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Erasing Red Ink: Slash the Defense Budget: Eland
The Future of the IAEA: Gordon Prather
Plan May Leave Combat Brigades in Iraq: G. Porter
Israel's Lurch Could Be Far Indeed: Helena Cobban
How Mom Sent a Guy to Gitmo: Rosa Brooks

 Gareth Porter

50,000 Troops to Stay in Iraq

 David R. Henderson

The Economics of Empire

 Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Iran's Security Concerns

 Daniel Levy

Prospects for Peace

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Updated March 1, 2009 - 11:28 PM EST
US Drone Attack Kills at Least 12 in Pakistan
  Pakistan Says Taliban Beaten Back in Border Region
  Pakistan Province Cancels Arms Distribution to Villagers
US Deaths Spike in Afghanistan
  Afghan War Should Last Until 2025, Says Ex-Commander
  Afghan President Says Polls to Be Held by May
  Intel Sources: Iranian Missile Being Sent to Taliban in Afghanistan
Obama Declares Iraq War End, Fighting Continues
  Obama's Iraq Plan Draws Fire From Left
  Obama Budget Overly Optimistic on Costs of War
  Iraq Withdrawal, Logistical Nightmare?
  Leaving Iraq: Shift to South, Exit Through Desert
Obama Admin. Defends Indefinite Detention
  Some Cases Where Obama's Policies Are Like Bush's
  A Terrorism Test Case Obama May Not Want
  Sen. Whitehouse Prepares the Nation for Torture Horrors
Netanyahu Gives Up on Alliance With Livni
  Lieberman: I Want to Be Foreign Minister of Israel
  Israel's Death Squads: A Soldier's Story
Obama's Iraq Plan Ain't It
by Robert Dreyfuss
The Future of the IAEA  by Gordon Prather
Disentangling Layers of a Loaded Term in Search of a Thread of Peace  by Michael Slackman
What Foreign Policy?  by Ximena Ortiz
America's Human Traffickers  by Garry Reed
Obama’s Afghan Problem
by Thomas Eddlem

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US Still Backs August Date for Afghanistan Election
Obama Moved Toward Commanders in Iraq Decision
Mexico Rejects US Drug Violence Warning
Liberty Groups Unite to Defend UK Rights
Data on Obama's Helicopter Breached Via P2P?
Chechen Leader Imposes Strict Brand of Islam
Malaysian Police Break Up Ethnic Indian Rally With Chemical-Laced Water
How Canadians Almost Ignited a Middle East War
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Welcomes Obama Plan but Still Wants US Help
Iraqi PM Says His Security Forces Ready to Take Over Security From US
El Salvador Honors Soldiers Who Served in Iraq
Consensus Emerges in Congress for Obama Iraq Plan
Americans Relieved as Obama Pledges Iraq Winddown
Hostage Crises
Iraq: Oil Prices May Drag Budget Lower
Iraq Appeals for Help Rebuilding Oil Industry
Nightlife Returns as Baghdad Becomes Secure
Iraq's Ailing Farm Sector More Crucial Than Ever
Iraqi Security
Baghdad Blast Kills Police Official, Wounds 10 Others
Iraq Arrests al-Qaeda 'Oil Minister'
Baghdad Bomb Kills Four: Iraq Security Official
Trial for Iraqis Accused of Killing British Soldiers: Judge
Saturday: 1 Marine, 3 Iraqis Killed; 19 Iraqis Wounded
US Military
Questions Raised Anew About Religion in Military
Ky. Army Officer Gets 25 Years for Detainee Murder
Mom: Deployment Leaves No One to Care for Kids
Bomb Squad Moves Into the Pentagon, to Stay
'War on Terror'
Guilty: Britain Admits Collusion, New Torture Claims Emerge
Terror Watchdog Calls for Inquiry Into MI5 'Torture Role'
Bail Posted for In-Law of al-Qaeda Official
Carlos the Jackal Asks Obama for Help in Tracking Down Disappeared Terrorist
Iran Says US-Led Forces Plan to Stay in Iraq
Iran Urges Iraq to Expel Opposition Group
Iran Stresses Need for Nuclear Fuel Production
Israeli Politics
Netanyahu Says Obama 'Interested' in His Ideas
Israel's Lieberman: I Am Ready to Vacate My Own House for Peace
Netanyahu: Palestinians Should Govern Selves, Not Threaten Us
Top Syria-Based Hamas Leader Secretly Visits Gaza
IDF: Rocket Fired From Gaza Hits Israeli School
Israel PM's Family Link to Hamas Peace Bid
Abbas, Hamas Signal First Dispute Over Unity Talks
In the Aftermath of Gaza, Hamas Becomes Harder to Ignore
Experts: Grads in Israel Were Advanced
Abbas Insists on Leading Gaza Rebuilding
Global Mideast Impact
Hamas Rejects Clinton's Call for It to Recognize Israel
Israel, Jewish Groups Hail US Boycott of Durban 2 Summit
Official: Arab Countries Have Not Delivered on Gaza Pledges
Rebuilding Gaza: World Faces Daunting Challenge
Firebomb Thrown at Crowded Cairo Metro Station
American in Egypt Attacked Near Bomb Site
Hezbollah: 'Ready for Any Confrontation With Israel'
Focus in Hariri Assassination Shifts to Courtroom
UN Court to Ask Lebanon to Hand Over Generals
Chiquita Seeks Dismissal of Colombia Death Lawsuit
Colombian Army Unearths Rebel Hide-Outs in Caves
Weekend Reviews
Wilsonian Slaughter
Jane Fonda's Antiwar Years With the FTA
Why the Dark Secrets of the First Gulf War Are Still Haunting Us
The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle Against America's Veterans
Police Report: Taliban May Take Over Karachi
Pakistan Govt Denies Plan to Detain Opposition March Leaders
US Joint Chiefs Work With Pakistani General
Pakistan: Powers of Punjab Nazims Restored
US: Step Aside, Limey, This Is How to Fight the Taliban
Canada PM Says Afghan Mission Major NATO Test
Gordon Brown to Support Obama's Afghan Plea for More Troops
US Looks to China for Support on Afghanistan: Pentagon
New US Marine Officers Have Afghan War on Their Minds
RAF Jettisons Its Top Guns: Drones to Fly Sensitive Missions Over Afghanistan
More Bodies Found at Bangladesh Mutiny Site
Bangladesh Says 72 Still Missing After Mutiny
Bangladeshi Govt Poised to Go Tough Against Mutineers
Bangladesh Army Reaffirms Support for Government
Inside the Bloody HQ at Heart of Bangladesh Mutiny
North Korea
China to Sanction North Korea in Case of Missile Launch
North Korea Warns Again of Conflict on Korean Peninsula
China Tensions High After Tibet Monk Sets Himself Alight
China, US Agree to Resume Key Military Exchanges
China Denounces US 'Rights Abuse'
Japan, China Seek Agreement Beyond Islands Row
Mumbai Massacre Survivors Join New Indian Anti-Corruption Party
Anger as Rights Activists Barred From ASEAN Talks
Nepal Says Bans Tibet Protests Near China Embassy
Russia Denies Plane Approached Canadian Airspace
Canada: Russian Bomber Chased Off Before Obama Visit
Somali Government, Islamic Group Agree to Truce
Somali President Bends to Rebel Demand for Sharia Law
UN Urges Somalis Overseas to Back Peace Process
US Praises China Anti-Piracy Role Off Somalia
Mugabe Says Zimbabwe Land Seizures Will Continue
Mugabe Wants Zimbabwe's White Farmers Out
Mugabe Urges Followers to Respect New Govt
Two Killed at Protest
Madagascar Opposition Calls for More Protests
UN Chief Defends Peacekeeping Mission in Congo
Nigeria Militants Say Will Sabotage Sahara Gas Pipeline
Starvation and Strife Menace Torn Kenya
Americans Keep Dying
Utah Teacher-Turned-Soldier Killed in Iraq
Indianapolis (IN) Soldier Was Planning to Marry
Maryland Soldier Killed in Kandahar by Roadside Bomb
Services Set for Tucson (AZ) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Kewanee (OK) Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Montesano (WA) Airman Killed in Afghanistan
Friends Remember Otsego County (NY) Soldier
Soldier (HI) Supporting Iraqi War Killed in Kuwait Accident
Sergeant From Mattoon (IL) Killed by Afghan IED
Pennsylvania Corrections Officer Killed in Iraq

Justin Raimondo
The Silence of the Liberals 

Ivan Eland
Erasing Red Ink: Slash the Defense Budget

David R. Henderson
Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

Doug Bandow
Balancing Beijing

Alan Bock
Empire at the End of Its Rope

Nebojsa Malic
A Year After

Charles Peņa
Portents From the First
Press Conference

Philip Giraldi
Renounce Extraordinary Rendition

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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