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Updated August 30, 2009 - 11:22 PM EDT
Japanese Vote Could Force US Rethink in Pacific
Karzai Closer to Winning Tainted Afghan Vote
  Fury at NATO's Helicopter Attack on Afghan Clinic
  Karzai in Fiery Row With US Official
  US Faces Smarter, Less Ideological Enemy in Afghanistan
  US Antiwar Movement Plans Fall Campaign Against Afghan War
Attacks in Remote Areas Add to Iraq Fears
  Iraqi Who Threw Shoes at Bush to Be Released Early
  Top Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Buried as Thousands Pay Respects
  Saturday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded
Israel Says IAEA Hiding Worse Evidence on Iran
  Iran Welcomes 'Positive' IAEA Nuclear Report
  Hardline Prosecutor in Iran Opposition Trial Fired
Pakistan Denies It Altered US-Made Missiles
  Blast Kills 15 Police Recruits in Pakistan's Swat
  Pakistan Bans Coverage of Mumbai Attack Trial
  Would-Be Attackers Killed in Pak Town Thought Emptied of Gunmen
Blackwater Founder Accused of Intent to Kill
Top Officer Says US Bungling Muslim Outreach
Rebel Leader Says 30 Myanmar Troops Killed: State Media
Waiting For ElBaradei's Swan Song  by Gordon Prather
How to Bring Peace to Afghanistan
by Eric Margolis
Holder Appoints Torture Prosecutor, Rejects Nuremberg Principle  by Thomas R. Eddlem
Thugs of Fortune  by Jeff Huber
Flushing Blackwater  by Jeremy Scahill
Making Afghanistan Safe for Democracy  by Anthony Gregory

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CIA IG Report Resources
ACLU Lawyers Mine Torture Documents for Truth
Cheney 'OK' With Violating Felony Torture Statute

CIA Head in Furious Torture Row

US Assembles Metrics to Weigh Progress in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Portugal Houses 2 Gitmo Detainees as Free Men
British Soldiers Banned From Training With Live Rounds
Lockerbie Aftermath
Lockerbie Bombing Figure Backs Call for Inquiry
Lockerbie Figure's Lawyer to Release Dossier 'Proving' His Innocence
Megrahi: The Man Who Knew Too Much
Pressure Grows on British PM Over Libya Trade Talks
Secret Letters Reveal Labor Party's Libyan Deal
Secret Delegation Went Batting for British Interests in Tripoli
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Ministry Worker: Too Many Bomb Survivors Are Dying in Hospitals
Iraq: Son of Hakim to Head SIIC Until New Chief Is Elected
High-Level Police Officer Survives Assassination Attempt in Iraq
Kurds Divide but Hope to Unite in Baghdad
Saturday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Turkey to Mediate Between Iraq, Syria to Ease Tension
Iraqi President Stresses Need to Strengthen Ties With Turkey
Baghdad Sends Team to Get Back MiG Fighter Planes From Serbia
Iran Calls for Regional Meeting on Iraq Security
Father of Soldier Returning From Iraq Killed
Proposed Education Minister Accused of Making Up His Degrees
Iranians Say Prison Rape Not New
Ahmadinejad Lauds His Govt Ahead of Confidence Vote
Abbas Won't Meet Netanyahu Before Settlements Stop
Israeli Troops Shell Central Gaza Refugee Camps
Two Bombs Explode in Gaza Compound, Outside Mosque
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Slam PLO's Upgrading Decision
Gazans Expect Israeli Siege Halt Amid New Tunnel Collapse Deaths
MK Tibi: Israel's Judicial Committee Discriminates Against Arabs
Israel Accepts German-Mediated Shalit Swap Deal: Report
Hamas Cautions Against 'Excessive Optimism' in Prisoner Exchange Deal
Qassam Strikes Southern Israel Amid Growing Border Strain
Israeli Forces Arrest Six Palestinians in West Bank
Israeli Air Force Testing New Black Hawk Helicopters
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
Bomber Who Attacked Saudi Prince Came From 'al-Qaeda Sanctuary' in Yemen
Saudi Attack Evokes Fears of Yemen-Based Militancy
UN Seeks Corridors to Let People Out of Yemen Town
Saudi Arabia in $2.4bn Russian Arms Deal
Middle East
IAEA Extends Probe Into Alleged Syria Reactor Bombed by Israel
The End of the Arab Cold War?
Beirut Mayor Denies Media Reports on Contact With Haifa Mayor
Turkey Extends Support to New NATO Chief After Bicker
South American Rift Persists Over US-Colombia Deal
Ecuador's Leader Threatens Closure of TV Network
OAS: Any Honduran Deal Must Restore Ousted Leader
Families Bury Dead From Military Massacre in Peru
Today in Afghanistan
Karzai Using Rift With US to Gain Favor With Afghans
Suicide Attack Targets NATO Troops: Officials
Karzai Increases Lead to 46 Pct in Afghan Election
Suicide Bomber Kills 2, Wounds 23 in Afghanistan
The Taliban Push Back in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Military Reporter Profiles 'Like Perusing the Diary of Your Stalker'
Correspondent of Afghan TV Channel Shot Dead
Canadian Soldier Found Shot in Afghanistan
Brits in Afghanistan
Gordon Brown in Afghanistan With New Plan: Talk to the Taliban
Brown Pledges More Resources for Afghan Mission
Royal Marine Killed in Afghan Explosion as British PM Visits Country
Afghanistan's Hidden Toll on British Troops
Pakistan Holds Mumbai Conspirators' Trial in Secrecy
Pakistan FM Says to India: War Is Suicidal, Let's Go for Talks

Pakistan Suicide Bomber Training Camp Destroyed

Revenge Killers Target Taliban Collaborators in Pakistan's Swat Valley
Former Pakistan President Musharraf May Go for Another Deal to Save His Skin
Eight Militants Held in Pakistan's Swat Valley
Dalai Lama Consoling Taiwan Storm Victims May Hurt China Ties
Taiwan Stresses No Politics in Dalai Lama Visit
US Closely Watching Pivotal Japanese Elections
North Korea Frees 4 South Korean Fishermen
Kashmiri Muslims Perform Funeral of Hindu Man
East Timor Leader Rejects Criticism
Kazakhstan's Nuclear Curse
Saakashvili Dismisses Georgia Defense Minister
At Least 43 People Killed in South Sudan Clashes: Military
Darfur Peacekeepers Say 2 Civilians Kidnapped
Darfur No Longer at War but Still Far From Peace
Americans Still Dying
Slain New Hampshire Soldier, Wife Had Just Marked First Anniversary
Claremore (OK) Soldier May Have Killed Self in Iraq
Soldier (CA) Leaves Behind Wife, Two Young Sons and Newborn Daughter
San Antonio (TX) Paratrooper Was to Return Home Next Month
Navajo Soldier From Shiprock (NM) Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier With Minnesota Ties Killed in Afghanistan
Utah Soldier Mourned by Family, Including 60 Foster Siblings
Pearl (MS) Soldier Killed in Ambush in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Mourn Summerville (NJ) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Marine (CA) Killed in Afghanistan Bomb Blast 'Was a Beautiful Kid'
Canadian Soldier Serving in US Army Killed in Rollover Accident in Afghanistan
Friend Remembers Chapel Hill (NC) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Palmdale (CA) Marine Dies in Afghanistan
Oak Park (CA) Resident Killed in Afghan Attack

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NPR: 'Murder' a Controversial Concept

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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