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Rendition and Secrecy

 Robert Dreyfuss

Obama's Iraq and Iran Policies

 Gareth Porter

50,000 Troops to Stay in Iraq

 David R. Henderson

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Updated March 3, 2009 - 11:27 PM EST

Russia Brushes Off Obama: No Haggling

Clinton: Diplomacy Unlikely to Work With Iran

  Report: Obama May Drop Missile Shield for Russian Help Against Iran
French DM Urges Date for NATO Afghan Pullout
  Many in Afghanistan Oppose Obama's Troop Buildup Plans
  Militants' Sudden Unity Threatens Obama's Afghanistan Strategy
  NATO Promises: Troops Won't Enter Pakistan

Iraqi Court Acquits Tariq Aziz

US-Israel Ties May Suffer Over Rightist Govt

Gazans Want Open Borders, Not Handouts

In Legal Memos, Clearer View of Power Bush Sought

8 Dead in Attack on Sri Lanka Cricketers in Pakistan

Sri Lanka Presses Offensive Against Separatists

Mission Accomplished Indefinitely
by Jeff Huber
Obama's 'State Secrets' Echo Bush
by Nat Hentoff
Scholar Presaged US Descent to Destitution  by Logan Jenkins
Iran, the Jews, and Germany
by Roger Cohen
Obama's Retreat on Iraq
by Steve Chapman
It's Obama's War, Now  by Chris Hedges

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Cheney Deposition Is Ordered in Lawsuit by Protester

Surveillance Court Quietly Moving

Mom Recalled to Army to Be Discharged After Reporting to Duty With Kids

Gordon Brown Travels in Hope of New Special Relationship

CIA Destroyed Nearly 100 Interrogation Videotapes

Court Turns Down Agent Orange Cases

Raul Castro Ousts Top Cubans Loyal to Fidel

Today in Iraq

Iraq Plans Census to Map Ethnic Divisions

Iraqi Kurds Court British Business

Former Iranian President Promises Help for Iraq

Iraq's 'Chemical Ali' Given Third Death Sentence

Attacks Continue

Iraq Motorcycle Bomb Kills Three, Wounds 16

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 10 Iraqis Killed; 32 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Officer Gets 25 Years in Iraqi Detainee's Killing

Americans' Lasting Mark on Iraq: Colorful, Complex Tattoos

Tehran: US Remarks on Iran Being Close to Nuclear Weapon Baseless

ElBaradei Calls on Iran to Unblock Nuclear Stalemate

Iran Again Denies Seeking a Nuclear Bomb

Russia FM Lavrov: US Should Talk to Iran

Iran: Activities of US Journalist 'Illegal'


Guinea-Bissau President Shot Dead by Soldiers

Is Colombia's Drug Trade Behind Guinea-Bissau Assassinations?

A Look at Guinea-Bissau's History of Instability

Battles of Britain

US Navy Hands Over 9 Suspected Pirates to Somalia

Rwanda: Joint Efforts With Congo to Continue

Darfuris Flee on Eve of Bashir Case

Zimbabwean Rights Activist Mukoko Freed - Lawyer


Ten Killed in Philippines Clashes

Chinese Troops Surround Protesting Monastery


North Korea Holds Rare DMZ Meeting With UN Forces

US to Go Ahead With Military Drills in South Korea

North Korea: US Must Cancel Military Drill With South

Russia and Her Neighbors

Is Vladimir Putin Still in Power?

Putin's Party Wins Regional Elections

Ukraine Teeters as Citizens Blame Banks and Government


UN Official Backs Afghanistan Election in Summer

NATO May Ask China for Support in Afghanistan

Red Cross Warns of Growing Threat to Afghan Civilians

Field Notes From Forward Operating Base Altimur in Afghanistan

Idea of Afghan Women's Rights Starts Taking Hold


NATO: Swat Peace Deal Is Pakistan's Internal Matter

Pakistani Islamist Group Joins Anti-Government Protest

Pakistan Cites Gains Over Militants in Border Area

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, Rebels Battle Toward Final Showdown

Privacy Goes Public in Sri Lanka


Bangladesh Deploys Army to Catch Mutineers

Pakistan Denies Involvement in Bangladesh Mutiny

Gaza/Donor Conference

Donors Pledge Aid to Rebuild Gaza, Shun Hamas

Cash Alone 'Will Not Mend Gaza'

Hamas Demands Role in Gaza Reconstruction

Israel Tells UN It Plans Gaza Rocket Response

Push for Peace to Avert Violence, Gaza Donors Told

Report: Russia to Send 50 Armored Vehicles to Palestinian Authority
Israeli Politics

Israel's Netanyahu Rejected Again in Coalition Bid

Lieberman, Religious Parties Optimistic After Meeting


Study: Israel Plans to Double West Bank Settlers

Israel Unlikely to Shorten Army Service Due to Drop in Eligible Conscripts

Israel Demolishes Two Houses in East Jerusalem

UK Science Museum Accused Over Links to Israel

Clinton 'Passionate' About Two-State Solution in Middle East
Middle East

Algerian Minister Refutes US Rights Criticism

Hillary Clinton Offers Handshake of Friendship to Syria

For Saudi Liberals, a Ripple of Hope in a Sea of Tradition

In Other News

Blackwater Founder Prince Steps Down as CEO

US Nuclear Relic Found in Bottle

Ban: Land Mines Still Significant Threat

Colombia Says Troops Kill Local Rebel Commander


Justin Raimondo
Iran: And the Beat Goes On

Philip Giraldi
Radical Rethink Needed in Washington

Alan Bock
Drug War Tragedy in Mexico

Ivan Eland
Erasing Red Ink: Slash the Defense Budget

David R. Henderson
Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

Doug Bandow
Balancing Beijing

Nebojsa Malic
A Year After

Charles Peņa
Portents From the First
Press Conference

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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