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Updated June 9, 2009 - 10:37 PM EDT
Afghan Official: US Soldier Threw Grenade at Civilians
  Pentagon Admits ‘Problems’ in Farah Air Strike
  Al-Qaeda Plays Key Role on Pak-Afghan Border
  7,000 US Marines Patrolling Southern Afghan Desert

Israeli Minister Eyes Sanctions Against US

  Israel Ministry Wages Settlement War Against US
  Palestinians: US Will Demand IDF Pullout From West Bank Cities
  Israeli Defense Officials to Meet on Easing Gaza Blockade

Poll Shows Ahmadinejad Leading in Iran Election


A Relative Unknown Leads Challenge in Iran


Iran's Main Nuclear Plant Expanding Rapidly, Says IAEA


Iranians Keen on Improved Ties With US

NK Sentences US Reporters to 12 Years Hard Labor

  North Korean Labor Camps a Ghastly Prospect for US Journalists

North Korea Bans Ships from Port Area for Possible Missile Test

Iraqi Shi'ites Try to Revive Sectarian Coalition
  Supreme Court: Iraq Has Legal Immunity for Actions Under Saddam
  Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded

Hezbollah Leader Accepts Election Loss


Hezbollah Handed a Stinging Defeat


Despite Defeat Hezbollah Remains a Potent Political Force

UN: Over 100,000 Somalis Have Fled Since May

UN's Big Powers World's Top Military Spenders

  Opposition to IMF Funding, Photo Provisions Delays War Funding Bill
The Hollow Howls of the Israeli Right  by Seth Freedman
What if Osama Calls Obama's Bluff?  by Michael Scheuer
How Not to Support Democracy in the Middle East  by Stephen Zunes
Our McMan in Bananastan  by Jeff Huber
Unnatural Growth The Forward
Words and War  by Norman Solomon

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Contractors Detained in Gruesome Green Zone Slaying

CIA Urges Judge to Keep Bush-Era Documents Sealed

Religious Leaders to Lobby Obama for Torture Inquiry
Boumediene Details Gitmo Ordeal

Justice Dept. Lawyers Sought Interrogation Limits

ACLU: American Detained, Tortured in UAE at US Govt's Behest

Israel Cracks Down on Minority Rights

Sydney University Offers Six-Week Antiwar Protest Course

Stephen Colbert Gets a Crew Cut in Iraq

Today in Iraq

UN Chief Urges Iraqis Not to Revert to Revenge

Iraqi President Calls for End to Dispute With Kuwait Over 1991 Gulf War Reparations

US Frees Iraqi Suspect in Killing of 5 GIs

Bombing Kills 9 in Mainly Shi'ite Area in Baghdad

Monday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded
The War at Home

Turf Battles on Intelligence Pose Test for Spy Chiefs

Photo-Suppression Amendment Removed From Supplemental

Lieberman, Graham Seek to Block Torture Photos at All Costs

WA City Settles With Prof Arrested for Photographing Power Lines


Iran Elections 2009: Thousands Rally for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as Poll Looms

In Iran, Harsh Talk as Election Nears

Huge Campaign Rallies Snarl Tehran

Iran: Rap, Blogs and the Political Mix

Poll: Few Iranians See US Favorably, Despite Obama

South Asia

India to Increase Troops Along China Border

Sri Lanka Rejects British Tamil Aid Ship


Myanmar Democracy Movement Appears to Be Weakening

Nearly 1,800 Ethnic Karen Flee Myanmar Fighting

North Korea
For Journalists Jailed in North Korea, Political Talks May Hold the Key to Freedom

Inside North Korea's Labor Camps

US Weighs Intercepting North Korean Shipments


Yet Another Review Ordered of Afghan Policy — Fifth This Year

Pakistani Troops Kill Seven Taliban in Swat; Win Local Support

Pakistan's Refugee Crisis Could Worsen

Taliban Faction Splits Over Terrorism


Lebanon Vote Undercuts Hezbollah, Boost for Obama

Former Israeli DM Credits 2006 Invasion With Hezbollah Election Loss

Nasrallah Accuses Opponents of Deceiving Public

Lebanon's President Calls on Political Forces to Cooperate


4 Palestinian Fighters Killed in Gaza Border Clash

Israel Drops Charges Against Settler Filmed Shooting Palestinians

'Obama Peace Push Will Fail Without Talking to Hamas'


NATO to Scale Down Kosovo Presence, US Official Says

Russian Forces Kill Rebel Chechen Leader

Ukraine Opposition Fails in 'Coup' Attempt

Real IRA Chief Liable for Omagh Bombing


Obama to Welcome Zimbabwe's Prime Minister

Shell to Pay $15.5 Million to Settle Nigerian Case

Somalia Militant Says His Death Exaggerated


Cuba Turns Down Chance to Rejoin OAS

Son of Privilege Accused of Spying for Cuba


Justin Raimondo
Leave China Alone

Philip Giraldi
Obama's Obstacles in Congress

David R. Henderson
Obama's Baby Steps

Alan Bock
A Snare and a Delusion

Ivan Eland
Obama Versus Osama

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Unsinkable Hamid Karzai

Charles V. Peņa
When It Rains, It Pours

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

Nebojsa Malic
Biden Does the Balkans

Ran HaCohen
Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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