Deputy Intelligence Chief, 21 Others Slain in Afghanistan Blast    US Rejects Talk of New Iran Nuclear Talks    US Rules Out Negotiations With New Japan Govt on Base Deal    Poll: US Opposition to Afghan War Continues to Rise    Iraq Death Toll at 13 Month High in August    Calls for Further Escalation Put Obama in Tight Spot on Afghanistan    Gonzales Backs CIA Probe as Agency Flouts Judge's Order to Release Docs    US Is Seeing Policy Thorns in Japan Shift    Contractors Outnumber US Troops in Afghanistan    Iran Ready for Talks, Says Nuclear Negotiator    Obama Has Secret Plan to Harvest Personal Data From Social Networking Websites    US, Cuba to Start Direct Mail Talks    Amid Massive Voter Fraud, Afghan Tribal Leaders Demand Karzai Resignation    Iraq Has 1,000 Prisoners on Death Row    ElBaradei: Iran Nuclear Threat 'Hyped'    $600 for a Kalashnikov - a Sign of Bloodshed to Come in Afghanistan    Cheney's Dark Side – and Ours    Muammar Gaddafi: Mad Like a Fox    The Ghost of 9/11    Group Charges Complicity by CIA Medics in Torture    The Liberals' War    The More Things Change    Iraq Shiite Leader Reaches Out to Political Rivals    Japanese Landslide a Mixed Bag for US    Luster Is Off Obama's 'High Moral Ground'    Bomb Kills US Soldier in Afghanistan    Steve Rosen Accuses AIPAC of Espionage    Ex-CIA IG: 'The Agency Went Over Bounds and Outside the Rules'    Britain's Barbaric Terror Strategy    
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Updated September 2, 2009 - 11:22 PM EDT
Bad Timing for Obama on Afghan Buildup
  US Opposition to Afghan War Continues to Rise
  Deputy Intelligence Chief, 22 Others Slain in Afghanistan Blast
  Tribal Leaders Detail Fraud, Demand Karzai Quit

Taliban Surprising US Forces With Improved Tactics


Contractors Outnumber US Troops in Afghanistan

Iraq Death Toll at 13-Month High in August
  Syria Denies It Has Been Used for Iraq Attacks
Obama's Secret Plan to Harvest Facebook Data
  Gonzales Backs Limited CIA Probe; Agency Scoffs
  Group Charges Complicity by CIA Medics in Torture
US Will Not Renegotiate Troop Accord With New Japan Govt

US Is Seeing Policy Thorns in Japan Shift

Luster Is Off Obama's 'High Moral Ground'  by Leonard Pitts Jr.
Steve Rosen Accuses AIPAC of Espionage  by Grant Smith
Britain's Barbaric Terror Strategy
by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
The More Things Change
by David Swanson and Tom Engelhardt
Muammar Gaddafi: Mad Like a Fox  by Eric Margolis
Cheney's Dark Side – and Ours
by Derrick Z. Jackson

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White House: Cheney Has His Facts Wrong

Ridge: Hard Work, 'Luck' Staved Off Attacks

Ex-CIA IG: 'The Agency Went Over Bounds and Outside the Rules'

Vets With PTSD Strain Cities' Services

US Reassures Poland on Missile Defense Plans

George Will's Afghanistan Moment


Amnesty International Criticizes Use of Death Penalty in Iraq

Humanitarian Relief Organization Chief Gunned Down in Mosul

Joint Iraqi-Kurdish-US Security Teams Granted Permission to Form in Mosul

Iraq Shi'ite Leader Reaches Out to Political Rivals

Baghdad Makes a Comeback - on Iraqi TV

Iraq: 8-Year-Old Son of Local Figure in Diyala Abducted

Iraq Reschedules Nationwide Census for Oct. 2010

Serbia to Return Iraqi Fighter Planes After 20 Years

Tuesday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded


Ahmadinejad Plans UN Visit

ElBaradei: Iran Nuclear Threat 'Hyped'

Iran Lawmakers Back Minister Wanted by Argentina

Purge of Iranian Universities Is Feared


Muammar Gaddafi 'To Be Banned' From Pitching Tent on US Visit

UK Stressed Libya Ties in Lockerbie Letters

Britain Releases Documents on Libyan's Release

Serbia Defends Attendance at Gaddafi Anniversary


China Says Myanmar Promises Border Stability

Taiwan: China Cancels Events Over Dalai Lama Visit

Korean Border Reopens to Workers


UN: At Least 50 Dead in Week of Fierce Clashes in Mogadishu

Revisiting Rwanda's Dark Days

In Other News

US, Cuba to Start Direct Mail Talks

Clinton to Meet Zelaya, US Mulls Cutting Off Aid

Ukraine, Russia PMs Resolve Gas Dispute


Bomb Kills US Soldier in Afghanistan

Clinton Told of Security Failings in Afghanistan

$600 for a Kalashnikov - a Sign of Bloodshed to Come in Afghanistan

Group: US Embassy Security in Kabul Risky


Pakistan Forces Kill 40 Militants in Khyber Raids

Saudis Come to Musharraf's Rescue


Likud Minister: No Deal for West Bank Settlement Freeze

Israel Cuts Down West Bank Raids for Fear US Diplomats Will See

Settlers Plan Massive East Jerusalem Construction

Israel Troops Kill Palestinian Youth, Wound Two Others in Raid

Hamas Objects to Possible Lessons on Holocaust in UN-Run Schools in Gaza

Lieberman to Make First Trip to Africa by Israel FM in 20 Years


Kurds Rally for Their Rights in Turkey

Kurds Extend Unilateral Truce in Turkey

Turkey-Armenia Border Will Open to Trade

Middle East

Yemen Rejects Rebel Group's Truce Offer

Judge Denies Kuwaiti's Request for Gitmo Release

WWII Anniversary

Europe Marks Anniversary of WWII Beginning

Russia and Poland Clash Over Who Was to Blame for the War

Putin Praises Poland for Bravery in World War II

Stalin's Grandson Sues Newspapers Over Noting Joseph Killed Civilians

Liechtenstein Prince: Bank Secrecy Saved Jews in WWII

Former German President Details World War II Experiences

Japan PM Voices Deep Regret Over WWII Suffering


Justin Raimondo
The Ghost of 9/11

Ivan Eland
Japanese Landslide a Mixed Bag for US

Kelley B. Vlahos
Kennedy Was a Lion,
but War Remains King

David R. Henderson
Politics Between the 45-Yard Lines

Charles V. Peña
Different Country, Same Problem

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Just 6 More Months to Victory!

Nebojsa Malic
A Balkans Belgium?

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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