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Updated July 21, 2009 - 11:23 PM EDT

July Is Deadliest Month for US in Afghanistan


NATO Urges Allies to Do More in Afghanistan


Afghan Villagers Attack Taliban After Govt Promises Aid

Iraqis Restrict US Operations in Baghdad

  Iraq Govt Authorizes Defense Minister to Sign Agreement With NATO

Monday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded

Clinton Rules Out Military Junta in Pakistan


Pakistan Troops Kill 'Around 100' in Massive Assault Near Swat Valley

  No Letup in US Drone War in Pakistan

Obama Wins Fight to Limit Fighter Jets

  US to Increase Army by 22,000
  Judge Accuses CIA Officials of Fraud, Unseals Secret Files

Gitmo Task Force to Miss Deadline, Delay Key Report

Georgia Seeks US Troops for Border 'Monitoring'

Blank Checks Keep Europe Dependent on US  by Doug Bandow
Beyond the Hype: Cronkite and the Vietnam War  by Norman Solomon
Pentagon Enlists Feminists for War Aims  by Tom Hayden
War Without Purpose  by Chris Hedges
Netanyahu Activates Ticking Time Bomb  by Ira Glunts
Real ID – a Real Pain  Los Angeles Times

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Taliban Video of Captive Hits Home in Idaho

Americans Held in Iraq Say FBI Violated Rights

US Governors Visit Soldiers in Middle East

Poverty Drives Iraq Organ Trade

Russia Eases Restrictions on Rights Groups, NGOs

Israel Deploys Cyber Team to Spread Positive Spin on Blogs

Bosnian Serbs Convicted of Burnings


Maliki, Boosted by US Pullback, to Call on Obama

29 Fallujan Detainees Held by US Forces Released

Monday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded

Iran Election Dispute Escalates to New Phase

Iran's Top Leader Reportedly Warns Politicians

In South America, Israeli FM Seeks to Block Iran

Hard-Line Force Extends Grip Over a Splintered Iran

'War on Terror'

Emirates Closes Terror Trial of US Citizen

UK Terror Threat Level Is Reduced


US: No Unilateral Moves in East Jerusalem

Israeli Envoy Accuses UN of 'Cooperating' With Infiltrators

Palestinians: Settlers Torch West Bank Olive Trees

The Painful Cost to Israel of Its Settler Adventure

'Defenders of Ataturk' on Trial for Plotting to Overthrow Turkish Government

Turkey Won't Give Up 'Rights' on Cyprus

Final Collapse of Honduras Talks Raises Threat of New Violence

Zelaya Prepares Return to Honduras as Talks Stall

US Turns Up Pressure on Honduras Government


Australian Troops to 'Eventually' Leave Afghanistan

Laying Down the Law: US Tries to Make Policemen of the 'Robbers in Uniform'

US Increasing Counter-Narcotics Efforts in Afghanistan

Clinton Regrets Rise in US Deaths in Afghanistan

Pentagon Seeks to Overhaul Prisons in Afghanistan


20 Dead in Clashes in Troubled Northwest Pakistan

Clinton Says 9/11 Ringleaders Are in Pakistan

South Asia

Clinton Prepares to Sign India Cooperation Deals

In Reversal, Mumbai Attacker Admits Guilt

Red Cross Closes Offices in Eastern Sri Lanka


US, South Korea Seeking New Way of Disarming North

Clinton: Ignore North Korea's 'Demand for Attention'

Conflicts in China's North Korea Policy


After Riots, China to Promote Anti-Separatist Laws

China Says US Spy Charges 'Made Up'

Somali Insurgents Loot UN Compounds and Expel Agencies From Country

Justin Raimondo
Back to Iraq?

Kelley B. Vlahos
COIN Meets Reality in Hindu Kush

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Ivan Eland
The Sinister Purpose Behind Bush Administration Lawlessness

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Philip Giraldi
Twittering Revolutionaries

Nebojsa Malic

Charles V. Peña
Travel Trials and Tribulations

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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