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Updated September 18, 2009 - 11:30 PM EDT
Karzai: Claims of Fraud 'Overblown'
  Karzai Blames Media for Vote Fraud Charges
  General Petraeus: Afghan Failure 'Would Intoxicate Terrorists'
  UK Army Chief: 'We Must Tackle Taliban Grievances'
  Berlusconi After Italian Deaths: Best to Exit Afghanistan Soon
IAEA: No Proof Iran Has Nuclear Arms Program
  Clashes Reported as Iranians Hold Demonstrations
  Report: Barak Says Iran Is Not Existential Threat to Israel
Obama Changes Course on Missile Shield
  Putin Applauds 'Brave' US Decision on Missile Defense
  Blackwater Offers Training to 'Faith Based Organizations'
Israeli DM Says Mideast Not Ready for Nuke Ban
    Netanyahu Warns World to Reject Gaza War Crimes Report
Suicide Bomb Kills at Least 33 in NW Pakistan
  Pakistan: Qaeda Commanders Killed in US Hits
  Pakistani Troops Kill Women, Injure Kids in N. Waziristan Shootings
  Pakistan Licenses Banned Weapons for US Contractors
Indonesian Terror Leader Reported Killed Again
Biden: US to Follow Iraq Wishes on Troop Pullout
Tribal Leader: 87 Civilians Killed in Yemen Strike
A Bad Vietnam Lesson for Afghanistan  by Douglas Valentine
Why Is Obama Still Using Blackwater?  by Jeremy Scahill
Washington Post: US Must Demand Accountability for Abuses – in Iran  by Glenn Greenwald
Is America Hooked on War?
by Tom Engelhardt
The Complicit General  by Philippe Sands
For Britons, the Party Game Is Over  by John Pilger

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Gaza Report Author on Justice
A Cautious Russia Praises Missile Decision
In Face of US Shift, Europeans Recalibrate
Paraguay Rejects US Military Co-Operation Deal
Intelligence Oversight Bill Faces Obstacles
Starfleet Goes Gitmo? 'Star Trek' Team Hints That the Next Film Will Reflect Contemporary War Issues
'War on Terror'
Panel: Electrical Grid Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack
US Judge Orders Kuwaiti Held at Guantanamo Freed
Colo. Man Faces More Questioning in Terror Probe
CIA Boss Asks US Muslims to Aid Anti-Terror Effort
Senators' PATRIOT Act 'Fixes' Would Eliminate Telecom Immunity
Book Says US Spies Pump Dubai Visa Applicants for Intel
Iraqi Shoe Thrower's Whereabouts 'Unknown'
Iraqi Shot After Throwing Slipper at US Patrol
Abducted Norwegian People's Aid Employee in Iraq Is Found Alive
Biden Calls on Iraq to Lower Sights in Oil Bidding
Four Wounded in Car Bomb Blast in Mosul
Thursday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
Iran's Envoy Sees Upcoming Talks as an Opening
Russian FM Says No New Sanctions on Iran
Iranian Regime's Forces Warn Opposition Over Rally
Iran Says Venue for Nuclear Talks Not Fixed
Interview of Iran Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh
Khamenei Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Western Iran
US Condemns UN Gaza Report as Unacceptable
Israeli General Blames Anti-Semitism for UN Gaza Report
Israel Warns of Possible Attacks Against Israelis in India
Afghan Blast Raises New Doubts in Europe
GOP Seeks Afghan War Info, Gates Urges Patience
Japan May Withdraw Support for Afghan War
Karzai Admits Election Officials Were 'Partial' Towards Him
Pakistan Won't Accept Conditions for India Talks
10 Militants Killed in Swat
Sen. Kerry: Don't Allow Afghanistan to Destabilize Pakistan
South Korea to Buy Israeli Radar to Detect North Korean Missiles
Myanmar Announces Amnesty for 7,114 Prisoners
China, Russia Navies on Joint Anti-Piracy Patrols
4 Convicted in 2nd Trial in China Needle Attacks
Overview of Indonesia's Struggle With Terrorism
One in Seven Germans Want Berlin Wall Back?
Russia-Georgia Talks Adjourn 'Without Breakthrough'
Warsaw Fears US Losing Interest in Eastern Allies
Thaw in Armenian-Turkish Relations
AU Base in Somalia Hit by Deadly Suicide Attack
Venezuela a Top Concern at Press Freedom Forum
Middle East
IAEA Members Agree on Call for Nuke-Free Mideast
Turkey Urges Syria, Iraq to Fight Terrorism

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