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Obama Good On Detainee Policy So Far

 Gareth Porter

US/Israeli Terrorism in Gaza

 Scott Horton

War Crimes Prosecutions

 Joshua Frank

Getting Our Priorities Straight

US Army Field Manual Still Sanctions Torture    US-Israel Engagement May Not Bring Change    Obama's Envoy Won't Introduce Any New Policies, Israeli President Assures    Israel, Hamas Argue Over Opening Border Crossings    Biden Warns of Higher US Death Toll in Afghanistan    Biden Indicates US Attacks in Pakistan Will Continue    BBC Faces Ire Over Gaza Appeal Refusal    Afghans, in Hospital, Dispute US Account of Raid    For Children of Gaza, Scars to Last a Lifetime    Obama's Vietnam    The Blood on Holbrooke's Hands    Politics and Logistics May Slow Iraq Exit to a Crawl    Olmert: War Crimes Investigation a Terrorist Plot    Israeli Forces Destroyed Gaza Farms, Killed Chickens    Livni Warns of Rift With US After Elections    Disarray Awaits US Envoy on First Mideast Trip    Poll: Gaza Raids Make Israel More Ambitious    Arabs, Kurds Take Their Fight to Polls    Swat Valley Taliban Summon Politicians to Sharia Court    An Assault on the Peace Process    Afghans Protest Against US on Civilian Deaths Report    Sadism, Not Substance, Behind Torture Advocacy     On the Wrong Side    Israel's Lies    UN Confirms Deaths in Darfur Bombing Raid    Issue of Terror Suspects' Rights to Test Obama's Pledge    Pakistan President: US Missiles 'Don't Help' Pakistan War Effort    Karzai Confirms: US Forces Killed 16 Civilians    Waltz With Bashir    It's Time to Choose Right Over Wrong    Seven Years of Darkness, Tyranny, and Oppression    A Return to Liberal Interventionism    
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Updated January 25, 2009 - 11:24 PM EST
Afghan President: US Forces Killed 16 Civilians
  Holbrooke: Afghanistan Will Last Longer Than Vietnam
  Is Afghanistan Going to Be Obama's Iraq?
  MoD Denies Report More Brits Heading to Afghanistan
Pakistan Urges Obama to Halt Missile Attacks
  Thousands Attend Funeral of Drone Victims in Pakistan
US Raid Kills Iraqi Couple in Bed, Wounds Child
  Iraq to Reopen Notorious Abu Ghraib Prison
US Navy Seeks Arms Bound for Hamas
  Obama Acts Fast on Mideast, but Substance Familiar
  US Envoy Worries Israeli Settlers
Israel Admits Using Phosphorus in Gaza Attacks
  A Shameful War: Israel in the Dock Over Assault on Gaza
Guantánamo Case Files in Disarray
  New Report Could Complicate Gitmo Plan
  Two Ex-Gitmo Inmates Appear in al-Qaeda Video
  Security Experts Skeptical on Gitmo Detainee Report
How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas
Dangerous Words: 'War on Terror'
by Christiane Brown
For Detainees, Obama Off to a Good Start  by Andy Worthington
Gaza: Worse Than an Earthquake
by Kathy Kelly
Parsing Obama's Words on Mitchell Appointment  by Jim Lobe
New Era of America Leadership?
by Gordon Prather
Pentagon 1, Obama 0
by Benjamin H. Friedman
Balkanizing Barack  by Gordon N. Bardos
Guantánamo State of Mind
by Jacob Sullum

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Fearing Another Quagmire in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's 'Guantánamo' Poses New Prison Problem for Obama
Radio Spreads Taliban's Terror in Pakistani Region
Pakistan's Gilani Proved Wrong on End to US Drone Attacks
Iraq Election Highlights Ascendancy of Tribes
BBC Under Fire for Blocking Gaza Charity Appeal
Rival Channels Break With BBC in Gaza Fundraiser Row
Al-Jazeera Drew US Viewers on Web During Gaza War
Iraqi Election
Iraq Holds 4th Post-Saddam Vote
Elections Are Test for al-Maliki, Iraq
Iran Says Not Meddling in Iraqi Elections
Iraqi Government Struggles to Win Sunnis' Trust
At Maliki Rally, Desperate Iraqis Plead for Help
Security Operation Launched in Basra Ahead of Poll
Iraq to Impose Curfew, Transport Ban During Vote
MP Accuses Iraqi Parliament of Negligence in Electoral Monitoring
Iraqi Candidate Arrested on Rape Charge
Today in Iraq
Iraq Now Asks Iran Opposition Group to Leave Country Voluntary
At Least 5 Dead, Others Wounded in Blast in Western Iraq
Iran Welcomes Planned US Pullout From Iraq
Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 12 Iraqis Killed; 33 Iraqis Wounded
US Military
GAO Says VA Still Underestimating Costs
White House Clears Way for Pentagon Deputy: Senator
Army Re-Emphasizes Combat Age Restrictions
Report: France Floats EU Plan on Guantánamo
Yemen Says Awaiting 94 Guantánamo Returnees
Malaysia Seeks Return of Two Citizens in Guantánamo
Obama's Guantánamo Decision Has Repercussions in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Pakistan Hails Guantánamo Closure
Chinese Detainees at US Guantánamo Prison Appeal for Release
'War on Terror'
To Combat Obama, Al-Qaeda Hurls Insults
US: Freedom Looms for Failed Terrorist Jailed in 1973
Australia's 'Jihad Jack' Testifies in French Bomb Trial
Brother Campaigns for 'Enemy Combatant' Held in US Navy Brig
UK: Hacker Wins Review Over US Extradition
Testimony Links Canadian Ex-Diplomat to Bizarre Ecoterrorism Scheme
Envoy: Russia Says 'Ice Thawing' With NATO

Death Squad Stalks Exiled Chechens

Gibraltar Expands on 'Stolen Land'
Euro Membership, Once a Financial Boon, Is Now a Burden for Some
DR Congo/Rwanda
Joy, Doubts in Congo After Rebel Chief's Arrest
Congo Rebel Force Is Dissolving
Congo Says Kills 9 Rwandan Hutu Rebels in Joint Op
Congo Urges Rwanda to Extradite Ousted Rebel
Anti-Rebel Raid Raises Hopes and Risks in Congo: Rights Group
Rwanda: Why Former Military Hero Was Disowned by Kigali After Rampages in Congo
Suicide Car Bomb, Gunfight Kill 22 Civilians in Somalia
UN: Sudanese Forces Bomb Town in Darfur
Peace Feels Frail to Displaced Ugandans
Americans Keep Dying
Alabama Soldier Killed by IED Just Weeks After Arriving in Iraq
Las Vegas (NV) Soldier Killed in Helicopter Accident in Afghanistan
Santa Ynez Valley (CA) Community Celebrates Life of Soldier Who Died in Afghanistan
Virginia Marine Dies in Non-Hostile Incident in Afghanistan
Marrero (LA) Airman Dies From Gunshot Wound in Iraq
As Gaza Dust Settles, Questions of Morality and Justice Arise
Growing Concern Over Israel's Weapons Use
Official: Hamas-Israel Gaza Truce Expected to Hold
'I Wept,' Olmert Says of Death of Gaza Children
Kadima: Netanyahu-Led Israel Would Clash With Obama
Snap US Push for Mideast Peace Shakes Up Old Foes
Gaza Aftermath
Aid Workers Shocked by Post-War Gaza
A Flurry of Tunnel Repairs Is Underway in Gaza's South
Gaza: Out of the Rubble
Children of Gaza: Stories of Those Who Died and the Trauma for Those Who Survived
A Play About Shells for Gaza Children
Family Survives Gaza War, Returns to Destruction
Gaza Children Back to School Amid Cease-Fire
Gaza's Water Woes Likely to Get Worse
Hamas and Fatah
Hamas Agrees to Allow Fatah Forces to Patrol Rafah Crossing
Hamas Says It Will Oversee Gaza Relief Efforts
Hamas Fights to Rebuild Gaza in New Battle for Hearts and Minds
Hamas Executes Former B'Tselem Field Worker
Hamas Leaders in Gaza Strip Continue to Lie Low
Global Gaza Fallout
Iran Escalates Efforts to Aid Reconstruction of Gaza
Israel's Barak Heads to US Over Gaza Arms Smuggling
Egypt Can End Hamas Arms-Smuggling: Israel
Egyptian Official: Israel Achieved All of Its Military Goals in Gaza
Assad Congratulates Hamas on 'Victory' Over IDF in Gaza
Storm of Student Protest in UK Over Gaza Gathers Force
Thousands March in Paris in Support of Gaza
Obama Asks Brits for More Soldiers
British Ministers Accused of Wasting Lives in Afghanistan
British Commandos Capture Taliban Post
Ordinary Afghans Are Risking Their Lives to Visit the American Military Clinic
Afghan Students Back in Class After Acid Attacks
50 More Families Migrate to Rawalpindi in Wake of Drone Attacks
Pakistan President: War on Terror Cannot Be Won Without Tribesmen's Cooperation
Musharraf: Pakistan Should Get More US Aid
Pakistan: Curbs on Women Spread From Militancy-Hit Areas to Quetta
Pakistan's Tourist Idyll Falls Prey to Taliban Militants
Deposed Justice: Constitutionally I Am Still Chief Justice of Pakistan
Survey: Only 24% Indians Want War With Pakistan
Kashmiri Militant Threatens Legal Action Over Film
North Korea Says South Exercises Could Provoke War
Kim Jong-Il Alone Can Decide North Korea Successor, Declares Son
China Jittery About Obama Amid Signs of Harder Line
Taiwan Leader Plays Down China's Panda Politics
US 'Appalled' by Sri Lanka Attacks on Journalists
UN Wants Mission in Nepal to Wrap Up Work by July
Manila: US Embassy Grounds Riddled With WWII Bombs

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