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Sorrows of Empire

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The Torture Loophole

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Putin's Warning to America

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraqi Elections

Army Official: Suicides in January 'Terrifying'    Iraqi PM Is Big Winner in Vote    Pakistan: 24 Killed, 30 Wounded in Punjab Suicide Bombing    Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Northeast Iraq - Police    Clinton Warns Iran to Comply With Demands    Netanyahu Promises Lieberman Pivotal Ministership    Pakistani Taliban Frees 30 Police After They Promise to Quit Their Jobs    US Warns Fraud-Laden Iraq Vote Could Trigger Violence    Afghan DM: Foreign Fighters Coming From Iraq    Karzai Admits Rift With US, NATO Over Civilian Killings    Hawks Urge Boosting Military Spending    Indefinite Detention Case to Test Obama's Pledges    Study Challenges Claims of Gitmo Recidivism    Is Israel's Army Waging a Jewish Jihad?    US Supply Routes to Afghanistan Suffer Two Huge Blows    Israel Sees No Pressure on Nuclear Ambiguity Policy    Poland to End 3 Military Missions to Save Money    Obama's Wars    After the War, Gazans Seek Answers on White Phosphorus    US Commander: Iran Still Supporting Extremists in Iraq    Hamas Says Truce Unlikely by Thursday    Kosovo Launches Its Own Secret Service    Protect and Defend...the Military Complex    Algeria, UN Deny Qaeda Plague Reports    US Puzzled by Iran's Rejection of Badminton Team    Israel Admits Its Troops Killed Gaza Girls    US Commander Warns North Korea Against Provocation    US Plan to Arm Militias Scares Some in Afghanistan    Cheney: Obama Policies Risk Catastrophic Attacks    Army Contractor Pleads Guilty in Detainee Shooting    Iraq: Sunni Tribal Leader Says He Can Prove Fraud    Israel Fires on Lebanese Aid Ship Bound for Gaza Strip    Top UK Army Officer Arrested for Leaking Number of Civilians Killed in Afghanistan    Hawks Home to Roost    Not Done Yet    No Quick Fix for FATA    'War on Terror': A Bit of Change    Iran's Satellite Dreams    First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers    Northern Sri Lanka's Last Hospital Closed After Cluster Bomb Attack    
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Updated February 5, 2009 - 11:26 PM EST
Army Official: Jan. Suicides 'Terrifying'
  Hawks Urge Boosting US Military Spending
  Indefinite Detention Case to Test Obama's Pledges
  Study Challenges Claims of Gitmo Recidivism
  Cheney: Obama Policies Risk Catastrophic Attacks
Iraqi PM Is Big Winner in Vote
  US Warns of Violence Over Iraq Poll Results
  Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Iraq's Northeast
  Growing Furor in Iraq's Anbar Province Sparks Ballot Recount
  Sunni Tribal Leader Says He Can Prove Fraud
Karzai: Rift With US, NATO Over Civilian Killings
  Top UK Officer Arrested for Leaking Info on Afghan Civilians Killed
  US Supply Routes to Afghanistan Suffer Two Huge Blows
  Afghanistan Says Foreign Fighters Coming From Iraq
30 Pakistani Police Freed After Quitting Jobs
  Pakistan: 24 Killed, 30 Wounded in Punjab Suicide Bombing
  Taliban Hold Upper Hand in Swat Valley
Netanyahu Promises Key Post for Lieberman
  Israeli Military to Doctor Whose Family They Killed: Mistakes Happen
  Israel Fires on Lebanese Aid Ship Bound for Gaza Strip
Clinton Warns Iran to Comply With Demands
  US Commander: Iran Still Helping Iraq Extremists
  Israeli Official: Time Running Out for Attack on Iran
52 Civilians Killed After Sri Lanka Cluster Bomb Attack
Obama's Wars  Bill Moyers interviews Pierre Sprey and Marilyn Young
'War on Terror': A Bit of Change
by Michael C. Moynihan
First, Jail All Bush's Lawyers
by Robert Parry
Hawks Home to Roost  by Jacob Heilbrunn
No Quick Fix for FATA  by Robert Dreyfuss
Iran's Satellite Dreams  by Eskandar Sadeghi

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Germany to Station Troops in France for First Time Since WWII
Polling Group Censures Iraq Death Toll Researcher
Army Contractor Pleads Guilty in Detainee Shooting
Is Israel's Army Waging a Jewish Jihad?
Israel Sees No Pressure on Nuclear Ambiguity Policy
Britain Seeks New Talks on Nuclear Disarmament
Obama: US Choosing Words Carefully in Terror War
Iraqi Elections
Absent Election Results, Iraq Parties Stake Claims
Iraq Voter Turnout Lower Than Expected in Provincial Vote
Iraq Investigating Serious Vote Fraud Allegations
As Iraqis Tally Votes, Former Leader Re-Emerges
Rival Party Concedes Maliki Wins Basra, Baghdad in Iraq Polls
Rivals Clash Over Elections in Iraq's Anbar Province
Iraq Elections a Setback for Iran
Maliki Ready to Form Alliances in Provincial Councils
Iraqi Lawmaker: PM's Party Winner in Elections
Today in Iraq
Civilian Wounded by US Fire in Mosul
Likely US Envoy to Iraq Is a Fan of Direct Diplomacy
Wednesday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded
US Military
Pentagon, White House Still Negotiating 2010 Budget
Air Force Fails New Nuclear Reviews
Better Body Armor Means More Weight for Troops
Army Is Offering Civilian Workers More Training
Navy School Takes on Salinas (Calif) Gangs
Expert: Next Bomber Could Cost $40 Billion
Ex-Guantánamo Inmates Said to Join Terrorists
Govt Denies US Threat Over Revelation of Alleged Torture
UK Court Rules to Keep Guantánamo Documents Secret
Report: Canada Could Take Some Guantánamo Uighurs
Tory MP Demands Torture Statement
'War on Terror'
Anthrax Hoax Man Arrested, Charged

Court Says TSA Miscalculated Airline Fees

Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia, Ukraine Claims to Crimea a Ticking Bomb
Kyrgyz Base a Kremlin Test for Obama
Washington Lacks Leverage in Bid for Weapons Deal With Moscow
Russia Hosts Ex-Soviet Security Summit
Russia Tackled at UN Over Racism, Media Killings
Kosovo Launches Its Own Secret Service
Poland to End Three Military Missions to Save Money
Czech Lawmakers Approve Troops for Afghanistan, Kosovo in 2009
Thousands of Somalis Fleeing to Ethiopia
Radio Chief in Somalia Shot Dead
Timeline: Attacks on Journalists in Somalia
DR Congo
Medical Aid Group: UN Peacekeepers Fail Congo Civilians
UN Chief Frustrated Seeking New Congo Peacekeepers
Sudan Military Says It Retakes Rebel-Held Town
Libyan Leader Pledges to Resolve Darfur Crisis
Zimbabwean Negotiators Talking in South Africa
Zimbabwe MPs Postpone Constitutional Debate: Parties
Algeria, UN Deny Qaeda Plague Reports
Aid Group Slams UN After Ugandan Rebels Kill 900
Mayor Who Tried to Supplant Madagascar's President Is Fired
African Union Ends Summit Divided Over Future
US Needs to End 'Imperial Attitude,' Bolivian Says
Colombia Court Denies US Extradition of FARC Jailor
Uribe Slammed by Freed Hostage
US Plan to Arm Militias Scares Some in Afghanistan
Russia Says It Wants to Help US in Afghanistan
NATO Commander Tones Down Drug Lord Orders
UN Head Urges Fewer Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
Special Envoy Making First Trip to Afghanistan
Canada Sends Helos, Drones to Back Up Troops in Afghanistan
Banned Pakistan Militants Gather
Nine Militants Killed Near Peshawar
Gilani: US Must Share Intelligence to Win War on Terror
UN to Probe Killing of Former Pakistan PM Bhutto
UN Chief: Pakistan Must Cooperate With India on Mumbai
US Envoy Holbrooke to Visit India to Discuss Afghanistan
India to Begin Fighter Jet Trials for $12 Billion Deal
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Predicts Imminent Victory Over Rebels
Last Hospital in Sri Lanka War Zone Evacuated
Thousands Gather in Tamil Protest at UN Geneva Headquarters
US Commander Warns North Korea Against Provocation
North Korea Must See Cost of Nuclear Ambition: Hill
Report: China Offers Aid to Impoverished North Korea
US and Thailand Begin Joint War Games
US Puzzled by Iran's Rejection of Badminton Team
World Powers Welcome Obama's Talk Offer to Iran
US Brands Anti-Iran Kurdish Group Terrorist
Six-Nation Talks on Iran in Germany
Iran: Satellite Not for Military Use
Iran Summons EU Envoys Over Opposition Group Action
Senior Iranian: Obama's Presidency Won't Change Ties
Cyprus Awaits UN Decision on Suspect Iran Ship
British Council Says Harassed in Iran, Halts Work
Iran Just Years Away From Nuclear Capability, UK Says
Iran's Khatami Signals Presidential Plans
Iran Claims Top 10 Status in Military Power
Israel Elections
Netanyahu: Gaza Offensive Stopped Too Soon
Poll Suggests Kadima Narrowing Gap Ahead of Election
Lieberman Barrels Into Elections on Strongman Image
Hamas Says Truce Unlikely by Thursday
Outcry Against Gaza 'War Crimes' Grows
UN Says Hamas Seized Food Aid, Blankets in Gaza
Rights Groups Says Laws of War Violated in Gaza
Gaza War Strained the Relationship Between Israel and Turkey
Abbas Govt Announces $600 Million Gaza Aid Project
EU to Israel: Remove Obtacles to Entry of Gaza Aid
Denmark Hosts Gaza Arms Smuggling Meeting
Gazans Set Up Make-Shift Exhibit of Israeli Weapons Used in Cast Lead
Egypt Hopes for Israel-Hamas Truce Breakthrough
Egyptian Military to Try Islamist on Tunnel Charge
Middle East
Saudis Issue List of 85 Terrorism Suspects
Five Rockets Found in South Lebanon: Army

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What Happened to Hassan

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Terror, Torture, and Empire
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Meet the New Boss;
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Put Torture on Trial

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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Business Over Bluster

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