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Updated October 18, 2009 - 11:23 PM EDT
6 Iranian Commanders, 43 Others Killed by Bomb
  Exiled Iran VP: Strike Would Boost Regime
  Is a New Cold War Brewing With Iran?
  Newsweek Reporter Freed in Iran
Tensions Rise as Karzai Rejects Runoff Order
  Pentagon Paying $400 Per Gallon to Deliver Gasoline to Afghanistan
  Foreign Supporters in Urgent Talks to Avoid Second Afghan Vote
  Canada Denies Paying Afghan Talibans for Peace
  Sen. Kerry: Decide Afghan Vote Before Adding Troops
Taliban Resist Pakistan Onslaught
  30,000 Pakistani Troops in Waziristan Offensive
  Will Taliban Attacks in Pakistan Sway Obama's War Decision?
Pentagon Ends Plans to Send Brigade to Iraq
  Truck Bomb Destroys Key Bridge in Western Iraq
Obama's Terror Policies Similar to Bush's
US Diplomatic Adviser's Troubling Role in Oil Politics
A Tough Week for the Antiwar Movement  by Tom Gallagher
Killing Innocent Afghan Civilians to 'Save Our Troops'  by Marc W. Herold
A Historian's Account of Democrats and Bush-Era War Crimes  by Glenn Greenwald
Too Illegit to Quit  by Ted Rall
It's Not Iran, Stupid  by Gordon Prather
Obama's Unrestrained FBI: Is This America?  by Nat Hentoff

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Powell Warned of 'Terror-Industrial Complex' in 2007 Interview
US Documents Point to Secret Japan Nuclear Pact
British Govt to Appeal Ruling on US 'Torture' Papers
Military Seeks $1.3 Billion for Projects in Afghanistan
Same Old Mistakes in New Afghan War
Comrade, May I See Your Internet Papers?
Macedonia and Kosovo Settle Border Dispute
Iran Opposition: Use of Force Won't Halt Demands
UN Nuclear Chief Calls for US-Iran Talks on Nuclear Dispute
Iran May Declare Dead Protestor Neda a Martyr
A Russian Policy Shift on Iran?
Director and Actress Prevented From Leaving Iran: Reports
Report: Iranian Spies Active in Germany
Iran to Completely Drop Dollar From Foreign Exchange
Iranian Bloggers Win Major Press Award
Iran Shipping Firm Denies UK Charge of Nuclear Ties
Iran Ordered to Pay $310 Million to US Embassy Bombing Victim
Iraqi Turkmen Have Fears About Rigging Coming Elections
Iraq Set to Buy Russian Weaponry
Ambassador: US, Iraq 'Joined Forever'
Iraqis Awaiting International Investigator to Investigate Terrorist Bombings
Iraq to Let Trade Fair Exhibitors Have Israel Links: Memo
Kurdistan's 'Shakira' Causes Shock Waves in Her Homeland
Bomb Kills Four Iraqi Soldiers
Saturday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded
Iraq and Britain
Iraq Deportees in UK Await Fate
Refused Asylum Seekers Were Not Iraqi: Govt Spokesman
Iraq Approves Oil Deal With BP-Led Consortium
Iraq Oil Contract Criticized by British Antiwar Campaigners
UN War Crimes Report
Netanyahu: Prepare for Long Struggle Against Goldstone Gaza Report
Source: Goldstone Report Will Complicate, Not Halt Peace Talks
PA 'Won't Oppose War Crimes Trials for Hamas Militants'
Britain Criticized for Opting Out of UN Vote Condemning Israel
Egypt: Fatah-Hamas Deal Deferred Due to 'Inappropriate Conditions'
Hamas to Reply on Palestinian Unity Deal as Abbas Eyes Vote
Shelter for Families Blocked at Gaza Border
Khamenei Urges OIC to Support Palestinians
Middle East
Yemen Court Sentences Two Shi'ite Rebels to Death, Jails 10 Others
Arab League Says US Donations Used to Finance Settlements
Turkish PM Slams Israel as a 'Persecutor'
Lebanon's Hariri Says 'Breakthrough' in Cabinet Formation a Matter of Days
Masked Gunmen Kill Darfur Police at UN Compound
Tribesmen Kill 16 Kenyan Soldiers: South Sudan Army
Darfur: A Deadly New Chapter as LRA Moves In
US Said to Be Planning Deeper Engagement With Sudan
Sudan's Critics Relieved That Obama Chose a Middle Course
For Darfurians, 'Luck' in Khartoum
Contested Sudan Census Not Basis for Referendum: VP
Zimbabwe Premier Threatens Cabinet Boycott
Zimbabwean Judge Postpones Trial for Top Aide
Guinea Cabinet Ministers Resign Over Bloody Rally
UN Panel to Investigate Guinea Killings
West African Leaders Impose Arms Embargo on Guinea
Ethiopia Claims Surrender of Rebel Ogaden Leader
Parents Say Radicals Recruiting Young Somalis in Kenya
Honduran Talks Deadlocked Over Restoring Zelaya
Ousted Honduran Leader Sets Monday Deadline on Counteroffer
Chavez Says Iran Helping Venezuela Find Uranium
Latin American Leftists Tackle US Dollar With New Currency
'War on Terror'
British 'Torture' Ruling Threatens Intelligence Sharing With US
British Victims of Terror Attacks Abroad to Receive Payouts
Hacker Gets More Time to Fight US Extradition
Weekend Reviews
Iran: Guardians of the Revolution
Guerrilla Supermen: World War II Novels on Draza Mihailovich and the Chetniks Carl Savich
Afghanistan Election
Showdown Between Afghan Election Watchdogs a New Headache for Obama
Afghanistan Braces for Possible Election Run-Off
Likely Afghan Runoff Spurs Power-Sharing Talks
Wrangling, Horse-Trading Over Afghan Vote Result
Low Turnout Feared in Afghans' Return to Polls
US Ignored Warnings Before Deadly Afghan Attack
Hillary Clinton Says Afghanistan Got 'Short Shrift'; Needed More Troops, Attention From Start of War
NATO Chiefs Back Afghanistan Reinforcements
Sarkozy: No More French Troops for Afghanistan
British Soldier Attached to Special Forces Faces War Crimes Probe
Sen. Levin Crafts Afghan Compromise
Tony Blair's Envoy Attacks Afghanistan War
US Admits Tackling Italians Over Payments to the Taliban
Three US Soldiers, 25 Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: The British Base Called Stalingrad
We're Making a Difference, US Colonel Tells Despondent Troops in Afghanistan
Obama Adviser Jones Shifted Afghanistan Views – a Lot
Remembering Afghanistan's Golden Age
Osama, Mulla Omar Not in Pakistan, Says Interior Minister
Bomb Hoax at Pakistan Newspaper Office
Three Private Schools Closed on Security Concerns in Lahore
Pakistan: 11 Terrorists Killed in South Waziristan Operation
Roadside Bomb Blast Kills Two in Pakistan
Three Militants Killed in Bajaur
Politicians Assure Full Support to Pakistan Army
29 Afghan Prayer Leaders Held in Mardan
Inter-Korean Talks Fail to Reach Agreement on More Family Reunion
South Korean Lawmaker: North Korea Holding 154,000 Political Prisoners
Thaksin Addresses 17,000 Thai 'Red Shirts' at Rally
Thai Red Shirts Push for Royal Pardon for Thaksin
Thailand's Color-Coded Protests
Group: Chinese Democracy Activist Gets 10 Years
Bangladesh's Madrassas Enroll Girls
Report: Hedge Fund Trader Funded Sri Lankan Terror Group
Russia's Leaders See China as Template for Ruling
Russia: Two Opposition Parties Return to Parliament
Russia Jails Two on Espionage Charges
Communist-Era Files Still Haunt the Old East Bloc
Chechen Terror Family Chief Turns on Sons
Spain: Thousands Protest Arrests of Basque Nationalists
Karadzic Demands That UN Exempt Him From War Crimes Trial, Claiming Deal With US Envoy
Controversial Dutch Lawmaker Enters UK After Ban Overturned
Blair for President? 'Not Necessarily a Good Idea,' Says His Former Adviser
US Military
New Bases in Bulgaria, Romania Cost US Over $100m
Former US Soldier Took Kickbacks While in Iraq
US Military Looks to Upgrade Its Super Spy Blimps
Carolina Military Jet Crash Is Grim Reminder of Risk
Americans Still Dying
Marine Bomb Technician (MN) Killed One Month After Arriving in Afghanistan
Maine Soldier With Ties to Idaho Slain in Afghanistan
Slain Soldier (MN) Was Full of Humor, Heart, His Friends and Family Say
Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians Orders Flags to Half-Mast for Fallen Soldier (MI)
Brooklyn (NY) Soldier Killed by Small Arms Fire in Afghanistan
Friends Share Memories of Fallen California Soldier
Tucson (AZ) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Battle
Savannah (GA) Family Grieves Loss of Soldier

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Five Facts About Afghanistan

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The Bosnian Roulette

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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