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War Crimes in Gaza

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Updated February 3, 2009 - 10:48 PM EST
Gens. Seek to Reverse Obama Withdrawal Decision

Sunnis, Nationalists Make Gains in Iraq

  UK Ready to Withdraw from Iraq
Israeli Strike Kills Gaza Soldier, Strains Truce
  Relative End to Gaza War Bolsters Israeli Right in Polls
  Gazans Say Israeli Troops Forced Them Into Battle Zones
NATO Surge in Afghanistan Unlikely
  Mullen: Afghanistan Is Not Vietnam - It's More Complex
  Pakistan Militant Attack Halts US, NATO Supplies

Iran Denies Rumors of High-Level US Talks

  IAEA: Enough Time to Address Iran Bomb Concern

39 Somali Civilians Killed as AU Troops Open Fire

Economic Death Spiral at the Pentagon  by Chalmers Johnson and Tom Engelhardt
Time for a Defense Policy That Defends America  by Doug Bandow
Iraq's Shocking Human Toll
by John Tirman
Israel's Empty Two-State Rhetoric
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
The Defamation League  by Eric Alterman
Afghan War Takes a Hit  by Eric Margolis

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Pentagon Letter Undercuts DOJ in Blackwater Case

A Coup for Maliki and a Secular Iraq

$40 Billion Increase Billed as Pentagon Budget 'Cut'

Dutch to Investigate Own Support for Iraq Invasion

World Court Investigates Israeli War Crimes
MPs to Hear Claim UK Colluded in Torture

Documents Give Insight Into Increased Violence in Afghanistan

US Targets Chinese, Iranian, North Korean Firms

Iraqi Elections

Iraq Tribes Threaten to Take Up Arms Over Election Fraud

Elections Mixed for Iraqi Christians

Kirkuk Benchmark for Tolerance?

Maliki Supporters Post Election Gains

Today in Iraq

Iraqi Military Puts Anbar Province Under Curfew

Drought Threatens Peace in Iraq's Marsh Eden

Monday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded

Occupying Iraq
Lead Negotiator in North Korea to Be Next Envoy to Iraq

Iraq Reconstruction History Details Waste, Failures

Interpreters in Iraq Threaten to Strike Over Pay Cuts

Ryan Crocker's Tenure in Iraq Ends

The War at Home

Pentagon Brass Chafes at Obama's Iraq Pullout Plan

Watchdog Critiques Wartime Spending

'War on Terror'

Obama: Guantanamo Closure Makes US More Secure

Lawmakers: Guantanamo Detainees Should 'Keep Out'

Prisons That Could House Guantanamo Bay Detainees

Will the US Adjust Life at Guantanamo for Detainees?

Obama Voices Concern About Freed Guantanamo Inmates

Maryland Police Listed Gay Rights Group Among Terrorists

Saudis Issue Overseas Wanted List

North Korea Appears to Be Preparing for Ballistic Missile Launch

North Korea Refuses Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament

A Look at North Korea's Missile Arsenal

North Korean Children Exploited by State

Activists to Send North Korean Money for Kim's Birthday


Protester Throws Shoe at Chinese Premier

China Delays Trial of Rights Activist


India and IAEA Sign Nuclear Inspections Deal

Maoist Rebels Kill 15 Police Officers in India


Mugabe's Party Considers Unilateral Government

US Tones Down Rhetoric on Zimbabwe's Mugabe

UN Chief: Zimbabwe Compromise Is 'Imperfect'

Zimbabwe Knocks 12 Zeros Off Inflation-Hit Dollar


Sudan Warns Darfur Peacekeepers

Peacekeepers Say Sudan Bombs Near Darfur Town

Moderate Islamists Take on Hard-Liners in Battle for Somalia

Somalia Blast and Aftermath Leaves at Least 20 Dead

Gadhafi, as New African Union Head, Will Seek Single State

Colombian Rebels' New Strategy: Release Hostages

Reported Number of Cuban Political Prisoners Dips


Suicide Bomber Kills 21 Afghan Police Officers

NATO: Members May Use Iran for Afghan Supplies

NATO Afghan Troop Surge Unlikely

NATO Urges Kyrgyzstan to Keep Afghan Supply Base Open

Waste, Fraud in Iraq Being Repeated in Afghanistan

Taliban Who? Afghan Filmmakers Brave Off-Screen Dramas
Nine More Die as Swat Valley Attack Continues

American UN Official Abducted in Pakistan

Zardari Asks US to Give Aid, Share Information

Pakistan Leader Promises to Uproot Insurgency

India Says Pakistan Seems Serious on Mumbai Probe

Sri Lanka

Images Show Many Dead, Wounded in Sri Lanka War

Sri Lanka May Be Close to Victory in 25-Year Civil War

Sri Lankan President Says Rebels Nearly Crushed

Sri Lankan Military Attacks Hospital, Killing at Least Nine

Sri Lanka Makes Escalating Conflict List


Iran Crackdown on Dissent Seen Linked to Election, US

Iran Plays for Time to Work Out Reply to Obama

US Women Badminton Players to Visit Iran

A Fragile Truce

Barak Says Israel Not Planning New Gaza War

New Gaza Exchanges Strain Fragile Truce

Israeli Air Strike Wounds 4 Palestinians in Gaza

Israel Rules Out Hamas Contacts, Threatens Force

Hamas: Israel Torpedoing Truce Efforts

Abbas: Gaza Truce Fragile Due to 'Israeli Bombardments'

Hamas to Meet Egypt Mediators on Truce With Israel

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Gunman Near Hebron


Top Israeli News Anchor Condemns Nationalists

Israeli Colonel Leaves Speaking Tour of UK for Fear of Arrest
Livni: Coming Israeli Elections Are About Saying Yes or No to Peace
Chairmanship of Israeli-Funded Think-Tank Could Torpedo Ross Appointment
Peres Proud Arabs Can Talk Freely, Annoyed by What They Say

Israeli Eurovision Singers Condemned as 'Traitors'


Hamas Says Faces Battle to Lift Gaza Blockade

Hamas Pays Gaza Workers Despite Israeli Blockade

Israel's Barak Proposes Gaza-West Bank Tunnel

Jordanian MPs Denied Permission to Enter Gaza Via Egypt

UN Seeks Funds for Gaza Aid; Access a Concern

Middle East

Obama Has Begun Discreet Talks With Iran, Syria

Syria Open to New Talks With Israel After Election

Cyprus: Israel Can't Make Demands Regarding Suspected Arms Ship

Justin Raimondo
Putin to the West: Take Your Medicine

Alan Bock
Quit Digging in Afghanistan

Ivan Eland
Guns and Butter (Again)

Doug Bandow
Diplomatic Means to Militaristic Ends

Ran HaCohen
What Happened to Hassan

Charles Peņa
Terror, Torture, and Empire
on the Silver Screen

David R. Henderson
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss

Philip Giraldi
Put Torture on Trial

Nebojsa Malic

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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