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Updated September 24, 2009 - 11:25 PM EDT
Top General: Must Limit Debate on Afghan War
  Pentagon's Mixed Messages on Afghan Plans
  Afghan War Driving Obama's Approval Down
  Gen. McChrystal Warns of Growing Indian Influence in Afghanistan
  Washington Post Delayed Publication of Afghanistan Story
Pakistan Tribal Elders Gunned Down by Taliban
  Suspected US Drone Attack Kills 10 in Pakistan
Little Hope for Progress in US-Iran Talks
  Russia Leader Holds Out Prospect of Iran Sanctions
  Poll Finds Iranian Support for Nuclear Power, Not Weapons
  Iranian Nuclear Scientists Willing to Meet With International Experts
  Iranian President Backs Off Holocaust Denial
Did Netanyahu Outfox Obama or Vice Versa?
  Obama Calls West Bank Settlements 'Illegitimate'
  Israeli FM: Summit a Victory for Settlement Stand
  Trilateral Talks Feed Disappointment
'No Credible Threat,' but Flurry of Terror Alerts
  Imam's 'Terror' Arrest Raises Concerns About NYPD
  Al-Qaeda Releases Another Video
  Anti-ACORN Bill Ropes in Defense Contractors
Obama Reverts to Bush Policy on Detention
Iraqi City Locked Down After al-Qaeda-Linked Prison Break
The United States in Afghanistan: Eight Years Later  by Gabriel Kolko
A Puzzling, Dangerous US Policy Comes to an End  by William Pfaff
A Hypothetical Invasion of Bolivia
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Israel Must Now Heal Itself  by Daniel Levy
The Afghan Disaster  by Lew Rockwell
America Has Been Here Before
by Eric Margolis

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Federal Contractor Misconduct Database
Transcript of Ahmadinejad's UN Speech
Obama Speech to UN General Assembly
Newly Declassified Files Detail Massive FBI Data-Mining Project
Obama Overturns Bush Policy on State Secrets
Chechen Leader Claims US, Britain Back Rebels
Prosecutors: Rendition 'Damaged Terror Fight'
Brown Moves to Cut UK Nuclear Subs
Obama to UN: Drop 'Reflexive Anti-Americanism'
Terrorism, Nukes Top General Assembly Agenda
'War on Terror'
DoJ Official Blows Cover Off PATRIOT Act
Guantanamo Prisoner Says He's Lost Hope in Obama
Terror Probe Highlights Police-Muslim Tensions
Sports Officials Respond Calmly to Terror Warnings
Official: More Questioned in NYC Terror Probe
Attorney Representing Terror Suspect Getting Help
ACLU Seeks Bagram Air Base Detainee Records
Judge Mulling Islamic Charity Wiretap Lawsuit
Democrats Seek to Tighten Oversight of Surveillance Methods
US Military
Report: Too Many Vets Wait a Year for Claim
Group: Too Many Soldiers in Foreign Service Roles
Baha Mousa 'Killed After Father Saw Soldiers Stealing'
Sadrist MP: Parliament Will Likely Count on 2005 Elections Law
Official Says Iraqi Army Personnel Violated Rules by Disarming Civilians
US Soldier Charged With Murder of Contractor in Iraq
Iraqi Minority Refugees in Jeopardy, Report Says
Bombs Kill 11 in Iraq's Capital, Northern City
Web Forums Help Iraqi Refugees Adapt to America
Wednesday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
A More Conciliatory Ahmadinejad at the UN
White House Says 'No Daylight' Between Russia, US on Iran
Iran Says It Is Open to Nuclear Weapons Discussion
Netanyahu: Iran Could Give Terror Nuclear Umbrella
Excerpts From AP Interview With Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad Urges Obama to See Iran as Friend
Iran to Ask for Nuclear Fuel at Talks Next Week
Green Movement 'Understands World's Concerns' Over Nuclear Iran
Iran's Police Warn Shops Against Curvy Mannequins
French FM: Fuel Sanctions Against Iran Dangerous
Sarkozy Rejects Ahmadinejad Deal on Jailed French Woman
No Meetings Between Israelis, Palestinians Planned
Starting Point for Mideast Talks Remains an Issue, Analysts Say
Israel Summons Egyptian Envoy Over Magazine Picture of Netanyahu
Netanyahu: Obama Sent Message to Arabs That Israel Is a Jewish State
Cars Are Hottest New Item From Gaza Tunnels
Middle East
Turkey: Three People Wounded in Blast Blamed on PKK
Egypt Urges UN to Monitor Israel's Nuclear Program
Food Running Out in Yemen Refugee Camps, Says UN
Taliban Widen Afghan Attacks From Base in Pakistan
Russia Presses US to Destroy Afghan Poppy Crop
It's Not Vietnam, but Parallels Are Growing
Assassinations on Rise in Afghanistan
Commander to Send Troop Request for Afghanistan
Afghan War Comes to German Peacekeepers
Seven Civilians Among 28 Killed in Afghanistan
Less Peril for Civilians, but More for Troops
US Amb. Rice Says Afghanistan Situation Is Complex
McCain: More Troops Needed in Afghanistan
Former German Chancellor Worried About Afghanistan Mission
Zardari Presses US to Reimburse $1.6 Billion
Pakistan Probes Detained Swedes on al-Qaeda Ties
Obama: North Korea Must Show Arms Responsibility
South Korea Leader Urges North to Return to Nuke Talks
US Keeps Myanmar Sanctions, Plans More Talks
Myanmar's Monks Under Close Watch
China Urges 'Credible Steps' to Stop Nuclear Proliferation
Medvedev Lauds US Move on Missile Defense
European Patrols Brace for Rise in Tension Over Report on 2008 War in Georgia
US Warns Citizens About al-Qaeda Threat to Germany
Fighting Kills at Least 12 in Somali Capital
Somali Minister Rejects al-Shabab's Education Warning
Libyan Gaddafi Praises Obama at UN
Gordon Brown Defends UN After Gaddafi Attack
Senate Condemns Release of Lockerbie Bomber
Nigeria Minister Says Amnesty Program for Militants Working
Rwandan Accused of Using Donor Funds for Genocide
Tensions Rise in Honduras Over Coup
Honduras's Two Presidents Keep Their Distance
Protester Shot Dead in Honduras Clashes
Curfew-Trapped Hondurans Seek Food Amid Crisis
UN Suspends Support to Honduran Electoral Court
Brazil Asks UN for Emergency Meeting on Honduras
Chavez Offers Obama Backhanded Compliments

Justin Raimondo
McChrystal's Conundrum

Philip Giraldi
Listening to Sibel Edmonds

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Obama Needs to Expand on His Good Instincts in Foreign Policy

Kelley B. Vlahos
GOP Rep. Still Doing Penance for War Vote

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Lessons of 9/11 Still Unlearned

Nebojsa Malic
Empire's War of Terror

David R. Henderson
An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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