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Updated July 30, 2009 - 11:29 PM EDT
Top US Adviser: Time to Leave Iraq
  Gates: US May Speed Pullout if Iraqis Curb Feuds
  Arrests of Sunni Leaders Rise in Baghdad
  Iraq Can't Defend Its Skies by Pullout Date, US Says
  Wednesday in Iraq: 16 Killed, 544 Wounded
Iran Forces Retreat in Face of Huge Crowds
US 'Not Happy' as Iraq Begins to Close MEK Camp
  Iraq Police Clash Anew With Iran Rebel Camp Residents
  At Tehran's Bidding? Iraq Cracks Down on a Controversial Camp
  Iraq Says Raid on Militant Group's Camp Wasn't Iran's Idea
Ruling Kurds Keep Power but Opposition Gains
  In Kurdish Iraq, Hostilities Simmering With Iran, Turkey
NATO Slams Taliban Rules on Killing Civilians
  Afghanistan May Close Polls in Violent Regions
  Child Rapist Police Return Behind US, UK Troops
US Officials Warn Pakistan on Taliban Spillover
  US Unsure on Success of Pakistan's Swat Offensive
Clinton Moved to Halt Disclosure of CIA Torture Evidence
  UK: Intelligence Sharing With the US Threatened
  US Attorney General Says 'Radicalization' of Americans Worrying
Nigerian Troops Kill 100 in Assault Against Islamic Militants
House Set to Spend Billions on Unwanted Military Equipment
AIPAC 'Mole' Franklin Says He Was a Double Agent for FBI
Waiting for Obama's de Gaulle Moment  by Leon Hadar
Shades of Operation Condor in the War on Terror  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Cheney Plan to Deploy the US Military on US Soil  by Glenn Greenwald
United Colors of Democracy
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Obama Ignores Torture  by Helen Thomas
'A Damned Murder Inc.'
by Alexander Cockburn

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Mr. Al-Jazeera Goes to Washington
Obama Administration Says Russia Could Join NATO
White House Repeats F-22 Veto Threat
Honduran Leader Backs Return of President
French General Takes Over NATO Command in Virginia
Electrocuted Soldier's Mom Drops Lawsuit Against KBR
'War on Terror'
US Enlists Citizens in Anti-Terrorism Strategy
US Terror Arrests Spur Warning to Police
File Sharing Leaks Sensitive Federal Data, Lawmakers Are Told
Pakistani Ruled Fit to Stand US Trial in October
Israel Stopped NC Jihad Suspect's Family in 2007
Minnesota Somali Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charge
Airport Confiscates Boy's Disney Toys
US Says It's Willing to Send Afghan Gitmo Detainee Home
Ireland to Take 2 Guantánamo Inmates
MEK Camp in Iraq
Iraqi Raid Poses Problem for US
Eight Killed in Clashes at Iranian Exile Camp in Iraq, Over 500 Injured
Iran Welcomes Iraqi Raid on Exile Camp
Clinton Urges Restraint in Ashraf
Gates: Kurd-Arab Friction Top Problem in Iraq
Could an 'Entebbe-Style' Raid Have Saved British Hostages?
BBC: 2 of 3 UK Hostages in Iraq Likely Dead
Militias Target Some Iraqis for Being Gay
Maliki Says Visit to US Created Framework for Post-2011 Relations
Wednesday: 8 Iraqis, 8 Iranians Killed; 119 Iraqis, 425 Iranians Wounded
Iran to Try 20 Vote 'Rioters' as Opposition Vows Defiance
President Ahmadinejad Alienating Allies in Iran
Obama Team Sends Message to Tehran on Nuclear Program
Why Iran's Conservatives Are Airing Their Dirty Laundry
Clinton Urges Iran to Release Political Prisoners
Iran Says Reformist to Be Released
Iran Opposition to Visit Slain Protesters' Graves
Militant Settlers Set Up 11 Outposts in the Occupied West Bank
Hamas Bars Fatah Rivals From Leaving Gaza for Congress
Israel to Allow Cement Into Gaza for First Time Since War
Israel Presses Britain to Pull Funding From Human Rights Group That Criticized Gaza War
West Bank Settlers Scorn Obama's Push for a Freeze
Israel: More Recruits Request Combat Service Since Gaza War
Isolation and Division Take Their Toll in Gaza Strip
Rocket-Battered Israeli Border Town Enjoying Calm
For Some Palestinians, Peace Is a Day at the Beach
Middle East
US Makes New Gesture to Syria
Saudi Rejects Israel Recognition Without Withdrawal
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Wants 2nd Base in Kyrgyzstan
Veteran Officer Warns of More Caucasus Violence
Serbian Officials Say Mladic Is 'Within Reach'
Exit Poll: Pro-Europe Parties Win Moldova Election
Regional Summit Pushes for Honduras Peace Plan
Rights Groups: Venezuela Punishing Protesters
Landstuhl Sees Far More Casualties From Afghanistan Than Iraq
German Troops Get Green Light to Shoot in Afghanistan
How to Be a 'Good' Taliban – 2009 Rules and Regulations
Afghan Women Candidates Campaign in Burqas
Campaigning Karzai Makes Security Priority
Spain Is Open to Bolstering Forces in Afghanistan
Britain and US Defend War Effort in Afghanistan
Clinton Praises British Approach on Afghanistan
Afghanistan War Tests American, British Voters
Taliban Underrated, Says Former British General
Pakistan Turns on Its Jihadi Assets
Still No Charges Against Sufi Muhammad
Pakistan's Air War Against Taliban Grows More Precise
Pakistan Most Important Country, Says Holbrooke
Bomb Outside Court Kills 2, Wounds 4 in Pakistan
India's Prime Minister Pushes for Stronger Ties, Dialogue With Pakistan
Long Voyage Ahead for India's New Nuclear Sub
Uighur Leader Says 10,000 Went Missing in One Night
China Welcomes 'Moderate' US Response to Riots
A Midsummer Tale of Two Chinese Spies
Japan Opposition Wants to End Pro-US Mission
Terror Suspect Purportedly Claims Jakarta Blasts
Report: South Korean Fishing Boat Taken to North Korea
Kyrgyzstan Police Disband Opposition Rallies
US Extends Myanmar Sanctions
Philippines, Muslim Rebels Agree to Resume Talks
Rights Group Pushes Sri Lanka to Free Civilians
Over 300 Killed in Nigeria Since Sunday: Police
Nigeria Hunts Islamic Sect, Women and Children Freed
Nigerian Islamists Flee City as Army Overruns Base: Military
Nigeria's Niger Delta Lawmakers Reject Oil Sector Reform Bill
4,000 Displaced as Troops Battle Nigeria Militants
Sudan Must Do More on Darfur Aid: Rice
Sudanese Woman to Give Up Immunity to Stand Trial
US Warns Eritrea Over Activity in Somalia
UN: Somali Government Is Resisting Overthrow
North Africa
Algeria Insurgents Kill at Least 14 Troops: Media
Morocco's King Grants Pardons on Eve of Royal Holiday
Basque Separatists
Spain Blames Separatists in Car Bombing, 64 Wounded
Car Bomb in Spain Proves ETA's Resilience
A Glance at Basque Group ETA and Its Goals

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The Disappearing Palestinian

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Odds Against Nuclear Disarmament

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Lessons from Sudan for Iraq

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Nebojsa Malic

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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