Cuban Post Offices OK'd for Internet Access    Opposition Sees Maliki Trying to Consolidate 'Quasi Dictatorial' Power With Purge    Israeli Study: Major of Gazans Slain in War Were Civilians    Faith in Obama's Foreign Policy Fading Fast    NATO Chief 'Concerned' by Rising Opposition to Afghan War    US Increasing Force Size in Iraq by Adding Contractors    Afghanistan's Dueling Election Bodies Spark New Crisis Between West, Karzai    US Cuts Off $11 Million in Aid to Honduras    Moussavi Warns of 'More Horrendous Events'    UN-Backed Panel Finds Widespread Fraud in Afghan Vote    Truck Bomb in Northern Iraq Kills 19    Most Britons Want Troops Withdrawn From Afghanistan - New Poll    Airstrikes in Afghanistan Drop by Almost Half    Lack of Evidence Over Iran 'Nukes' Alarms US    Anti-Secrecy Groups Unhappy With Obama    FM: Pakistan Won't Follow Suit if India Carries Out Nuke Tests    250 New, First-Time Veteran Patients Seek Care at VA Every Day    Negotiators Shocked by Special Forces Rescue Raid on Taliban    A Free Press Is an Ugly Press    Netanyahu Risks US Anger by Building Settlements    Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Village    No Escape From Guantánamo: The Latest Habeas Rulings    NATO Chief: Rush for Afghan Exit Not an Option    Obama's Turning Point    Federal Prosecutors Say Blackwater 'Specifically Intended to Kill' Civilians    Another Mysterious Electrocution Death in Iraq    US Brushes Off North Korea's Overtures    Troop Timetable Absent in Afghan Debate    Obama Readies Afghan Escalation    Israel: Anti-Assimilation Ads Yanked Over Uproar    International Criminal Court Prosecutor Eyeing War Crimes in Afghanistan    Captive Israeli Soldier Writes of 'Nightmare'    NATO Investigating Civilian Deaths; Alcohol Banned    Pakistan's A.Q. Khan Cites Official Support for Advancing Iran's Nuclear Program    Pentagon Checks Arsenal in Race for Nuclear Treaty    Putin Denies Secret Meeting With Netanyahu    Conservatism and Afghanistan    
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Updated September 10, 2009 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Increasing Force Size in Iraq With Contractors
  Opposition Sees Maliki Trying for ‘Quasi Dictatorial’ Power With Purge
  Thursday: Truck Bomb Kills at Least 25 in Northern Iraq
  Stormy Iraq-Syria Talks on Militants Issue
  Another Mysterious Electrocution Death in Iraq
  Wednesday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 61 Wounded
NATO Worried About Afghan War Opposition
  Dueling Afghan Election Bodies Spark New Crisis Between West, Karzai
  Troop Timetable Absent in Afghan Debate
  NATO Probing Civilian Deaths; Alcohol Banned for NATO Personnel
  Negotiators Shocked by Special Forces Rescue Raid on Taliban
  International Criminal Court Eyeing War Crimes in Afghanistan
Lack of Evidence Over Iran 'Nukes' Alarms US
  Moussavi Warns of 'More Horrendous Events'
  Pakistan's A.Q. Khan Cited Official Support for Iran's Nuclear Program
  ElBaradei: Laptop Docs Not Proven Legitimate
Israeli Study: Civilians Majority of Gaza War Dead
  Netanyahu Risks US Anger by Building Settlements
  Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Village
Faith in Obama’s Foreign Policy Fading Fast
US Brushes Off North Korea's Overtures
Obama Readies Afghan Escalation
by Robert Dreyfuss
No Escape From Gitmo: The Latest Habeas Rulings  by Andy Worthington
Federal Prosecutors Say Blackwater 'Specifically Intended to Kill' Civilians  by Jeremy Scahill
Conservatism and Afghanistan
by Andrew Sullivan
US's 'Arc of Instability' Just Gets Bigger  by Pepe Escobar
Calling Hannah Arendt  by Jane Mayer

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US Girl Scouts Prepare for War, Pestilence, Terrorism
250 First-Time Vets Seek Care at VA Every Day
Anti-Secrecy Groups Unhappy With Obama
Pentagon Checks Arsenal in Race for Nuclear Treaty
Most Brits Want Out of Afghanistan: New Poll
Lawyers Say Gitmo Uighurs Agree to Go to Palau
The New Israel Lobby
NATO Appoints First Non-US Supreme Commander
The War at Home
Fight to Release Abu Ghraib Images
Feds Scour Bank Records of Retired Army Colonel
Women Who Protested Iraq War Sue Over Strip Searches
Pa. City Blankets Streets With Security Cameras
Texas Couple Pleads Guilty in Afghanistan Fraud
Iraqi Shoe Thrower Inundated With Offers and Gifts
Iranian Exiles Vent Fury at US Over Iraq Attacks
Iraqi and US Troops Raid Baghdad District, Kill 2
Truck Bomb in Northern Iraq Kills 19
Iraqi Reportedly Seen Alive After Bombing Still Missing
As Violence Ebbs, Baghdad Revives a Watery Romance
Iraq's 'Garden of Eden' Waterway Facing Catastrophe
Wednesday: 44 Iraqis Killed, 61 Wounded
US Seeks 'Serious' Response From Iran
Iran's Mousavi Urges Calm Despite Arrests
Authorities Investigated Victim Instead of Rape, Opposition Leader Mehdi Karroubi Says
Iran's Ahmadinejad Pro-Woman? Critics Skeptical
Closer US Oversight of Iran, Venezuela Links Urged
Captive Israeli Soldier Writes of 'Nightmare'
Israel Moves on Plans to Build in East Jerusalem
Israel: Anti-Assimilation Ads Yanked Over Uproar
Israeli Rights Groups Publish Complete Fatality Figures From Operation Cast Lead
Israel-EU Relations Chill as Netanyahu Lets Settlements Continue Unabated
UN: Settlement Construction 'Contrary to International Law'
Ya'alon: Jews Have Right to Settle in Anywhere in the West Bank
Likud Ministers Nix Appearance at Pro-Settler Rally
No Holocaust Lessons for Gaza Students
Hezbollah Chief Denies Links to Allegedly Crooked Moneyman
Syria Urges Global Powers to Put Pressure on Israel
Lawmakers OK Kremlin Bill on Military Force Abroad
Black Sea Port Is Flash Point for Georgia and Russia
Putin Denies Secret Meeting With Netanyahu
'Gulag' Book, Once Banned, Is Now Required Reading in Russia
US Cuts Off $11 Million in Aid to Honduras
Passengers Freed From Hijacked Jet in Mexico City
Cuban Post Offices OK'd for Internet Access
Chavez Seeks 'Union' With Ally Belarus
CIA Declassifies Whistleblower's Complaint About Relationship With Peruvian Spy
Afghanistan Election
UN-Backed Panel Finds Widespread Fraud in Afghan Vote
Challengers Say Vote Fraud Will Hurt Afghanistan
Karzai Defends Afghanistan Election as Honest
Today in Afghanistan
NATO Chief: Rush for Afghan Exit Not an Option
Airstrikes in Afghanistan Drop by Almost Half
German General Backs Officer in Afghan Airstrike
Four US Marines Die After Plea for Fire Power: Report
US Defense Bill Boosts Funds for Afghan Police, Army
US Commander Urged to Defend New Afghan Strategy
Recent Kidnappings of Foreigners in Afghanistan
Suicide Bomber Kills Two Afghans: Military
Anger Over Afghan Reporter's Death
Canadian PM's Fate Tied Up With Karzai's
Polish Soldier Dies of Wounds Sustained in Afghanistan in May
Brits in Afghanistan
UK Opposition Leaders Recorded Attacking 'Naked Fraud' in Afghanistan
Britain Says It Could Offer Venue for Afghanistan Conference
FM: Pakistan Won't Follow Suit if India Carries Out Nuke Tests
Pakistan Says 15 Militants Killed in Swat
Zardari Calls for Probe in Afghan Civilian Deaths
Former ISI Member Accuses Sharif of Longtime bin Laden Ties
4 Militants Held in Fatal Attack on Christians in Pakistani Town
Stolen NATO Goods Seized, Three Arrested in Pakistan's Khyber
Taliban Prefer Not to Be Known as Taliban
Destroyed Swat Schools Deepen Children's Woes
Half-a-Million Children Without Schools After Pakistan's Anti-Taliban Campaign
Security Fears Batter Tourism in China's Xinjiang
China Pledges Greater Support for Africa: Report
China, Serbia Vow to Strengthen Ties
North Korea Marks 61st Anniversary Amid Nuke Standoff
The World's Worst Radiation Hotspot
Retired Indian Official: Chief Minister Played Role in 2002 Anti-Muslim Violence
Australia to Probe 1975 East Timor Journalists' Deaths

Fresh Fighting in Mogadishu

Somaliland Troops Seize Parliament After Lawmakers' Dispute
Somali Islamists Cut Off 2 Men's Hands in Capital
Somalia: Briton, Kenyan Held Over Pirate Swap
Somalia Trains First 500 Navy Recruits
US Signing Anti-Piracy Agreement at UN for Somalia
US Envoy Returns to Sudan Amid Activists Criticism
Lockerbie Bomber Weak, Pale in Public Appearance

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