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The Silence of the Liberals: Justin Raimondo
Return of the War Party: Patrick Buchanan
Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game: David Henderson
Balancing Beijing: Doug Bandow
Start Closing Overseas Bases Now: David Vine

 Daniel Levy

Prospects for Peace

 Glenn Greenwald

Obama's Law

 Robert Higgs

Depression and War, Then and Now

 Jacob Hornberger

The Most Dangerous Threat to Liberty

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Updated February 27, 2009 - 11:26 PM EST
Obama 'Pullout' Would Leave 50,000 GIs in Iraq
  Top Democrats Assail Obama's Iraq Plan
  Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Plan Gains Republican Support
Obama Seeks $205 Bln for Iraq, Afghan Wars
  Official: Pentagon Allows Coverage of War Coffins
Panetta: Drone Attacks in Pakistan Will Continue
  Ruling Plunges Nuclear-Armed Pakistan Deeper Into Chaos
  Violent Protests Deepen Pakistan Political Turmoil
US Prepares to Shoot Down N. Korea Test Missile
  North Korea Lashes Out Over Missile-Test Warnings
US Will Seek to End Iran's Nuclear Ambition
  Obama's New Iran Envoy Met With Skepticism
  EU Trio Proposes Tougher List of Iran Sanctions
Obama Admin. Defends Telecom Immunity
  Britain Admits Complicity in US Rendition
Israel's Livni-Netanyahu Talks End Without Deal
Former Serb President Cleared of Kosovo Crimes
Warning to the US: Beware Treating Afghanistan Like Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
Israel's Military Mephistopheles
by Jonathan Cook
Why a War Crimes Fact-Finding Commission Could Uniquely Enable Prosecutions  by Glenn Greenwald
Return of the War Party
by Patrick Buchanan
Balancing Beijing  by Doug Bandow
Start Closing Overseas Bases Now
by David Vine

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UK Troops Fighting British Muslims in Afghanistan
Opening the Files on Bush's Secrets
Obama Tries to Quell Iraq Criticism
Obama's Iraq Pullout Plan: A Thumbs-Up From Anbar
Iraq Not Fazed by Pending US Pullout: Maliki
'Combatant' Case to Move From Tribunal to US Court
Trapped Between the Wall and the Green Line
Yours for Free: the James Bond Stealth Ship US Navy Can't Even Give Away
Today in Iraq
Iraq Buries Nearly 500 Soldiers Killed in Past Wars
Bodyguards Held 'For Aiding Fugitive Iraqi MP'
Iraq Signs Oil Deal With British Firm to Increase Production
Iraq, Kuwait Hold Highest-Level Talks Since Saddam
Iraq Court Condemns 28 Shi'ite Cultists to Death
Roadside Bomb Kills 2 Iraqi Soldiers in Baghdad
Thursday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
The War at Home
Obama Forecasts $1.75 Trillion Deficit This Year
Susan Rice: US Troops to Leave Iraq 'Responsibly, Safely'
Obama Says War Costs Now on the Books
Obama Budget Would Limit Pay Raises for Civilian Workers, Military
Files Unsealed Before Sentencing Detail Rule-Breaker's Rise at CIA
CIA Director Panetta Already Talking Tough
US Soldier Convicted in Beating Death
Don't Create New Guantánamo Elsewhere, EU Tells US
EU Officials to Visit US Over Guantánamo Inmates
EU Awaits US Data Before Move on Guantánamo Inmates
'War on Terror'
Senate Panel to Examine CIA Detainee Handling
Terrorist in NYC Bomb Plot Deported
US Energy Department Cannot Account for Nuclear Materials at 15 Locations
Former CIA Exec Gets More Than 3 Years in Prison
Southern California Man Claims He Was FBI Spy Among Muslims
Slight Boost Sought for Homeland Security in 2010
Recession, Bailout, Stimulus: US Security Threats?
TSA Considers Canal Mules Are 'Terrorists'
Alleged Ohio Terror Plotter Sentenced to 20 Years
Study: Terror Fight Must Include Battle of Ideas
Iran Slams US Envoy to UN, Says US Must Change
Iran's Reformers Put Hope in 'New Khatami'
IAEA Urged to Impose 'Special' Inspection on Syria
High-Level US-Syrian Meeting to Improve Relations
Clinton Says Improved Syria Ties Uncertain
Israeli Politics
Israeli Rivals Divided Over Palestinian State
Lieberman: I Back Creation of Palestinian State
Netanyahu to US Envoy: I'll Honor Israel's Previous Commitments
National Union Party Says Next Israeli Government Will Be 'More Jewish, More Zionist'
Israel Civil Admin. Okays Plans for Thousands of West Bank Homes
Palestinians Agree to Work to Form Unity Govt
Israel Bombs Tunnels in Gaza Strip After Rocket Attack
Gaza Gloom Darkens West Bank Springtime
Israel Urges Gaza Aid Efforts Not Break Hamas Boycott
US Helps Palestinians Build Force for Security
Red Cross: Rebuilding Gaza Will Fail Without Peace
Taliban Say Want Peace With Afghans, NATO Troops Out
US Troops Move on Taliban Stronghold in Afghanistan
Blast Kills 3 British Troops in South Afghanistan
In the North, Afghans Fight Hunger, Not the Taliban
US, Afghans, Pakistanis Plan Regular 3-Way Talks
Air Force to Fly 300 Stryker Combat Vehicles to Afghanistan
Pro-Sharif Demonstrations Spread Across Punjab
Zardari Imposes 'Governor Rule' on Punjab
Sharif Blames Zardari for Verdict
US Aid Effort Under Fire in Pakistan Border Area
Taliban Kill 'US Spy' as 'Gift to Obama'
Pakistan Police Block Sharif Supporters at Assembly
Sharif: Nation Not to Accept Undemocratic Decisions
Khyber Agency People Feeling Insecure
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Editor Accused of Aiding Rebel Airstrike
Ministry: Army Finds Rebel Suicide-Bomb Factory in North Sri Lanka
North Korea
US Dispatches Envoy for North Korea Nuclear Talks
Report: North Korea Builds Underground Fueling Facility
China Rejects US Rights Report as Interference
China Insists Tibet Open to Tourists
Kyrgyz Base Closure Points to Region in Crisis
Bangladesh Mutiny Ends After Tanks Enter Capital
An Opening in Cyberspace Closes
Japan Opposition's US Military Remarks Draw Criticism
No Contact With Staff Abducted in Philippines: Red Cross
Tensions Rise in Fragile Bosnia as Country's Serbs Threaten to Seek Independence
Russia Slams State Department Report
Kosovo President Accepts Verdict Against Former Serb Leader
Serbia Seeks Arrest of Former Muslim and Croat Leaders in Bosnia
UN Radio: Dozens Killed in Clashes in South Sudan
Beshir Pledges 'Free' Elections in Sudan
Worries About Sudan Shadow UN Chief on Africa Trip
Somali Militant Group Triggers US Terror Concerns
Al-Qaeda Offshoot Claims Algeria Attacks
Mugabe Eyes Fresh Zimbabwe Elections in Two Years
Colombian Spy Agency No Longer to Control Wiretaps
US Hostages' Chronicle Critical of Betancourt
Argentina Summons US Ambassador to Talk About CIA
Middle East
Yemen to Buy More Russian Fighters
Gemayel: Security Fears Hang Over Lebanon Vote

Justin Raimondo
The Silence of the Liberals 

David R. Henderson
Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

Doug Bandow
Balancing Beijing

Alan Bock
Empire at the End of Its Rope

Ivan Eland
Obama's Policy on Civil Liberties: Bush Lite?

Nebojsa Malic
A Year After

Charles Peña
Portents From the First
Press Conference

Philip Giraldi
Renounce Extraordinary Rendition

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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