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Iran's Détente Gesture to Obama?: M. Sahimi
Obama's Policy on Civil Liberties: Bush Lite?: Eland
Obama Nixed Full Afghan Surge: Gareth Porter
Iraqi Doctors in Hiding Treat as They Can: D. Jamail
Twilight in Afghanistan: Philip Giraldi

 Gareth Porter

Obama Vs. Petraeus Continued

 Rep. Ron Paul

The Law Vs. The Empire

 Jason Ditz

The Israeli Elections

 William Astore

Peace or the Draft?

A 'Ticking Time Bomb' Goes Off    Officials Confirm Secret US Training Program in Pakistan    Obama Decision on Iraq Troops 'Soon'    Netanyahu's Unity Govt Ambition Remains as Future Talks Planned    IAEA: Iran Not Capable of Making Nuclear Weapons    IAEA: Iran Did Not Underreport Enrichment    Pakistani Province Plans to Arm Villagers to Fight Taliban    Truce Deals Move Forward in Pakistan    The Rise of Avigdor Lieberman    Sen Lugar: US Embargo on Cuba 'Has Failed'    Likud Hardliner Slams Talk of Unity Govt    The Last 'Enemy Combatant' in America    Israel Orders Palestinian Homes Razed    Serbian Police to Probe Reporters Over Disclosure of Secret Plan    Amnesty: US Assisted Gaza War Crimes    Israelis Worry That US May Start to Distance Itself    Cambodia's Missing Accused    Who Will Rein in the War in Afghanistan?    Indian FM 'Deeply Concerned' by Swat Valley Peace    Assad Tells Kerry US Should Stop 'Dictating' Policy    The Great Gamble    Revealed: Full Horror of Gitmo Inmate's Beatings    Rep. Baird: Israel Must Change 'Counterproductive' Gaza Policies    Empire at the End of Its Rope    Livni: Kadima Won't Compromise on Peace Path Just to Join Coalition    AP Investigation: Army Charity Hoards Millions    Correa: US Diplomat Directed CIA in Ecuador    North Korea Rejects UN Envoy's Trip: Report    India, Pakistan Were Close to Secret Deal on Kashmir: Report    UN Envoy Commits to Saharawi Self-Determination    Grenade Attack in Cairo Bazaar Kills 1, Injures 17    Britain's Omertà on Torture Is a Crime    Iraqi Lawmaker Faces Charges as Attack Mastermind    11 Killed in Attack on Peacekeepers in Somalia    Officials Say 14 Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan    'High Cost' of Victory Over Tamil Tigers    Should AIPAC Decide What's Classified?     Iran to Begin Pilot Operations of First Nuclear Power Plant    Georgia: Russia Is Stoking Tensions    Liberty in Britain Is Facing Death by a Thousand Cuts    
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Updated February 22, 2009 - 11:45 PM EST
Obama Sides With Bush on Detainees
  Obama Continues Bush Policy: Indefinite Detention, No Legal Rights
  Obama Administration Tries to Kill E-Mail Case Against Bush
  UK Agents 'Colluded With Torture in Pakistan'
US Admits Killing 13 Civilians in Afghan Op
  Afghan Deputy President: Karzai Is US Stooge
  US Yields in Battle for NATO Troops in Afghanistan
Iraqi Lawmaker Charged as Attack Mastermind
  Military Split Over Iraq Pullout
  BBC: Iran Offered Nuclear Deal to Stop Iraq Troop Attacks
  US Tests Military Exit Routes Out of Iraq
  Fresh Paint and Flowers at Iraqi House of Horrors
  Court Ruling Sought on Iraqi Speaker Race
Pakistan Official: 'Permanent Cease-Fire' in Swat
  Pakistani Taliban Say Swat Ceasefire to Be Reviewed
  Doubts Cast Over Permanent Swat Ceasefire
Israel Shells Lebanon After Rocket Attack
  Sources: Netanyahu to Offer Livni 'Full Partnership' in Israeli Govt
  Israeli Envoy: World Must Act to Prevent Iran Nuke Breakthrough
US Offer to Russia on Missiles
Smearing The American Conservative  by Glenn Greenwald
The Greatest Threat to Our National Security  by Gordon Prather
A New Official Enemy
Along the Border
 by Jacob G. Hornberger
Our Enemy, the President
by Daniel McCarthy
Iran's Détente Gesture to Obama?
by Muhammad Sahimi
Twilight in Afghanistan  by Philip Giraldi

More Viewpoints

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Paper: UK Muslims 'Providing Taliban With Electronic Devices for Roadside Bombs'
Iraqi Doctors in Hiding Treat as They Can
Border Politics Slows Aid to Gaza
Obama Under Fire for Picking Fundraiser as Envoy to Britain
Detainee Turned Suicide Bomber
Pentagon: Surplus Military Items Sent to Friendly Nations Could Fall Into Wrong Hands
Anti-US Iraqi Cleric al-Sadr Facing Leadership Challenge
Violence Continues
Iraqi PM, Sadrists Reach Local Alliance Deal
Iraq Promises Better Treatment at New Abu Ghraib
Iraq's Ancient Treasures Lost and Found
Iraq Arrests Dozens of 'Terrorists' in Mosul
Gunmen Kill Iraq Election Candidate
Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 4 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Coffins' Arrival From War Becomes an Issue Again
A Series of Suicides Unnerves West Point
'War on Terror'
Ridge: We Were Wrong to Torture
New Questions Over Role of British Spies in Torture
Arms Dealer Told Top US Brass of Endemic Corruption Before His Hit-Style Murder
Iran Blocks Web Sites Promoting Reformist Presidential Candidate
Iran Tells Schroeder 'Impossible' to Stop Nuclear Plan
Defense Chiefs Urge Hawk Netanyahu to Strike Deal With Syria
Syria, US Explore Improving Ties as Kerry Visits
Kerry: Syria Willing to Help on Palestinian Unity
Hamas: Some Prisoners Freed for Shalit May Be Settled in Syria
Syrian Delay in Sending Envoy Worries France
Medics: Rocket From Lebanon Wounds Three Israelis
Hezbollah Denies Firing Katyusha Into North Israel
Armed Groups Operating in South Lebanon
Israeli Politics
Senior Kadima Official Hopes for 'Broad' Coalition in Israel
Kadima Urges Livni to Hear Netanyahu Out on Unity Govt
Report: Schalit Was Wounded During Cast Lead
Hamas, Fatah Rivals to Hold Talks in Cairo
Medics: Two Palestinians Killed in Explosion in Gaza
Five Injured by Katyusha Attack on Galilee
99-Year-Old Palestinian Bitten by Israeli Army Dog During Botched Raid
Global Mideast Impace
Hamas Asks Obama to Treat Palestinians Fairly
US Has Given Green Light for Hamas-Fatah Govt, PA Says
Fresh BBC Row After Reporters Asked Not to Cover Gaza Demo
Draft UN Summit Resolutions Call Israel a Racist, Occupying State
Egypt Beefs Up Security Along Border With Gaza
Death Threat to Greek Media as Terrorists Plot Bomb Havoc
Georgia Offers Sideburns and a Disco Beat as Payback for a War
Germany and Poland Square Up in Row Over WWII
Lugar, GOP Senate Report Urge Fresh Look at Relations With Cuba
Weekend Reviews
A Revolutionary Manifesto
From the Right: Wired for War
From the Left: Wired for War
The Holocaust Is Over
Was Bush Doctrine Just a Little Bit of History Repeating?
Halliburton's Army: How Cheney's Former Firm Revolutionized Warmaking and Screwed Us in the Process
Taliban Truce Seems in Flux in Pakistan
Swat Truce Announced, but Militant Leader Vows Continued Jihad Against US
Into a Taliban Wasteland of Blood and Fear
Sharif Accuses Zardari of Trying to Get Him Barred From Polls
Bajaur Taliban Offer Conditional Truce
Blast on Pakistan Supply Line to US Troops Kills 1
Facts About Insurgency in Pakistan's Swat Valley
Pakistan: Two Sunnis Killed Amid Sectarian Tensions
Cambridge Chaplain Fights Fanaticism by Radio in Swat Valley
NATO Allies Split Over Washington's Call for More Troops
Poker-Faced, Russia Flaunts Its Afghan Card
US House Speaker Assures Afghanistan of Support
India's Home-Grown Terror Dilemma
India's Muslims Chafe Under Suspicion
India Elections May Not See Clear Winner: Poll
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Rebels Say Suicide Air Raids Successful
Sri Lanka Rebels Say They Launched Kamikaze Attack, Not Shot Down
Sri Lanka Says Major Disaster Averted in Colombo
UN Official Warns of Potential Sri Lanka Bloodbath
North Korea
North Korea Accuses US of War-Mongering
Report: North Korea May Be Ready to Test-Fire Missile
After Fleeing North Korea, an Artist Parodies Its Propaganda
Clinton Criticized for Not Trying to Force China's Hand
Dissidents Held During Clinton Beijing Visit
Clinton Assures China on Investments in US, Troubling Security Matters Next
Case Against Ex-Leader Stirs Unease in Taiwan, Experts Question if Rule of Law Being Followed
Beijing Imposes Crackdown in Tibet, Exiles Say
Resignation Demands at Rare Kazakh Protest
Forces Retake Madagascar Ministries From Opposition
Madagascar Rivals Soothe Tensions
Rwandan Troops Start Preparations to Leave Congo
Sudan to Release 24 Darfur Prisoners, Says Minister
Sectarian Violence Leaves 4 Dead, 35 Injured in Nigeria
Americans Keep Dying
Army Medic From Collegeville (PA) Killed in Afghanistan
Mesquite (TX) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Leaves Behind Wife, Four Children
Mother Mourns Loss of Her Son, Killed in Iraq (CA)
Soldier (LA) Wanted to Go Fishing With His Father When He Returned Home From War
Tulsa (OK) Soldier Killed in Baghdad
Tracy (CA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Bombing
Battalion Commander From Montana Dies in Iraq

Justin Raimondo
The Joan Walsh Syndrome 

Ivan Eland
Obama's Policy on Civil Liberties: Bush Lite?

Nebojsa Malic
A Year After

Charles Peña
Portents From the First
Press Conference

Philip Giraldi
Renounce Extraordinary Rendition

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Alan Bock
The War Recession

Doug Bandow
Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty: The Battle Continues

David R. Henderson
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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