17 Die in Militant Attack on Afghan Govt Building    US Expands Pakistan Drone-Strike Zone; 14 Dead    Expert: N. Korea Has Several Nuclear Warheads    TTP Leader: Lahore Was Retaliation for Drone Strikes    Supreme Court Restores Punjab Govt    Support Builds in Congress to Lift Cuba Embargo    Dozens of Israeli Aircraft Involved in Sudan Attack    Netanyahu Sworn in as Israeli PM    US Troops Take Over Basra Base    In a Desolate Iraqi Village, War Is Far From Over    Judge Orders Release of Guantanamo Detainee    Weekend Uprising Shows Iraqi Tensions    Left and Right Against the Military-Industrial Complex    Mayor, 34 Taliban Militants Killed in Afghanistan    Wars Abroad Continue at Home    Neoconservatism: The Return    Clinton Hails 'Promising Signs' of Thaw With Iran    Israel's New Foreign Minister Lieberman and Some of His Controversial Comments    Benjamin Netanyahu's Recipe for Disaster    US Urges Engagement With Non-Violent Taliban    Obama to Propose $2.8 Billion Military Aid Package for Pakistan    Levin: No US Aid Until Pakistan Takes on Militants    North Korea Threatens War Against Japan Over Missile    Senator: Expect Painful Cuts in Pentagon Budget    Not One Terrorist Plot Foiled by Torture of Abu Zubayda    The Moral Degeneracy of American Foreign Policy    Is Missile Defense Obsolete?    Sri Lanka Rejects Latest Tiger Truce Call    Beware Those Treacherous Afpakis    
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Updated April 1, 2009 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Expands Pakistan Drone-Strike Zone; 14 Dead
  Petraeus: US Has 'Right of Last Resort' in Pakistan
  Lahore Attack Was Retaliation for Drone Strikes, 'White House Next'
  Obama to Propose $2.8 Billion Military Aid Package for Pakistan
  Supreme Court Restores Punjab Govt

Dozens of Israeli Aircraft Involved in Sudan Attack

  Netanyahu Sworn in as Israeli PM

New Israeli Government May Be Out of Sync With US

N. Korea Threatens War With Japan Over Missile


Expert: North Korea Has Several Nuclear Warheads

Judge Orders Release of Guantánamo Detainee

Uighur Inmates at Guantánamo Pose a Dilemma

Weekend Uprising Shows Iraqi Tensions

In a Desolate Iraqi Village, War Is Far From Over

  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 15 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded
10 Die in Attack on Afghan Government Building
Support Builds in Congress to Lift Cuba Embargo
Left and Right Against the Military-Industrial Complex  by Jon Basil Utley
The Moral Degeneracy of American Foreign Policy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Not One Terrorist Plot Foiled by Torture of Abu Zubayda  by Thomas R. Eddlem
Wars Abroad Continue at Home
by Ann Jones and Tom Engelhardt
Benjamin Netanyahu's Recipe for Disaster  by Alex Massie
Beware Those Treacherous Afpakis
by Eric Margolis

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Senator: Expect Painful Cuts in Pentagon Budget

Senate Panel Okays Nominees for Iraq, Afghanistan

US to Join UN Human Rights Council, Reversing Bush Policy

Bill Would Federalize Cybersecurity

China Denies US Research Ship Access to Taiwan Strait

Guard Needs More Money to Send Troops to Mexican Border
Today in Iraq

Iraq Starts Policing Borders With Unmanned Planes

Iraq's Faltering Oil Revenues Hurt Public Services

Baghdad-to-Basra Train Offers Respite From Divisions and Pain

Attacks Continue

Iraq: Suicide Bomber Kills 8, Wounds 12 in Mosul

Tuesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 58 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

For US Troops, New Iraq Mission Requires Diplomacy, Patience

New Worries on Insurgency as US Readies Exit From Iraq

Brits Leave Basra

British Hand Off to US in Oil-Rich Southern Iraq

British Troops Say Goodbye to Basra as US Takes Over

US Takes Over as Britain Begins Basra Pullout

Britain Braced for a Surge in Military Suicide Rate

The War at Home

Marine's Court-Martial Begins in Iraq Killing Case

Senator: US Can't Ignore Iraqi Refugees

Sesame Street Shows Struggles of Troops, Families


A Look at North Korea's Missile Arsenal

US Asking That North Korea Release Americans

North Korea Missile Shows Sign of Satellite Payload


China, Taiwan Military to Meet in Hawaii

Southeast Asia Military Delegates Tour China Base
Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia-US Dispute Arises Over Canada Spying Accusation

Russian Movie Gives Kremlin's View of Georgia War

UAE Expects Russian Cooperation on Chechen Politician's Death

Obama to Seek Arms Control Treaty With Russia


Maritime Group Seeks Increased Patrols in Somalia

The Darfur the West Isn't Recognizing as It Moralizes About the Region

Khmer Rouge Figure Accepts Responsibility for Executions

Cambodia PM Rejects Wider Khmer Rouge Trials


Philippines Officials Plead With Rebels on Captives


US, Iran the Offstage Drama at Afghan Meet

Iran Hits Out at American Troop Surge in Afghanistan

Iran, in Gesture to US, Promises Help on Drugs

Iran Vows to Help Afghan Reconstruction

Clinton Hails 'Promising Signs' of Thaw With Iran

US, Iranian Diplomats Break the Ice at Conference

UK: Not the Time to Rush for More Iran Sanctions

Iran to the US: Where We Go Now

Afghan Conference

Good Intentions Fly at 'Big Tent' Conference on Afghanistan

US Urges Engagement With Non-Violent Taliban


Mayor, 34 Taliban Militants Killed in Afghanistan

A Look at Forces in Afghanistan

US Surge Troops See Highway as Road to Freedom in Afghanistan
Israel Fears Afghanistan Surge Could Reduce European Commitment to Lebanon

Levin: No US Aid Until Pakistan Takes on Militants

Pakistani Taliban Threatens Attack on White House

Pakistani Taliban and Their Leader Mehsud

Pakistan Braces for More Attacks

Attacks in Lahore 'Aimed at Pakistan's Heart'

Lahore Attacks Heighten Fears for Fate of Pakistan

Fears Mount for Kidnapped UN Official in Pakistan

Red Cross Raises Afghan-Pakistani Issues

Sri Lanka

What Is Fate of Civilians Trapped in Sri Lanka's War?

Sri Lanka Rejects Latest Tiger Truce Call

Outcome of Sri Lanka's War Hangs on Leader's Fate

Israeli Politics

Parties in Israel's New Coalition Government

Poll: 54% of Public Dissatisfied With New Israeli Government

A Look at Key Members of Israel's New Government

Five Facts About Israel's Avigdor Lieberman

Five Facts About Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak

Americans for Peace Now: Netanyahu Coalition Doesn't Bode Well for Peace
As Netanyahu Takes Israel's Helm, Syria Skeptical of Peace Prospects

Netanyahu Condemns Iran as 'Messianic Apocalyptic Cult'

Israelis, Palestinians Clash on Gaza Border

Report: Hamas Planning Military Staff College

Czech FM 'Not Happy' With Israeli Policies

UN: Palestinian Youth Oppose Violence to Resolve Conflict


Justin Raimondo
Neoconservatism: The Return

Charles V. Peņa
Is Missile Defense Obsolete?

David R. Henderson
To Reduce Violence,
End the Drug War

Philip Giraldi
Stop Arming Israel

Alan Bock
Operation Incoherence

Ivan Eland
The US Should Fear Its Friends

Nebojsa Malic
Turning Point

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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