Remains of Pilot Missing 18 Years in Iraq Found     Rival Sides Criticize Iran's Opposition Trial    Obama Courts Human Rights Abusers in Taliban Fight    Army Looking Into Charge of Monitoring Antiwar Groups    600 Held in Large Protest in Malaysia    Saddam Top Aide Urges Insurgents Enter Politics    UK Army Chief's Son Loses Second Leg After Afghan Bomb    'Ghost al-Qaeda Suspect 'Held on Diego Garcia    UK Home Office: 'Support Our Wars or You'll Be Denied a UK Passport'    Brits in Afghanistan 'For Decades'    Terror Hunt Locks Down Mallorca After ETA Blast    Afghanistan Commander to Call for More US Troops    Chavez Pulls Plug on Broadcasters, Prompting Outrage    Militant Urges Targeting China Over Uighurs    Hamas Threatens Fatah Ahead of Party Congress    Fatah to Reject Israel as Jewish State at Congress: Document    Russia Trumps US With New Central Asia Army Base    Russia Warns of Force if More Georgia 'Provocations'    Al-Qaeda Sympathizers May Have Joined MI5: Report    Army Officers Behind Baghdad Bank Heist: Ministry    Lebanese President Demands Israeli Troops Withdraw From Disputed Area    Obama Aides Clash Over Sudan Policy    Mousavi: Foreign Powers Not Behind Iran Protests    Nigerian Official Says 700 Died in Recent Violence    Iraqi Death Toll Drops After US Handover    US Troops Now a 'Coalition of One' in Iraq    Yemeni Official: Gitmo Inmate Died of Asphyxiation    Pashtun Ethnic Agenda at Heart of Afghan War    Afghan Poll Workers Ambushed; Three US Soldiers Killed    Team Obama Co-Opts the Bush Doctrine    Ortega Says Honduras May Try to Provoke Nicaragua    Friendly Fire From Chopper Wounds Three Soldiers in Afghanistan, One Loses Leg    Don't Nuke the SCO!    Judge Orders Release Of Tortured Juvenile Guantánamo Prisoner    Time to Get Out of Iraq    Was Rummy Really Wrong?    Christians Largely Mum on Torture    A Day of Reckoning for Bush's 'Torture' Lawyers    The Need for Strategic Patience on Iran    
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Updated August 2, 2009 - 11:17 PM EDT
50 Palestinians Evicted, Settlers Take Homes
US Pilot's Remains Missing Since Gulf War Found
  US Troops Now a 'Coalition of One' in Iraq
  Iraqi Death Toll Drops After US Handover
  Saddam Top Aide Urges Insurgents Enter Politics
Commander Wants More GIs in Afghanistan
  9 NATO Troops Die in Afghanistan This Weekend, Including 6 GIs
  Obama Courts Human Rights Abusers in Taliban Fight
  Brits in Afghanistan 'For Decades'
  Friendly Fire Wounds Three GIs in Afghanistan, One Loses Leg
Rival Sides Criticize Iran's Opposition Trial
  Iran Reformists Back Down in Court as 100 Face Riot Trial
  US Tourists Held by Iran Were Warned
Obama Aides Clash Over Sudan Policy
Nigeria: Mass Graves Filled, Photo Questions Cleric's Killing
Army Looking Into Charge of Monitoring Antiwar Groups
Al-Qaeda Sympathizers May Have Joined MI5: Report
Team Obama Co-Opts the Bush Doctrine  by Alexander Cockburn
Judge Orders Release Of Tortured Juvenile Guantánamo Prisoner  by Andy Worthington
The Need for Strategic Patience on Iran  by Robert Dreyfuss
Martial Law and the War on Terrorism  by James Bovard
Time to Get Out of Iraq  by Joe Galloway
Don't Nuke the SCO!  by Gordon Prather
Christians Largely Mum on Torture
by Ray McGovern
Pro-Nuclear Pundits Debunked
by Frida Berrigan & William Hartung

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UK Army Chief's Son Loses 2nd Leg After Afghan Bomb
US Weighs Risks of Civilian Harm in Cyberwarfare
South Ossetia Claims Georgian Mortar Attack
Russia Warns of Force if More Georgia 'Provocations'
UK Home Office: 'Support Our Wars or You'll Be Denied a UK Passport'
'War on Terror'
'Ghost al-Qaeda Suspect 'Held on Diego Garcia
Former US Attorneys General Doubt Interrogations Probe
Congressman Calls for Broader Probe in FBI's Handling of Anthrax Case
Yemeni Official: Gitmo Inmate Died of Asphyxiation
UK Driving Test Fraud Linked to Terror Funding
Jury Trial, Not Judge for 2nd US Terror Suspect
Don't Take My Son, Mother of British Computer Hacker Appeals to Obama
China-Based Cyber Attack Hits Australia Film Festival Site
LaGuardia Terminal Evacuated in NYC, 1 in Custody for Carrying Fake Bomb
Serbia to Sell Arms and Train Iraqi Soldiers
Army Officers Behind Baghdad Bank Heist: Ministry
Sunni Mosque Bombed South of Baghdad
Iraq: PMOI Says Renewed Clashes Leave 5 Wounded at Camp Ashraf
Camp Ashraf: 22 Exiled Dissidents in Iraq 'Asking to Return to Iran'
Kuwait Alarmed by Iraqi Failure to Pay Reparations
PM Says Iraq Cannot Afford to Pay General Electric
Iraqi Prime Minister Seeks to Open Roads in the Green Zone
Gen. Hunzeker Itching to Get Back to Iraq, Lead Troops Out
Saturday: 3 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis, 5 Iranians Wounded
Mousavi: Foreign Powers Not Behind Iran Protests
Iranian Dissidents in Iraq Underscore US Leverage
Swiss Help Sought for Missing Americans in Iran
Iran State TV Confirms Arrest of 3 Americans
Fatah vs. Hamas
Fatah to Hold Congress Despite Hamas Ban
Ahead of Summit, Fatah Looks to Iran, Shuns Talks in Draft Platform

Hamas Threatens Fatah Ahead of Party Congress

Fatah to Reject Israel as Jewish State at Congress: Document
Hamas Arrests 21 Fatah Men En Route to West Bank Summit
Haniyah Rules Out Resuming Inter-Dialogue, Holding Elections With Rival Fatah
Hamas Pursues Calm in Gaza After Disastrous War
Israeli Settlers Establish Settlement in Northern West Bank
Jerusalem 'Key' to Settling Mideast Conflict, Says Palestinian PM
2 Dead, 15 Wounded in Tel Aviv Gay Center Shooting
Amid the Ruins in Gaza, Palestinians Wait for Rebuilding to Start
Lebanese President Demands Israeli Troops Withdraw From Disputed Area
Army Commander Orders Lebanese Troops on High Alert to Face Any Israeli Threat
Report: Lebanon Man Gets Life for Israel Spying
Hezbollah: Obama Providing Cover for Israeli 'Crimes'
Lebanese Cleric: Arab Patience With Obama Wearing Thin
Assad: Return of Golan to Syria Is Non-Negotiable
Hezbollah Slams US for Extending Syria Sanctions
Democratic Gains for Kurdis 'Could End' Unrest in Turkey
Kurdish Insurgent Turns Himself in to Turkish Authorities
Al-Qaeda Kills Soldier, Wounds Three in Yemen
US Military
Suicide's Rising Toll – After Combat, Victims of an Inner War
Too Few Medals of Honor for Iraq, Afghan Valor?
In Ranks of Heroes, Finding the Fakes

Navy: Sailor Charged With Murder Committed Suicide

Americans Still Dying
Marine Buddy at Funeral: 'How Could This Happen? I Thought We Were Invincible' (MA)
Castle Shannon (PA) Mourns Son of Former Police Chief, Killed in Afghanistan
New Braunfels (TX) Marine Dies on Second Iraq Tour
Wife of Florida Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Now Left to Mourn
Fallen Soldier Honored in Blackfoot, Idaho
Oneida (NY) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Welcomed Home
Body of Slain Gainesville (FL) Marine Returns From Afghanistan
Family, Friends Remember Fallen Minnesota Soldier as He's Laid to Rest
Texas Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Remembered for His Kindness to Others
Sailor Assigned to Guantanamo in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom Dies (MT)
Bealeton (VA) Paratrooper Who Died in Iraq Is Remembered
Air Force Captain From Eagan (MN) Killed in Afghanistan Crash
Riverdale (GA) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Battle Stations: Anatomy of an Afghanistan Ambush by the Taliban
UN Chief Scorns Miliband Plan for Taliban Talks
Pashtun Ethnic Agenda at Heart of Afghan War
Karzai Campaigns in Remote Afghan Valley
Afghan Campaign Worker Attacked, Guard Killed
One French, Three US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Attacks
Taliban Commander Detained in Northern Afghanistan
With US and British Backing, Afghan Army Steps Up Training to Battle Taliban
Afghanistan's Presidential Candidates Wage Web 2.0 Campaigns
UK: Helmand Troops Let Down by 'Unrealistic' Planning
Lawmakers Urge UK to Drop Afghan Drugs Mission
Afghan Mission Falls Short of Expectations: UK Lawmakers
Roadside Bomb Kills 3 in North Afghanistan
Musharraf Faces Exile in UK After Court Says Emergency Rule Illegal
What Are the Implications of Pakistan's Musharraf Ruling?
Pakistan: Taliban Kill Militant Commander, Deputy; 10 Kidnapped Soldiers Freed
Pakistan Arrests Suspect in Marriott Hotel Bombing
Pakistan, Where the Mullahs Are the Upper Crust
Pakistan: Two Security Men Killed in Quetta Attack
Six Christians Burned Alive in Pakistan Riots
Two Bodies Recovered in Pakistan
Delay in Indo-Pak Talks to Benefit Terrorists, Says Pakistan PM
Schools Reopen in Pakistan's Battle-Scarred Swat
North Korea 'Helping Myanmar Build Nuclear Plant': Report
North Korea Says South Korean Boat Seized for Intrusion
China Keeps US Waiting on North Korea's Future
Report: Bush Calls for Strong Message to North Korea
Militant Urges Targeting China Over Uighurs
China's Military Machine Launches Website
China Army Called on to Keep Order on Anniversary
10,000 Defy Malaysia Police, Protest Detention Law
Malaysian Police Crush Rally Against Detention Law
600 Held in Large Protest in Malaysia
India Rising, and Flexing Military Muscles
Two Policemen Killed in Surprise Kashmir Attacks
US Lawmakers to Push Vietnam on Political Prisoners
Russia & Her Neighbors
America Hears a Gaffe, Russia Sees a Plot
Russia Signs Deal to Open 2nd Base in Kyrgyzstan
Russia Trumps US With New Central Asia Army Base
Russia Fears Embrace of Giant Eastern Neighbor, China
Spanish Police Step Up Mallorca Hunt for ETA Car Bomb Terrorists
Moldova's Communists Beaten
Nigerian Official Says 700 Died in Recent Violence
Rights Group: Probe Death of Nigeria Sect Leader
Nigeria Police Say Suspected Islamists Arrested
Nigerian City's Streets Calm After Violence
Burundi Sends Troop Reinforcements to Somalia
Kenya Ignores Calls for International Trials Over Election Violence
Moroccan Magazines Seized Over Royal Opinion Poll
10 Dead in Rebel Attacks in Central Africa: Aid Groups
In Eastern Congo, Plight of Rwandan Refugees Continues
Liberia's Thousands of Wartime Child-Rape Victims
Ortega Says Honduras May Try to Provoke Nicaragua
Ousted Honduran President Vows Peaceful Resistance
Honduras Leader Firm Against World Pressure
Honduran Pro-Zelaya Protester Dies After Shooting
Chavez Pulls Plug on Broadcasters, Prompting Outrage
200 Venezuelans Protest Radio Station Shutdowns
Venezuela OKs Redistricting Opposed by Chavez Foes
Fiji Silent on Commonwealth Ultimatum
Weekend Reviews
First Do No Harm: Clear-Eyed Analysis of 'Harm' in Balkan War
Al-Qaeda: What's the Big Idea?
'Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide'
America's Backyard: The US and Latin America From the Monroe Doctrine to the War on Terror

Justin Raimondo
Obama's Secret Police

Ivan Eland
Was Rummy Really Wrong?

Philip Giraldi
The Disappearing Palestinian

Charles V. Peña
Odds Against Nuclear Disarmament

Kelley B. Vlahos
Today, Henry Gates; Tomorrow, You

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Nebojsa Malic

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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