Israel Warns Gaza Reconstruction Aid Might Help Hamas    Russia Warns Against Arms Sales to Georgia    Bush-Era Debate: Using GIs in US    Justice Dept Admits It Has No Case Against Gitmo Teen    Dearth of Capable Afghan Forces Complicates US Mission in South    Deadly Clash Underscores Rift Over Interpretation of US-Iraq Deal    Army Brass Conduct Before Afghan Attack Is Questioned    Karzai Vows to Regulate Foreign Troops in Reelected    Trenches to Protect Iraqi Christians    US Commander: Reservist Deployments Won't Slow Down Any Time Soon    Iraqi Govt Condemns US Talks With Sunni Militants    Facing Growing Pressure From Supreme Leader, Ahmadinejad Dismisses VP    Pakistan Interior Minister Claims Proof of Indian, Afghan Involvement in Baloch Separatist Movement    Germany Opposes Drone Strikes    A Young American's Journey Into al-Qaeda    Fresh Troops for Helmand as Casualty Toll Set to Rise    Clinton Calls Zelaya Move 'Reckless'    New Report Contradicts Central Obama Claim for Preventive Detention    Iran Cleric Warns Over Moves to Harm Khamenei    DHS Plans Massive, Five-Day 'Terrorism Prevention' Exercise    US Envoy Warns of Imperfect Afghan Poll    US Transfers $200 Million in Aid to Palestinians    Syria Says It Is Rebuilding Relations With US    Former Iraqi Weapons Monitor Describes US Abuse for First Time    Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink in Iraq    The CIA, Licensed to Kill    Obama's Disappointing Secrecy    
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Updated July 24, 2009 - 11:27 PM EDT
Iran President Caves to Supreme Leader, Fires VP
Ousted Honduras Leader Briefly Crosses Border
Poll: Majority in US Oppose Both Wars
  Mullen: US Doesn't Invade Sovereign Countries
Biden Touts Afghan War, Predicts More Deaths
  Rising Casualties Raise Doubts Abroad on War
  As Security Rises in Kabul, Residents Feel Less Safe Instead
Maliki: US Troops May Stay in Iraq Past 2011
  US Officials Negotiated With Iraqi Insurgent Groups Twice in Spring
  New Party Tries to Give Kurds Their 'Orange Revolution'
Defiant Netanyahu Plays His Jerusalem Card
  The Reality of Israel's 'Open' Jerusalem
  Israeli Missile-Defense System Hits Snag
  Israel Concerned Over US 'Umbrella' on Iran
Biden: Guantánamo Will Close by January
Clinton, N. Korea Talk Descends to Name-Calling
Bin Laden's Son 'Probably Killed' by US Strike
What if the Right Becomes the Antiwar Party?  by Marcion (Daily Kos)
From Iraq to Afghanistan, US Wars Not Going According to Plan  by William Pfaff
No Longer a Debate About Targeted Killings  by Hina Shamsi
Bush's Third Term  by James Joyner
Facing the American World We Created  by Tom Engelhardt
Blackwater Seeks Gag Order
by Jeremy Scahill

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Inside Bush and Cheney's Final Days
Obama Accused by Lawyers of Stonewalling on Terror Questioning
Global Views of US Helped by Obama, Survey Says
Hamas Shifts From Rockets to Public Relations
Iraq's Kurds Set for Vote Amid Tensions With Baghdad
'War on Terror'
Sources: US al-Qaeda Recruit Trained to Be Bomber
US Recruit Reveals How al-Qaeda Screens Foreigners
Feds: NY Man Witness in Top Terror Cases Overseas
Rights Group Makes Case for Moving Gitmo Trials
US Courts Convict 91% in Terrorism Trials: Study
US Military
52% of US Soldiers Wounded in Iraq, Afghanistan Diagnosed With Traumatic Brain Injury
Senate Sides With Obama, Defunds Jet Engine
Army: No Indication Texas Soldier Was Kidnapped
Drones: 'They Circled Above and Watched US Soldiers Die in Front of Them'
How Robot Drones Revolutionized the Face of Warfare
US General: New Drones Capable to Target Small Insects
Turkmens in Contested Oil-Rich Province Vow to Boycott Iraq's National Census
Iraq Presses US on Pact With Sunnis in Turkey
Iraqi Premier: Kurdish-Arab Dispute Must Be Solved
Early Voting Begins in Key Kurdish Elections
US Military Says Kills Two Iraqi Gunmen
Civilian Wounded in Grenade Attack in Kirkuk
Thursday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 17 Wounded
Clinton Doubts Iran Can Respond to US Olive Branch
Israeli Says Iran Nuke Program Could Set Off Arms Race
Iran Opposition Leader's Brother-In-Law Arrested
Israel Doesn't See US Limiting Loan Guarantees
Jerusalem Standoff Threatens Middle East Peace Plans
Netanyahu to Arabs: Saudi Plan Can Help Bring Peace
Activists Say Israel Gave Key Site to Settlers
Israel Rejects French Calls to Freeze Settlements
Hundreds of Israelis Plan Temple Mount Ascent to 'Protest Obama'
Paralyzed Girl's Story Reflects Gaza's Plight
Despite Obama's Appeal, Saudis Unlikely to Push Mideast Talks
Middle East
Security Forces Kill 12 Protesters in South Yemen
US Middle East Envoy Mitchell Heading to Syria
UN Accuses Hezbollah of Violating 2006 Lebanon Cease-Fire
Hamas: Egypt Bars Well-Known Syrian Actor From Crossing Into Gaza
Clashes Kill 46 in Somalia, New Security Boss Named
UN Chief Urges Military Support for Somalia
Congo Rebel Attack Kills at Least 24
Sudan President Backs Oil Area Ruling 'For All'
Canadian Troops Accidentally Kill Afghanistan Girl at Dusk
US Trooper Killed in Attack in Afghanistan
Serious Challenger Emerges in Afghan Presidential Race
Afghanistan's Leader Skips an Election Debate, Claiming Bias
Afghans Slam Karzai for Pulling Out of Poll Debate
US Shifts Afghan Narcotics Strategy
Poll: Afghans Differ From World View of NATO Role
US Keen to Avoid Past Afghan-Pakistan Mistake
US Focuses New Intelligence Effort on Taliban
Mongolia to Send Troops to Afghanistan
Current Troop Levels and Deaths in Afghanistan
Pakistan Military Fails to Come to Aid of Local Defenders in Dir
Spokesman: Swat Taliban Leader Alive
A Desperate Musharraf May Drag in the Army
Holbrooke Calls for 'Odious' TTP Leader's Elimination
Eight More Militants Killed in Swat Valley
US Envoy: Securing Pakistan's Swat a Top Priority
Protests in Layyah as Detainee Dies in Pakistani Custody
Judge Accepts Mumbai Gunman's Confession
Mumbai Trial: India's Global Stage for Case Against Pakistan
Crush All Terrorists, India Tells Pakistan
North Korea
Clinton: North Korea Running Out of Options on Nukes
North Korea Rejects US Proposal
Italy Blocks Sale of Yachts Bound for North Korea
North Koreans Risking Lives for South Korean Soap Operas
Indonesia Sends Message of Defiance to Bombers
Opposition Leader Drops Out of Kyrgyz Election, Claiming Fraud
US, Vietnam Air Force Officials Meet in Hanoi
US Commander in Japan Says Base Moves Must Happen
China's Military to Launch Official Web Site
UN Council Extends Its Nepal Mission but Wants Out
Biden Warns Saakashvili: Militarization Won't Solve Russia Conflict
French Foreign Legion Branded 'Imbeciles' After Sparking Forest Fire
Communist Secret Police Database Goes Online in Czech Republic
Honduras Resists Pressure to Allow Zelaya Return
Honduras Beefs Up Border Patrols as Zelaya Threatens Return
Ecuador President Asks Rebels to Confirm Donation

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