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Updated August 29, 2009 - 11:23 PM EDT
Another 20,000 US Troops for Afghanistan
  Tensions Rise as Thousands of Fraud Allegations Hit Afghan Vote
  US Envoy in 'Testy' Election Meeting With Karzai
  Taliban's Growth in Afghanistan's North Threatens to Expand War
  NATO Chief: Mission to Last 'As Long as It Takes'
Gen: 'Unsure' If Iraq Violence Will Imperil Pullout
  Truck Bombs Kill 16 People in Iraq
  US Embassy Costs to Rise in Baghdad
IAEA Praises Iran but 'Questions Remain'
  Iran Slows Atom Fuel Drive, Boosts IAEA Cooperation
  Iranian President: Prosecute Opposition Leaders
Bill to Give Obama Emergency Control of Internet
  9/11 Planner Is Recast as Key Asset for CIA
  Justice Dept May Skirt Court Order on Interrogation Documents
  New York 'Terror' Detainee in Draconian Conditions
Megrahi's Release Tied to Oil Deal?
  Justice Dept: Panam 103 Bombing Case Still Open
US Irked as Pakistan Stalls Waziristan Offensive
US Denies US Soldiers Fighting in Philippines
Waiting For ElBaradei's Swan Song  by Gordon Prather
How to Bring Peace to Afghanistan
by Eric Margolis
Holder Appoints Torture Prosecutor, Rejects Nuremberg Principle  by Thomas R. Eddlem
Thugs of Fortune  by Jeff Huber
Flushing Blackwater  by Jeremy Scahill
Making Afghanistan Safe for Democracy  by Anthony Gregory

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Russian General: 'Arctic Sea' Was Carrying Illegal Arms
Gadhafi Won't Pitch Tent in Jersey After All: Lawmaker
Can Final Peace Deal Overcome Settlements?
August Deadliest Month for US in Afghanistan
US-Afghan Relations Strained Over Election
South American Leaders Assail US Access to Colombian Military Bases
'War on Terror'
Seven Years After CIA Abduction, Prisoner Still Held Without Charge
CIA Will Cover Legal Fees for Officers in Torture Probes
Alleged Leader of 1995 Kidnapping Extradited to US
US Military
Ohio Soldier Made 2 Calls to Mom Telling of Abuse Before Suicide
Military Contractor Accused of Witness Death Threats
Air Force Contractor to Pay $15 Million to Settle Lawsuit
Marines Won't Seek New Charges in Iraq Killings
At Camp, Military Kids Share Laughs, Fears
New Iraqi Violence by the Numbers
Eulogies for Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Reflect Worries
Iraqi PM: Death of Shi'ite Leader Leaves 'Void'
Body of Revered Shi'ite Leader Arrives in Baghdad
Under Tight Security, Baghdad Mourns Shi'ite Leader Hakim
Tight Security Measures in Karbala for Hakim's Funeral
Friday: 2 US Soldiers, 4 Iraqis Killed, 6 Iraqis Wounded
'Just 4%' of Israelis Think Obama Is Pro-Israel
Egypt: Israeli Freeze Must Include East Jerusalem
Three Killed in Gaza Smuggling Tunnel Collapse
Middle East
Syria Still Not Cooperating Fully, IAEA Reports
Saudi Prince Vows to Fight Terrorism After Attack
UN 'Extremely Concerned' by Fighting in Yemen
Britain Accused of Breaking Promise to US Over al-Megrahi
Gaddafi Son Says Time to Move on From Lockerbie
Scots Divided Over Release of Lockerbie Figure
Four Killed in Battle Over Key Mogadishu Checkpoint
Nigeria Promises Better Life for Militants Who Surrender Arms
Madagascar Talks End Without Agreement
Vote Snarls US Job Instead of Easing It
Abdullah Abdullah Warns Survival of Afghanistan Is at Risk
Afghans Worry Taliban Taking Over Kandahar
Australia Mulls Changes After 2 Afghan Police Shot
CBS Reporter Injured by IED in Afghanistan
Cash: A Softener in Afghan War Zone
Taliban Use Pakistani City as Hub for Lucrative Organized Crime
NATO Wants Troops to Boost Afghan Forces Training
Pakistan Taliban Claim Afghan Suicide Attack
Al-Qaeda's Zawahri Calls for Jihad in Pakistan
India Official Calls for More Nuclear Tests
Suspected Maoist Militants Kill Four People in Eastern India
10,000 Refugees Flee Fighting in Myanmar for China
China Urges Myanmar to End Conflict in Border Area
Myanmar Fighting Poses Border Challenge for China
China Approves Regular Flights to Taiwan Despite Row
China Approves Law Governing Armed Police Force
Australian PM Cites 'Orgasm' Blunder for China Tensions
North Korea to Allow Family Reunions and Release Fisherman
Japan Opposition May Face Dilemma on US Security Ties
Activist Gets 18-Year Term for Insulting Thai King
UN Expert Urges Sri Lanka to Probe Execution Video
Suicide Bombing in Chechnya Kills 2, Wounds 6
Medvedev Turns to Muslim Clerics to Counter Radicalism
Honduras Offers Deal on Zelaya
Uribe Stands Ground on US Military Deal
New Mexico Gov. Cheers US, Cuban Openness to Better Ties

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