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CIA Used Gun, Drill in Interrogation of Alleged Cole Mastermind    Tory Defense Spokesman Demands Exit Strategy for Afghanistan Pullout    Could Afghanistan Become Obama's Vietnam?    Anti-Iraq War Veterans Group Formalizes Opposition to Afghan War    Nobel Laureate's Death Sparks a Diplomatic Breakthrough for the Koreas    Inside Job Suspected in Baghdad Bombings    A Gitmo Prosecutor's Act of Conscience    Feds Urge Dismissal of High-Profile Spy Case    Italians Still at Odds Over Unification of Country 150 Years On    Why Israeli Jew Uri Davis Joined Fatah to Save Palestine    US Envoy Pledges to Help Darfur Rebels Unite    Iran Clerics Object to Women Ministers    Honduran Top Court: Ousted President to Face Trial    Israel's New Visa Rule for Foreigners: if You Want to Visit Palestine, Stay There    Lockerbie Bomber: I Will Prove I Am Innocent    UK: Vigil Urges Withdrawal From Afghanistan    Report of Secret Burials in Iran Brings Call for Inquiry    Iraqis Begin Restoring Concrete Walls in Baghdad    China Outraged as Japan's Sabre Rattler Calls for Nuclear Arms    Taliban Attacks Leave Poll Soaked in Afghan Blood    Pentagon Shift Gives Names of Detainees to Red Cross    Marines Fight With Little Aid From Afghans    Intimidation Observed in Afghan Election    Abdullah Accuses Karzai of Rigging Afghan Vote    Iran's Political Leaders and Clerics Struggle    Report: Pirates Seize Ship on Israel's Behalf, Preventing Arms From Iran    Was There Vote Rigging in Afghanistan's Election?    Iraq FM Expects More Powerful Attacks    Navy Removes Top Nuke Weapons Officer    Observers Point to Widespread Fraud in Afghan Vote    Obama in Ramadan Message: US Unyielding in Support for Palestinian State    Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions    Lockerbie: Will the Truth Ever Come Out?    The First Israeli Jew in Fatah's Parliament    IAEA Legal Expert Stifles Neocrazies    Lesson of Vietnam Lost in Afghanistan    Afghanistan's Democratic Debacle    The 'Safe Haven' Myth    The Afghan Pipe Dream    
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Updated August 23, 2009 - 1:34 AM EDT
Abdullah Accuses Karzai of Rigging Afghan Vote
  Observers: Widespread Fraud in Afghan Vote
  Taliban Attacks Leave Poll Soaked in Afghan Blood
  Could Afghanistan Become Obama's Vietnam?
  Anti-Iraq War Veterans Group Formalizes Opposition to Afghan War
Inside Job Suspected in Baghdad Bombings
  Iraqis Begin Restoring Concrete Walls in Baghdad
Pentagon to Give Detainees' Names to Red Cross
  CIA Used Gun, Drill in Interrogation of Terror Suspect
  Report Reveals CIA Conducted Mock Executions
Report: Israeli-Backed Pirates Seize Iran Arms Ship
  Israel's New Visa Rule: if You Want to Visit Palestine, Stay There
Nobel Laureate's Death Sparks Breakthrough for the Koreas
Lockerbie: Will the Truth Ever Come Out?  by Paddy McGuffin
Lesson of Vietnam Lost in Afghanistan  by Stanley Kutler
The First Israeli Jew in Fatah's Parliament  by Jonathan Cook
The 'Safe Haven' Myth  by Stephen M. Walt
IAEA Legal Expert Stifles Neocrazies  by Gordon Prather
The Afghan Pipe Dream  by Pepe Escobar

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Navy Removes Top Nuke Weapons Officer
A Gitmo Prosecutor's Act of Conscience
Feds Urge Dismissal of High-Profile Spy Case
White House Spokesman Coddles Thomas, Dodges Question Over Blackwater
Attorneys May Question Sept. 11 Mastermind to Aid Another Prisoner's Defense
Marines Fight With Little Aid From Afghans
Pakistan Starts Manufacturing Drones
US Envoy Pledges to Help Darfur Rebels Unite
Today in Iraq
Group Tied to Ba'ath Party in Baghdad Arrested for Wednesday's Attacks
'Things Went Really Bad' Says British Ex-Soldier Facing Iraq Death Penalty
Reporter's Family Reunion in Iraq Is Reality Check
3 Lawmakers to Quit Kurdistan Parliament
Iraq's Maliki Pledges Victory Amid Criticism
Iraq Rights Group Demands Release of Reuters Photojournalist Detained in Mosul
Sunnis and Shi'ites See an Omen for Reconciliation in Iraq
Iraq Orders Six American Made C-130J Transports
Iraq Attacks Continue
Bomb Kills Mayor, 2 Children in Mosul
Three Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Attacks
Iraq FM Expects More Powerful Attacks
Bombing of Iraqi Ministry Hit Nearby Residents Hard
Saturday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded
Iran: Rafsanjani Urges Warring Factions to Follow Khamenei
Iran's Political Leaders and Clerics Struggle
Report of Secret Burials in Iran Brings Call for Inquiry
Iran Clerics Object to Women Ministers
Former Israeli Missile Defense Head: Iran Missile Said to Pose Europe Threat in 3-4 Years
Iranian Parliament to Review Ties With Germany After Merkel Remarks
Iranian Border Guards Kill 2 Pakistanis, Says Official
Iran Considers Buying Russian Superjet 100
Hamas Official: Abbas Stepped in to Foil Schalit Deal
Makeshift Repairs Not Enough for Battered Gaza
Why Israeli Jew Uri Davis Joined Fatah to Save Palestine
Gazans Find Joyous Ramadan a Luxury Amid Economic Downturn
Terrorist Targets Popular at West Bank Gun Range
PNA Refutes Hamas Accusation of Political Arrests
Global Israel/Palestine Impact
Obama in Ramadan Message: US Unyielding in Support for Palestinian State
Israel Sees Progress in US Talks on Settlement Freeze
Qatar to Provide Financial Aid to Gaza Through Hamas
Erekat: Israel Wants to Restart Peace Talks From Beginning
Swedish Government Defends Press Freedom, No Apology to Israel Planned
Israel to Sweden: We Want a Clear Denunciation Not Meditations on a Blog
Lebanon Prison Guards Suspected of Aiding Militant's Escape Bid
Palestinian Factions Residing in Lebanon Hold Emergency Meeting
Retired Lebanon Security Official Confesses to Spying for Israel and Bombing Role
Middle East
Yemen Seizes Iranian-Made Weapons in Rebel Caches
Egypt Court to Try 26 Members of Alleged Hezbollah Cell
Old Troubles Threaten Again in Bosnia
Bosnia's Ethnic Divisions Are Evident in Schools
Italians Still at Odds Over Unification of Country 150 Years On
Ingush Leader Returns Home After Assassination Attempt
Hundreds of Injured UK Troops in Fight With MoD Over Compensation Payments
Americans Still Dying
Soldier From Guam Leaves Behind Wife, 4 Children and 10 Grandchildren
59-Year-Old Soldier Oldest to Die in Afghanistan
Afghan War Claims Life of Marine From Queens (NY)
Guardsman From North Carolina Slain in Afghanistan to Be Buried at Arlington
New Portland (ME) Marine Dies in Afghanistan
Marine Killed in Afghanistan Laid to Rest in Baldwin County (AL)
Naples (FL) Marine With Ties to Maryland Killed in Afghanistan
Green Beret Captain From Houma (LA) Dies in Afghanistan
Chesapeake (VA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan a Dad, Husband
Cleveland (OH) Soldier Supporting Iraqi Operation Dies in Kuwait
Garfield Heights (OH) Saddened to Hear of Death of Local Marine
Missouri Marine's Remains Return Home
West Michigan Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Blast
Solider From Pinson (AL) Killed by Rocket Fire in Iraq
Afghanistan Election
Intimidation Observed in Afghan Election
Was There Vote Rigging in Afghanistan's Election?
Afghan Presidential Challenger Talks With Rivals
Afghanistan Fears Ethnic Unrest
Taliban Cut Off Fingers of 2 Afghan Voters
Afghanistan Occupation
German FM Proposes Afghan Pullout Talks
Tory Defense Spokesman Demands Exit Strategy for Afghanistan Pullout
Taliban Chopper Trap Snags Brit Chinook
Afghanistan: 'Hansel and Gretel' vs. Roadside Bombs
Afghanistan: Wasted Billions Put Lives at Risk
UK: Vigil Urges Withdrawal From Afghanistan
59-Year-Old Soldier Oldest to Die in Afghanistan
NATO Soldier Dies in Vehicle Accident
Today in Pakistan
Petition Seeking Trial of Musharraf for Treason Filed in Pakistan Supreme Court
Sri Lanka to Train Pakistani Army to Fight Taliban
Report: Pakistani Taliban Choose New Leader
Pakistani Extremists in Punjab Seen as Rising Threat
Air Arabia Diverts Sharjah-Peshawar Flights Over Security Concerns
Pakistan: Mehsud Baitulla's Relative Could Have Given Him Away
Pakistani Taliban Quiz Mehsud Kin Over Snitching
Washington Hopes to Exploit Taliban Power Struggle
2 Pakistan Students Expelled From UK Return Home, Claim Mistreatment
Pakistan Attacks Continue
Three Soldiers, Civilian Killed in Swat Blasts
Pakistan Suicide Bomber Blows Self Up During Raid
Tribal Elder Shot Dead in Bajaur
Peshawar Blast Kills Two Ansarul Islam Men
Rocket Attack Kills Two in Balochistan's Mashkel Area; Rocket Fire Came From Pakistan-Iran Border
North Korean Envoys Call for Better Ties With Seoul
2 Koreas Hold High-Level Talks; 1st in 2 Years
US Pointman on North Korea to Hold Talks in Seoul
South Korean President to Meet Visiting Officials From North
In South Korea, Freed US Journalists Come Under Harsh Criticism
Obama to Visit China in November
China Outraged as Japan's Sabre-Rattler Calls for Nukes
Tension Increases as China and Australia Grow Closer
Four Killed in Rebellious Thai South
Severity of Islamic Law Fuels Debate in Malaysia
Britain Rejects Talk of Deal in Lockerbie Release
Lockerbie Bomber's Release Linked to Trade Deal, Claims Gadhafi's Son
Lockerbie Bomber: I Will Prove I Am Innocent
Gadhafi: Release of Lockerbie Figure Should Improve UK-Libya Ties
At Home With the Lockerbie Bomber
Some Nigerian Oil Militants Surrender Rockets, Guns
Nigerian Rebel Group to Resume Attacks, Ends Talks
5 More Killed in Somali Capital
Somali Leader Calls for Ramadan Truce
South Sudan Accuses North of Arming Southern Civilians, Militias
Honduran Top Court: Ousted President to Face Trial
Colombia Nabs Guerrilla Tied to American's Killing
Cuba Condemns Threats Against Juanes Over Peace Without Borders Concert
US Military
Top Marine Visits US Troops in Two War Zones
Lobbying Group Whines, Centcom Scrubs Petraeus Jibe
Weekend Reviews
In Wilson's Wake
Splendor on the Grass
Withered Garland of War
Cover-up: A Film's Travesty of Omissions
Bases of Empire
Getting Away With Torture
The Pure Horror of Hiroshima

Justin Raimondo
War? What War?

Philip Giraldi
Vanishing Liberties

Nebojsa Malic
A Balkans Belgium?

Kelley B. Vlahos
A Primer for the Neo-Patriots

Charles V. Peņa
The Ever Present Military Option

Ivan Eland
Treat North Korea As a Child Psychologist Would

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

David R. Henderson
NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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