36 Police Killed by Maoists in Eastern India    6-10 Afghan Police Killed Every Day: Govt    Conservative Candidate Declares Iran May Face 'Disintegration'    At Least 43 Killed in Mogadishu Clashes    Report: North Korea's Kim Has Pancreatic Cancer    Iran's Invisible Nicaraguan Embassy    Even Optimistic Iraqi Army Chief Predicts 'Years of Attacks'    Bush Anti-Terror Policies Get Reluctant Revisit    Minnesota Mom Says Missing Son, 20, Killed in Somalia    Palestinians Doubt Sincerity of Netanyahu Offer for Talks    Britain Slaps Partial Arms Embargo on Israel    Corrupt, Brutal Police Led Afghans to Welcome Taliban as Liberators    Palestinians Reject Any Israel-US Settlement Deal    Cheney 'Set Up Illegal Secret Spy Project'    16 Killed in Karachi in 24 Hours    Israel Never Dallied on Iran Nukes, Says Netanyahu    UK Generals Rebuffed in Plea for More Helmand Forces    Obama Is 'Welcome' in Damascus, Syrian Foreign Minister Says    Iraqi Lawmaker Blames Kurds for Spate of Bomb Attacks    Bombers Target Baghdad Churches – Again    Roadside Bomb Targets US Ambassador to Iraq    Norks and Nukes    Solana to UN: Accept Palestinian State Even if Israel Does Not    Up to 200 Rebels Dead in Three Weeks of Afghan Offensive: Govt    Iraqi Forces Not Seeking US Help in Urban Combat    The Myth of the 'Surge'    'Staying the Course' Prolongs Afghan War    The Fog of Hubris: The Life and Afterlife of Robert McNamara    The Obama Justice System    
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Iraq Bomb Explodes Near US Envoy's Vehicle
  Bloody Weekend Includes 2 Iraqis Killed by GIs
  Sadr Supporters' Parliament Walkouts Stymie Vote on British Pact
Pakistan to US: Stop Bombing, Osama Isn't Here
  Another Insurgency Gains in Pakistan
  Official: Pakistan Can Help Broker US-Taliban Talks
Obama: No Grounds to Probe Afghan War Crimes
  Four US Marines Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Blast
  Report: Taliban Captures District in East Afghanistan
  Brown's 'Secret Plan' to Cut UK Afghanistan Force by 1,500
  Obama Says Afghanistan Taliban Pushed Back, Long Way to Go
Obama Suggests Sanctions for Iran
  Advisor to Iranian Supreme Leader Calls for Tolerance of Dissent
Israel Has 'No Knowledge' of US Ultimatum
  Report: Egypt Drops Bid for Palestinian Unity Government
Cheney Told CIA to Withhold Information: Report
  Bush's Secret NSA Spying May Have Tainted Prosecutions
  Computers in US Linked to Cyber Attack
Why Do Leading Feminists Support the Afghan War?  by Sonali Kolhatkar and Mariam Rawi
The Shoe Message Won't Be Forgotten  by Shamsul Akmar
Pentagon Report Verified Detainee Torture  by Thomas R. Eddlem
More Bonkers Bolton Legacy?
by Gordon Prather
TSA: Tyrannical, Silly Agency
by Becky Akers
Does the Pass ID Act Protect Privacy?  by Jim Harper

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UK Defense Ministry May Face Hundreds of New Torture Claims From Iraq
N. Korean Army Suspected Over Cyberattacks
Visits to US Prison in Iraq Bring More Worries, Questions
US Army Says Iraqi Truck Driver Mistakenly Killed
A Call to Jihad From Somalia, Answered in US
UK Cabinet Was Told of Iraq War Risk, Says Ex-MI5 Chief
The War at Home
Report: Too Few US Officials Knew of Surveillance
Probe of Alleged Torture Weighed; White House Has Resisted Inquiry
Lawmaker: CIA May Have Broken Law by Lying to Congress
CIA Misled Congress, but About What?
US Soldier in Iraq Sentenced in Comrade's Shooting
Marine-Themed Public Schools Meet Resistance
Iraqi PM Renews Call to Change Constituion and Strengthen Central Government Power
Judges Attack Ministry of Defense Over Bid to Suppress Iraq Information
Maliki Warns of Deliberate Disruption of Iraqi Parliamentary Elections
Basra Plagued by Mine Menace
Iraq: The Story of Baha Mousa
Iraqi Police Say Car Bomb Kills 4, Wounds 38 Near Mosul
Demands to Investigate Journalists Abuse in Iraq
Saturday: 18 Iraqis Killed, 82 Wounded
Iran Preparing Proposals Package for Talks With West
Iranian Opposition Cleric Says Violence, Detainments Cannot Solve Crisis
Iran Hardliners Protest German Killing of Egyptian
12 'Soldiers of God' Rebels to Be Hanged in Southeastern Iran
Iranian-Americans Rally in Front of White House
Hamas Nabs Two Islamic Jihad Men Preparing to Fire Mortars at Israel
Israeli Forces Close Down West Bank Town
Abbas: Fatah Will Accept Any Proposal to End Siege on Palestinians
Israeli Warships Open Fire at Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza
Zahar: Hamas Responded Positively to Israeli Offers Over Shalit
Conflict-Worn Palestinians Carve Out Niches of Joy
IDF Uses 'Skunk Bomb' in Bil'in Protest
UN Investigator: Gaza War Report Will Be Balanced
Green Party Boss Links Pro-Israel German Group to Mossad
Jewish Residents in Beersheba Neighborhood Upset at Palestinian Collaborators Relocated to Site
1982 Memo Shows Israel Learned Little From First Lebanon War
Lebanese Army Denies French National Was Abducted
Lebanese Shepherds Outraged by Israeli Cow Incursions
One Turkish Soldier Killed, Another Injured in Clashes With Kurdish Rebels
Americans Still Dying
Florida Marine Killed in Afghanistan Was to Return Home Next Week to See Newborn Son
Soldier From Wright City (MO) Dies in Iraq Just Weeks Before His Wedding
Father of Five, Cook County (IL) Sheriff's Employee Killed in Afghanistan
Firefighter (NC) Killed in Iraq Leaves Behind Wife, Four Sons
Roadside Bomb Kills Former Hastings (MN) Resident in Afghanistan
West Pointer From Elkin (NC) Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Friend: Illinois Guardsman Killed in Afghanistan Was 'Part of Family'
Aberdeen (WA) Soldier Killed in Afghan Bombing on Fourth of July
Dunnigan (CA) Paratrooper Killed by Afghan Truck Bomb
Community Support Comforts Family of Soldier Killed in Iraq (NC)
Teachers, Family Remember Georgia Guardsman Killed in Afghanistan
Navy Airman From Canyon (TX) Dies at Afghanistan Air Base
Georgia Marine Suffers Fatal Gunshot Wound in Afghanistan
Sailor With Bomb Disposal Unit Killed in Roadside Blast (OK)
Brits in Afghanistan
Obama Extends Condolences to British Families of Troops Killed in Afghanistan
Criticism of Afghan War Is on the Rise in Britain
Brown Defends Afghanistan Strategy as Deaths Mount
British Foreign Secretary Defends Afghan Mission After Heavy Losses
Parents of Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Lash Out at British Government
New Peril for British Troops in Afghanistan: Taliban Have Learned Modern Warfare
They Call It 'The Visit'. It Means Your Loved One Has Been Killed in War
UK: Labor Party Clashes With Army as Afghan Death Toll Mounts
UK: Letters From Helmand Province, Afghanistan
On Patrol With in Afghanistan Valley Where Five British Soldiers Were Killed
Cruel Human Toll of Fight to Win Afghan Peace
Today in Afghanistan
Civilians Among Dozens Killed in Afghan Violence
Rethinking Strategy: US Officials Want More Afghan Forces to Fight Alongside Marines
Afghan Base Construction Continues
US Military Offensive Bogged by Afghan Road Mines
Six Indians Among 18 Killed in Afghan Taliban Attack
Tribal Region Poses Harsh Test for Pakistan Army
Pakistan Military to Rely on Air Power in Waziristan
Fears Abound in Swat's Main Town
Suicide Bombings Paralyze Peshawar
Pakistan: Mumbai Attacks Trial to Start Next Week
1 Militant Dead in Shootout in Central Pakistan
26 Militants Arrested in Swat
North Korea
Scholar: North Korea Interested in Freeing US Reporters
North Korea's Parliamentary Head Leaves for Egypt
China Raises Death Toll From Ethnic Riots to 184
Uighurs Dispute China's Breakdown of Riot Dead
Crackdown or Conciliation: China's Politburo Split Over Response to Uighur Violence
Urumqi Remains Calm as Chinese Troops, Police Keep Groups Apart
Woman China Blames for Violence Wants Dialogue
Bereaved Urumqi Families to Receive Compensation
China's Ethnic Mix Poses Challenge for Its Leaders in Beijing
Italian Red Cross Worker Freed in Philippines After 6 Months
Indonesia: Possible Sniper Kills Australian Mining Expert, 3 Rebels Arrested at Separate Shootout
British Malaya: Will Secret Documents Allow Real Story of Batang Kali Massacre to Be Told?
Clashes Kill Eight Rebels, Police Officer in Caucasus: Report
Russia Wants to Open 2nd Military Base in Kyrgyzstan
Mass Funeral for Srebrenica Massacre Victims
Obama in Africa
Obama Says Conflict Too Frequent in Africa
Obama Declares to Africa: End Tyranny, Corruption
Only Small Crowds Greet Obama During Ghana Visit
Text of Obama's Speech in Ghana
Foreign Fighter and Top Security Official May Be Among 16 Killed in Somalia
More Delays on New Troops to Congo, Says UN Envoy
Isolated Honduras Hunkers Down, Zelaya Vows Action
Hondurans Fear Prolonged Negotiations
No Easy End in Sight for Honduras Coup Crisis
Honduras Crisis May Spur Latin America Coups, Says Fidel Castro

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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