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Iraq's Resurgent Nationalism: Robert Dreyfuss
Freeing Up Resources... for More War: N. Solomon
Many Muslims Reject Terror, Back Goals: Jim Lobe
Indefinite Future of Indefinite Detention: J. Sullum
What About Bagram?: William Fisher

 Daniel Levy

Prospects for Peace

 Glenn Greenwald

Obama's Law

 Robert Higgs

Depression and War, Then and Now

 Jacob Hornberger

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Updated February 26, 2009 - 11:28 PM EST
US Combat Ops to Continue After Iraq ‘Pullout’
  Iraq Welcomes Faster US Withdrawal Reports
  Accused 'Terrorist' Lawmaker Leaving Iraq Is Detained, Then Freed
  Obama to Announce Iraq Troop Withdrawal Plan on Friday
Pakistani Taliban Remove Checkpoints in Swat
  Pakistan in Turmoil After Sharif and Brother Banned From Office
  Pakistan Urges Rethinking of US Drone Attacks
  CIA Director Says Pakistan Campaign Is Working
Karzai Expected to Call Snap Afghan Election
  Clashes, Motorbike Bomb Kill 32 in Afghanistan
  Four Dead in Bloody Day for British Troops in Afghanistan
Likud, Rightist Parties Clash Over Civil Agenda
  Netanyahu Turns to the Right in Israel Coalition Building
  'Most Israelis Unsatisfied With Election Results'
  Aid Group Up to Elbows in Macaroni, but Israel Won't Allow Into Gaza
Lawyer Says Gitmo Abuse Worse Since Obama
  Attorney General Holder Says Closing Guantánamo Won't Be Easy
  Senate to Announce Investigation of Torture Under Bush
  Panetta: CIA to Limit Countries Getting Detainees
  What About Bagram?
Pentagon to Allow Coverage of War Coffins
Former Serb President Cleared of Kosovo Crimes
Pentagon Moves to Impose Secrecy on Budget Talks
Somalia Death Toll Hits 81 in Worst Fighting for Weeks
The Indefinite Future of Indefinite Detention  by Jacob Sullum
The CIA Beyond Redemption and Should Be Terminated  by Sherwood Ross
Will Obama Close the School of the Americas?  by Chris Steele
Obama's Very Own Quagmire
by Thomas Walkom
Freeing Up Resources... for More War  by Norman Solomon
Guantánamo: The Forgotten UK Prisoner  by Moazzam Begg

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Many Muslims Reject Terror Tactics, Back Some Goals
Chas Freeman for NIC: Lots at Stake
The Ross-Iran Controversy
Uzbekistan Offers Passage for 'Nonmilitary' US Supplies
Israeli Rabbi Urges Soon-To-Be Conscripts to Embrace Preemptive War
US House Votes to Ease Limits on Cuba Trade, Travel
Islamists Gain Ground in Sarajevo
Iraq Occupation
Obama Leans to 19-Month Iraq Withdrawal: Official
Obama's Iraq Plan Has December Elections as Turning Point for Pullout
Iraq Says Early US Pullout OK if Iraq Army Equipped
US Military: Violence Down in Iraq
US Army Drops Case Against Soldier Involved in Iraqi Murders
McCain Warns of Losing Fragile Gains in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Allawi Denies Maliki Coup – Sort Of
Falling Revenues Threaten Rebuilding and Stability in Iraq
Oil Company Personnel Kidnapped in Kirkuk
Iraq's Waning Insurgency Scrambles for New Sanctuary
Better Security Lifts Housing Market in Iraq
Immunity Lifted of Iraqi Deputy Sought for Murders
Baghdad Party Marks Kuwait Liberation on Eve of FM Visit
Making Music, Not War, in Baghdad
Wednesday: 2 Iraqi Killed, 9 Wounded
The War at Home
Obama to Seek $537 Billion Defense Budget: Murtha
Costly US Weapons Face Budget Cuts Under Obama
Plea Likely in US From Iraq Terror Suspect
US Vows to Uphold Human Rights at Home
Green Beret Found Not Guilty of Murder in Afghan's Death
'War on Terror'
New Homeland Security Boss Calls Sweeping Review
CIA: Bad Economy Could Destabilize Some Countries
Bail OK'd for Alleged In-Law of al-Qaeda Official
Napolitano: DHS to Miss Cargo Screening Deadline
Iran Tests Country's First Nuclear Power Plant
Iran Says Nuclear Plant Could Start in Months
Iran Denies Nuclear Slowdown, Sets Big Expansion
US Navy Says No Sign Yet of New Iran Naval Bases
Livni: Iran Arms Trading 'One of the Main Problems' in Mideast
Iranian Students Held Over Protest at War-Graves Move
Israel vs. Palestinians
Rockets, Airstrikes in Absence of Firm Gaza Truce
Israeli Parliament Gets Deadline for Peace Deal
Israel's Gaza Pointman Reinstated After Apology to Olmert
Egyptian FM: Gaza Ceasefire Already in Effect
Olmert to Hamas: I'm Best Chance for Prisoner Deal
Tracking Down Gaza War's Deadly, Mysterious Cubes
Why 88 Arab Homes Received Eviction Notices
Hamas vs. Fatah
Rival Palestinian Sides Agree to Release Detainees
Fatah Frees 40 Hamas Prisoners in West Bank
Hamas to Buy Caravans for Homeless Gazans
Global Mideast Impact
UK Foreign Secretary: Talking With Hamas ' Right Thing to Do'
Ex-Peace Negotiators Call for Dialogue With Hamas
Israel Asks Clinton to Boycott UN Conference
Palestinians Seek $2.8 Bln for Gaza at Donor Meet
Spray Your Tag on West Bank Wall – Online
Middle East
Syria Discloses Missile Facility, Europeans Say
Lebanon Frees 3 Suspects in Hariri Assassination
Deadly Cairo Bombing 'Did Not Target French'
US Rights Report Names and Shames Mideast States
US Special Envoy Meets With President of Turkey
Helmand Governor Calls for More US and UK Troops to Be Sent to Violent Pakistan Border
Afghanistan Seeking SOFA Terms?
US Plans Afghan Effort to Thwart Road Bombs
US Troops Mount Offensive in Remote Afghan Valley
US Will Boost Supplies for Afghan Force
Isolation Shields Afghanistan From Financial Crisis
Afghan Women Legislators Meet at NATO
Pakistan Court Ruling Sparks Fears of Instability
Pakistan Says Won't Tolerate al-Qaeda in Sharia Area
Pakistan Needs Urgent US Help: Sen. Kerry
Britain Runs Anti-Terror Pakistan TV Ads
Pakistan Rights Record Poor: US
India Charges Pakistani Gunman in Mumbai Attacks
India Charges 38 People Over Mumbai Attacks
Details of Charge Sheet in the Mumbai Attacks
Indian Troops on Alert to Halt Kashmir Protests
Sri Lanka
'Die With Us' Rebels Tell Sri Lanka's Refugees
Official: Sri Lanka War Zone Conditions Worsen
50 Feared Dead in Bangladesh Mutiny: Minister
Mutinous Border Guards Surrender After Amnesty Offer in Bangladesh
South Korea Says North Korea Is Likely to Fire Missile
North Korea Under Growing Pressure to Scrap Rocket Launch
CIA Thinks Kim Is Still in Control of North Korea
North Korean Leader Kim Near Missile Site: Report
Seoul: North Korean Leader May Be Succeeded by His Son
Japanese Prime Minister Meets With Obama, Says Economy Complicates North Korea Talks
Tibetans Mark Their New Year With Mourning Period
US Hits China on Human Rights
Russia Focuses on Upgrading Its Nuclear Arsenals
Russian Missiles Seized on Way to China
Russia: Famine That Killed Millions Not Genocide
Most Czech Adults Oppose Missile Shield
Serbia Host to Cyberterrorism Workshop
Ulster Payment Plan Rejected by UK
Estonia Convicts Former Security Official of Treason
Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone Rebel Leaders Found Guilty of War Crimes
A Look at Charges Facing Sierra Leone Rebels
Artillery Shell Kills Two Somali Children at School
Kenyan Troops Trained by British Are Condemned for 'Death' Campaign
South Sudan Says Army Seeking New Civil War
Zimbabwe PM: Mugabe Agrees to Free Detainees
Ugandan Rebels Attack Across Central African Republic Border
Rwanda Begins DR Congo Pullout After Joint Operation
Venezuela's Determined Voice of Dissent
Guatemala Leader Apologizes to Civil War Victims

Justin Raimondo
To Russia, With Hate

Alan Bock
Empire at the End of Its Rope

Ivan Eland
Obama's Policy on Civil Liberties: Bush Lite?

Doug Bandow
The Asian Century

Nebojsa Malic
A Year After

Charles Peña
Portents From the First
Press Conference

Philip Giraldi
Renounce Extraordinary Rendition

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

David R. Henderson
Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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