Treasury Department as Hewlett-Packard Allows Printers to Be Shipped to Iran

Secret British Documents Predicted Shah Would Triumph Over Iranian Rebels

Plans for Base Illustrate Afghanistan Effort in Microcosm

China, Russia Military Chiefs Hold First Phone Call

Pro-Thaksin Protesters Ring Thai Parliament

Why al-Qaeda Isn't Gaining a Foothold in Cambodia

More Than 100,000 Massacred by Allies During Korean War

Gaza Under Siege

Israeli Strike Kills Seven at Home of Hamas Commander

Israeli Air Strike on Car in Gaza Kills Five

Two Israelis Killed by Gaza Rockets

First Gaza Wounded Leave for Treatment Abroad

Palestinian Wounded Pass Through Egypt

UN Conservatively Places Gaza Civilian Toll at 51

As Gaza Hospitals Fill Up, Hundreds of Seriously Wounded Need Urgent Care

Gazans: 'We Are Living a Nightmare'

Gaza Eyewitnesses

Gaza Children Too Scared to Step Outside

Sights and Sounds of Israel's Gaza Offensive

Politics and PR

Livni: Attacks Will Continue Until 'Change in Equation'

Livni Chides al-Jazeera for Showing Photos of Gaza Destruction

Hamas: No Ceasefire Talks Unless Fire Ceases

Netanyahu Joins Gaza Op PR Effort

Israeli Foreign Ministry Recruiting Speakers to Create Sympathy for Gaza Attacks

Captured Israeli Soldier Figures in Military and Political Calculus

Israel Keeps Objectives Vague

Amid Gaza Violence, a New Task for Obama

Egypt Reacts

Thousands of Egyptians Demonstrate Against Israeli Raids on Gaza

Egyptian Protesters Press Govt to Open Border to Gazans

Egypt Responds to Hezbollah Criticism Over Gaza

Iran Reacts

Iranian Group Registers Volunteers to Fight Israel

Iran Calls for War Crimes Trials for Israeli Leaders

Iran Aid for Gaza Hits Ground in Cairo

Gaza Assault: World Reaction

White House Backs Israel's Attacks on Gaza Strip

Thousands Protest Gaza Assault in Lebanon

Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan See Anti-Israel Rallies

Gaza Carnage Brakes Syria-Israel Peace Moves

Jewish Groups in Australia Back Air Offensive

Activists Sail to Gaza With Medical Aid From Cyprus

Kucinich Criticizes Israel; Wants UN Probe

Merkel: Hamas Exclusively Responsible for Gaza Situation

Greek Police Use Tear Gas in Demos at Israeli Embassy

Warsaw Protesters Demonstrate at Israeli Embassy

Oman: Gulf Summit Will Cover Gaza

UN's Ban 'Alarmed' by Gaza Escalation

EU Calls Crisis Meeting on Gaza Violence


Justin Raimondo
The Politics of the Gaza Massacre

Philip Giraldi
Neocons, NYT Demand More War, Torture

Ran HaCohen
Pacifying Gaza

Alan Bock
Meek Oil

Ivan Eland
Lame Duck Bush Administration Continues to Inflame Islamist Terrorism

Doug Bandow
Peace on Earth: Once a Year?

Nebojsa Malic
Beginning of the End

David R. Henderson
Silent Night

Praful Bidwai
New Anti-Terror Laws Draconian Say Activists

Charles Peña
Not Home for the Holidays, Again

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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