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Updated January 11, 2009 - 11:11 PM EST
Officials: Bush Rejected Israeli Plea to Raid Iran
  Tehran Opts for 'Moral Support' in Gaza War
  Paper: Iran Using Fronts to Get Bomb Parts From US
US Abstention Stuns Security Council
  In US, War of Words Over Gaza
  US Says Arms Shipment to Israel Not Linked to Gaza
  British Link With Drone Aiding the Israeli War Effort
Four Wounded as Israeli Shrapnel Hits Egypt
  850 Killed as Gaza War Moves Into Third Week
  Israel Tells Gazans to Brace for More Escalation
  IDF: Whole Hamas Battalions Wiped Out, 300 Hamas Among the Dead
  Gaza Sources: Girl Killed, 49 Burned After Israeli Shelling
  Hamas Chief: No Truce Until IDF Ends Offensive, Opens Crossings
Israel Now Says It Attacked UN School by Accident
  Egypt, Abbas Rule Out Foreign Force on Gaza Border
  UN Drafting Gaza Plan to Reinstate PA
  Israel Also Fighting the UN
  Israeli Army Denies Shooting at UN Truck in Gaza
Inspector Gen. Faults Security Oversight in Iraq
  Civilian Killed by US Fire in Iraq
  Dispute Weakens Iraqi Sunni Coalition
  Iraq to Fine Media for Biased, False Election Coverage
Both Parties Cheer Still More Loudly for Israel's War  by Glenn Greenwald
What You Don't Know About Gaza
by Rashid Khalidi
Israel's Wars of Forced
Regime Change
 by Helena Cobban
Gaza Resolution One-Sided and Unwise  by Rep. Ron Paul
Children of a Lesser Allah  by Jeff Huber
Criticism of Israeli War Crimes Mounts  by Jonathan Cook

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White House: Increase in Terror Attacks Since 9/11 a Success
Obama Gives Outspoken Ex-Spy Key White House Job
Ross Super-Envoy Post May Not Be Done Deal
Obama Looks Both Ways on Intelligence Policy
Shadow of Warsaw Ghetto Over Gaza-Israel Border
US Commander Seeks to Quell Crisis in 'Special Relationship' With UK Forces
Today in Iraq
Four Kurdish Parties Propose to Reform Regional Government
US Amb: Iraqi Govt Won't Forcibly Evict Iranians
Iraq Victims Sue UK Security Firm
Iraq Detains Suspect in Saudi Plane Hijacking
Hand Grenades Found in Garbage Can in Baghdad
Saturday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
The War at Home
Judge Rules Against White House on Visitors Logs
Obama Under Pressure on Interrogation Policy, Some See Harsh Methods as Essential
Dems Signal CIA Interrogators Not Held Responsible
Obama-Bush Teams to Stage 'Disaster' Exercise
Homeland Security Has Plan to Send in Agents, Maybe Military if Mexican Violence Spills Over
CIA Chief Pokes at Successor Panetta
US Army Lures Recruits With Virtual Reality War Game
Commander: Economic Crunch to Affect NATO Afghan Ops
US VP-Elect Biden Promises Help in Afghan Visit
Canadian Choppers Start Flying Over Afghanistan
Pakistan Aids India's Terror Probe
Stop Threats of Surgical Strikes, Musharraf Tells India
Pakistan Extends Detention of Lashkar Founder
Balochistan Govt Cancels Land Agreement With Pakistan Air Force
Sectarian Violence Leaves Nine Dead in Pakistan
India Rules Out Israel-Like Action in Pakistan
India Says Not Reached End of Road on Mumbai Attacks
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Forces Push Further Into Rebel Territory
Tamil Tigers Bottled Up
Sri Lankan Troops Gain Rebels' Airstrip
Sri Lanka Says Rebel Group on Brink of Defeat
Rebels: India Should Stop Military Assistance to Sri Lanka
China Shuts Political Activist Site Amid Internet Porn Sweep
Overstretch Pushes British Troops to the Brink
US Commander Seeks to Quell Crisis in 'Special Relationship' With UK Forces
Loosen Britain's Ties With European Union, Say Two-Thirds of Voters
Russia-Euro Gas Dispute
Ukraine to Supply Bulgaria, Moldova With Gas
Ukrainian Despair at Politicians in Russia Gas Row
US Offers Georgia Road Map for Deeper Ties
Vatican May Join EU Anti-Terrorism Body
Congo Militia Attack Park Station, Kill Ranger
Arab-African Darfur Talks Face New Delay
Somali MPs to Vote January 26 for New President
Zimbabwe: Journalists' Fees Raised as Deterrent
Gabon: President's Critics Charged With 'Inciting Rebellion'
Venezuela: Chavez Threatens to Expel US Diplomat
Americans Keep Dying
Daytona Beach (FL) Army Ranger Killed in Iraq
Hendersonville (NC) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Pennsylvania Soldier With Ties to South Africa Killed by Iraq Sniper
Kentucky Marine Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom Dies in Kuwait
Concord (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq Blast Remembered as Loyal Friend, 'Goofball'
Family Mourns, Remembers Bronx (NY) Marine Lost in Afghanistan
Gaza Under Siege
IDF Likely to Expand Gaza Op Before Cease-Fire Is Imposed
Israel Takes War Against Hamas to the City Streets of Gaza
Gaza Residents: IDF Troops Posing as Hamas Men

Israel Accused of Using White Phosphorus in Gaza

Fierce Focus on Tunnels, a Lifeline for Gazans
Israeli Forces Pound Targets, Draw Near Gaza City
Hamas Rocket Chief Is Killed
Abbas: Israel Responsible for 'Waterfall of Blood' if It Rejects Gaza Truce
Hamas Rejects International Observers in Gaza
Gaza Strip Tunnels Prove Daunting for Israel
Stories of Misery
Welcome to Hell: Gaza's Unending Misery
Gaza Children Suffer as Israel Fights Hamas
Gaza: 'Every 30 Minutes, Our House Is Shaken by Explosions'
First Person Account of the Zeitoun Killings in Gaza City
The Conflict Is Having Terrible Effects on Gaza's Children
High Prices Leave Gaza Shops Bare, People Desperate
Attacks on Israel
Hamas Claims It Hit IAF Base 27km From Tel Aviv
Gaza Rocket Strikes Ashkelon, Injuring 14 Israelis
Seven Israeli Soldiers Lightly Wounded in Gaza
Islamic Jihad Seizes IDF Rocket, Hotdogs
Axe-Wielding Palestinian Yelled 'God Is Great', Then Wounded Two Israelis
Trying to Relief the Suffering
Gaza Medics Face War's Carnage Daily
Red Cross Warns of Deteriorating Situation in Gaza
MPs, Doctors to Sail to Gaza in Defiance of Israel Siege
Protests in Israel/West Bank
Israeli Peace Activists Face Crackdown
IDF Uses Live Ammunition to Break Up West Bank Demonstrations
Hundreds of Jews, Arabs Hold Peace Rally on Israeli Highway
7,000 Palestinians Join Largest Hamas Rally in Years at Israeli-Controlled Area of Hebron
Mideast Reaction
Iran Disputes Report on Suicide Volunteers
Hezbollah Warns Israel Against Sparking Conflict
Turk Raises Eyebrows in Criticism of Israel
Iran's Ahmadinejad Presses Egypt on Gaza Stance
Egyptians Seethe Over Gaza, and Their Leaders Feel Heat
Iraq al-Qaeda Group Urges Anti-Jewish, US Attacks
63 Injured in Algerian Anti-Israel Demonstrations
Global Protests
Thousands Descend on White House to Protest Gaza War
UK: 100,000 March in Protest of Israel's Attacks on the Gaza Strip
Three Arrested in UK as Gaza Marchers Clash With Police
In Germany, 20,000 Demonstrate Against Israelis
Tens of Thousands in Paris Protest Israeli Attacks on Gaza
Thousands Join Gaza Demonstrations in the Nordic Region
Leading British Jews Call on Israel to Halt 'Horror' of Gaza
Pakistan PM Condemns 'Double Standard' on Mumbai, Gaza Attacks
Malaysian Police Arrest Activists Protesting Against Israeli Strikes
Thousands in Lebanon, Europe Demonstrate Over Gaza
Protesters Clash With Police at Anti-Israel Rallies
Two Arrests at Los Angeles Protest for Gaza
Yemen Releases Osama bin Laden's Former Driver
Yemen Tries Three for E-Mailing Israel PM With Spy Offer
Middle East
Iran Moved Billions Via US Banks
Turkey Arrests Four More Army Officers in Plot Probe

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