Gates Threatens 'Tough Sanctions' Against Iran    Karzai Calls for 'New Relationship' With Foreign Troops    FBI Arrests Seven in North Carolina Over Vague 'Terror Plot'    West Bank Settlers Top 300,000 as Growth Continues    Jerusalem Anti-Obama Rally Predicts US Disintegration    British Voters Turn Against War in Afghanistan    Mexico's US-Backed War Against Drug Cartels Losing Political Support    As Violence Hurts Business, Pakistanis Debate US Help    Judge Slams Govt Over Afghan Detainee    Iranian Leaders Urge Protections for Detained Protesters    Israeli Wall Bound to Become an Issue Again    Terror Suspect, Not Tortured and Tried in Civilian Court, Talks to Interrogators    Pakistan Arrests Swat Peace Deal Cleric    Somali Parliament Hit by Mortar Attack    White House Defends Biden as 'Asset' After Controversy Over Russia Remarks    US Insists It Wants Zelaya's Return to Honduras    Ahmadinejad Faces Hardline Revolt in Iran    US Turns Off Havana News Ticker    Montana Town Lobbies to Turn Empty Prison Into 'Gitmo North'    Rival Warns Karzai Win Will Not Be Accepted    Britain: Next Step in Helmand Operation Is Talks with Local Taliban    Of Concentration Camps and Comic Books    Paranoia About the Pashtuns    Middle East Show of Farce    The Hell of War Comes Home    Cheney's Plans for a Military Coup    Rule of Law vs. Rule of President's Lawyers    Cruel Truths From Basra    
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Updated July 28, 2009 - 11:18 PM EDT

Iraqi Forces Raid Camp of Iranian Exiles

US, UK Prepared to Talk With the Taliban

  Karzai Wants New Agreement With Foreign Troops

Colombian Commandoes Headed to Afghanistan


British Voters Turn Against War in Afghanistan

Iran Supreme Leader Closes Prison Over Abuses
  Gates Threatens 'Tough Sanctions' Against Iran
  Ahmadinejad Faces Hardline Revolt in Iran

Iranian Leaders Urge Protections for Detained Protesters

W. Bank Settlers Top 300,000 as Growth Continues

  Israel Anti-Obama Rally Predicts US Disintegration
FBI Arrests 7 in NC Over Vague 'Terror Plot'
  Judge Slams Govt Over Afghan Detainee

Suspect, Not Tortured and Tried in Civilian Court, Talks to Interrogators

Pakistan Arrests Swat Peace Deal Cleric

  As Violence Hurts Business, Pakistanis Debate US Help
Paranoia About the Pashtuns
by Juan Cole and Tom Engelhardt
Rule of Law vs. Rule of President's Lawyers  by Glenn Greenwald
Of Concentration Camps and Comic Books  by Naif al-Mutawa
Cheney's Plans for a Military Coup
by Scott Horton
Middle East Show of Farce  by Jeff Huber
Cruel Truths From Basra
by Richard Norton-Taylor

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Military Cargo Makes Big Shift Eastward

Yoo's Personal Lawyer Will Be Paid by Taxpayers

Military Criticized in Report on Soldier Electrocuted in Iraq

US 'Money Weapon' Yields Mixed Results

Mexico's US-Backed Drug War Losing Political Support

Life Sentence for Bush Assassination Plot

Israeli Wall Bound to Become an Issue Again

Reform Party Makes Gains Among Iraq Kurds

Reviews Prompt Suspension of Iraqi Jobs Program

Emergency Police Chief Killed by IED in Ramadi

Violence Mounts in Iraqi Flashpoints

Seven Iraqis Injured in Fresh Attacks in Mosul

Monday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded

'War on Terror'

Montana Town Lobbies to Turn Empty Prison Into 'Gitmo North'

EU Supports More Anti-Terror Data Sharing With US


Court Finds Iran Minister Guilty of Fraud

Iranian Opposition Leader Calls on Supporters to Take to the Streets

Barak: No Option Is Off the Table on Iran


Blasts Hit Tajikistan Ahead of High-Profile Summit

Obama Declares New Era of Cooperation With China

North Korea Says It Is Open to New Dialogue on Nukes

Taiwan, China Leaders Exchange 1st Direct Messages


Police and Militants Clash in Nigeria

Somali Parliament Hit by Mortar Attack


US Turns Off Havana News Ticker

Rebels Obtained Arms Sold to Venezuela, Colombia Says

Manuel Zelaya Fights Verbal Border War as Troops Curb Supporters

Honduran Congress Puts Off Vote on Zelaya Return

Supporters of Ousted Honduran Leader Losing Steam

US Insists It Wants Zelaya's Return to Honduras

In Other News

EU Extends Georgia Mission

Trial of Myanmar Rights Leader Nears End

Taliban Issues New Code of Conduct

Rival Warns Karzai Win Will Not Be Accepted

Peace, Poll Draw People Back to South Afghan Homes

Afghanistan and Taliban Reach Election Truce in District

In War and Isolation, a Fighter for Afghan Women

Occupying Afghanistan

US Military Stops Publicizing Taliban Body Count

Five-Week UK Operation in Helmand Hailed as Success Despite High Casualties

Britain Spins Afghan Political Effort for Home Consumption

Britain 'Will Need More Troops' for Success in Afghanistan

NZ Signals Likely to Raise Afghanistan Troop Level

US Commander in Afghanistan Shifts Focus to 'Protecting People'
Two UK Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Pakistan Probes Hardline Cleric's Taliban Ties

Pakistani Official: Militant Group TNSM Nearly Destroyed

Pakistani Forces Claim Killing 20 Militants in Khyber

With Stubborn Chaos in Swat, Landowners Remain in Exile


Indian Court Finds 3 Guilty in 2003 Mumbai Bombing

Six Troopers Killed in Maoist Landmine Blast in India


Israeli Envoy Blames Iran for Stalled Peace Process

Seven Palestinians Die in Gaza Tunnel Accident

Israel Slams Netherlands for Funding Israeli Human Rights Group Critical of Gaza War

Israeli Military Boycotts 'Rabbis for Human Rights' Conference

Mitchell Tells Abbas: Still No Deal With Israel on Settlements

US Jewish Leader Denies Fallout With Obama Over Settlements Dispute

Israeli Anthem Kits in Arab Schools


Nasrallah Warns Israel Against Attack

Egypt Refers 26 Hezbollah Spy Suspects to Trial


Justin Raimondo
The Honduran Coup and the Clinton Connection

Kelley B. Vlahos
Today, Henry Gates; Tomorrow, You

Ivan Eland
Lessons from Sudan for Iraq

Philip Giraldi
Obama's Free Lunch Is Over

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Nebojsa Malic

Charles V. Peņa
Travel Trials and Tribulations

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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