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Updated March 10, 2009 - 11:28 PM EDT

Intel Pick Chas Freeman Withdraws


Statement from Charles Freeman

33 Dead in Suicide Attack on Iraq Tribal Leaders


Odierno: No Sign Iraqis Will Ask US to Stay

US General Says Allies 'Not Winning' Afghan War


Coalition Deaths From IED Soar in Afghanistan


US Halted Some Afghan Raids Over Concern on Deaths

Obama to Escalate Drone Attacks in Pakistan

  Pakistani Govt Accuses Opposition Leader of 'Sedition'
  Pakistan's Sharif: Get Ready for Revolution
US: Chinese Ships Harassed Unarmed Navy Vessel

Symbolic Dates Have China on Edge

Iran's Anti-Israel Rhetoric Aimed at Arab Opinion

  Iran Opens Bushehr Nuclear Plant to Tourists
  Khatami Defends Iran's 'Nuclear Right'

Sri Lanka Suicide Blast Kills 14, Wounds Minister

Polish Leader Warns Obama Not to Abandon Missile Defense

The Assault on Chas Freeman
by Joe Klein
Obama, Bush Secret-Keeper
by Dahlia Lithwick
Canada Follows America's Slide
by Richard Matthews
Enduring Blunder  by Jeff Huber
Burdening Israel  by Brendan O’Neill
Middle East Reality Check
by Roger Cohen

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Terror-War Fallout Lingers Over Bush Lawyers

Obama Looks to Limit Impact of Tactic Bush Used to Sidestep New Laws

Detainees Say They Planned Sept. 11

17 National Organizations Ask to Reconsider Afghanistan Surge

Israeli Settlers Terrorize Palestinian Villagers

Reagan Tried to Convert Gorbachev to Christianity

Today in Iraq

Iraqi Security Forces Deployed to Syria Border

Iraq's Women's Minister to Withdraw Resignation

Attacks Continue

Iraqi Prime Minister Calls for Unity After Bombings

Four Killed in Two Attacks Near Mosul

UK: Rocket Attack on British Base in Iraq Kills 1

Monday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Sees Only Modest Troop Cuts in Iraq This Year

Time Running Out for US Troops in Violent Mosul

Ethnic Tensions in Kirkuk Turn US Military Into Mediator

Small-Town Guardsmen Groomed to Hunt Bombs in Iraq

The War at Home

One Man's Journey From Campus to Combat

From Campus to Combat: 'Professor' Pays Heavy Price

Iranian Sentenced in Florida for Night-Vision Deal


In Iran, Khatami Loses a Key Backer

After 2 Years, No Word on American Missing in Iran

Press Freedom Group Asks Iran to Release Reporter


In China, No Plans to Emulate West's Way

China Beefs Up Tibet Border Against 'Expected Sabotage'

In Exile 50 Years, Will the Dalai Lama Ever Return to Tibet?

Tibet in Grip of Chinese 'Martial Law' 50 Years After Uprising

Seeking Justice, Chinese Land in Secret Jails

Taiwan May Create Agency to Coordinate With Chinese Military

China Military 'Copy' Machine Irks Russia

US, South Korea Open War Games; North Korea in Combat Mode

Tension High on Korean Peninsula Amid Military Drills

North Korea Says on Full Combat Readiness

Kim's Sons Not on New List of North Korean Lawmakers


Sudan Frees President's Chief Opponent

Sudan Opposition Leader Discusses Detention


Somali Rebels Vow More Attacks on AU Troops

China to Renew Somalia Anti-Piracy Mission


Tsvangirai Calls Crash an Accident

Ivory Coast Peace Deal Runs Into Dead End

2 Slayings in West Africa May Signal a New Day

Army Mutiny Heightens Madagascar Crisis


US General: Mexican Drug Cartels Linked to Terrorism

Bolivia Expels US Diplomat, Alleging Conspiracy

Canada: New NATO Chief Doesn't Have to Be European


Russian Advice on Afghanistan: More Troops Won't Help

Pakistan Urges Iran to Help Stabilize Afghanistan

Afghanistan Seeks Iran Help in Stability Efforts

Iran Says US Failing in Afghanistan

Bomb Kills Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan

Talking to the Taliban

Afghanistan's Soviet Remnants

Pakistani Interior Minister: Opposition Speeches 'Close to Treason'

Crisis in Pakistan; What's Happening This Time?

Former Pakistani General: Nukes Prevented India From Attacking After Mumbai

Lahore Attack 'Mastermind' Escapes Police Raid in Punjab


US Likely to Step Up FATA Drone Attacks

Taliban Kill Three US 'Spies' in South Waziristan

Search for Wreck of US Drone Continues

Pakistani Tribe Signs Pact to Cooperate With Officials

Pakistan Sets Roadblocks in US Hunt for Extremists, Officials Say

Pakistani Taliban Target Sufi Shrines

Taliban Release Five Soldiers in Bajaur

Pakistani Troops Kill 15 Militants in Northwest

Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Military Claims Over 200 Rebels Killed

Report: US, India to Discuss Invasion of Sri Lanka


Clinton Holds Talks With Indian Counterpart

Court Rejects Mumbai Gunman's Translation Request


Envoys Concerned Over 'Negative' Turn in Nepal Peace


Netanyahu: Coalition Talks Far From Over

Children Paid Heavy Price in Gaza Conflict

Captured Israeli's Parents Set Up Protest Camp

Israel Imposes West Bank Closure During Festival

Israeli West Bank Mines 'Illegal'


Peace With Israel Possible, Says Syria's Assad

Syria Leader: Site Bombed by Israel Built Over


Hezbollah Sees Lebanon Unity Government, Recognition

Hezbollah: War With Israel Unlikely in Near Future

First Stone Laid at Razed Refugee Camp in Lebanon


Controversial SS March Divides Latvia and Russia

Riga Bans SS Veterans' March Over Fears of Clashes

Italy High Court to Rule on CIA Kidnap Case

Brown Says Irish Assault Will Not Halt Peace Effort

IRA Splinter Group Says It Killed Troops

Turkish Minister Warns Obama Against Recognizing Armenian Genocide

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Signs of Progress

Philip Giraldi
A Convenient Scapegoat

Alan Bock
Resignation Setting In?

Nebojsa Malic
Tinker, Traitor, Soldier, Spy

Charles Peña
Conflicting Visions of Security

Ivan Eland
Erasing Red Ink: Slash the Defense Budget

David R. Henderson
Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

Doug Bandow
Balancing Beijing

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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