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Updated October 20, 2009 - 11:10 PM EDT

Karzai Agrees to Nov. 7 Runoff in Afghanistan

  Gates: US Can't Wait for Legitimate Afghan Govt
  NATO Chief Presses for Snap Decision on Afghan Escalation
  US Unfazed by Afghan Vote Fraud
  Poll: Afghan War Turning Into 'Another Vietnam'
Iran-Pakistan Tensions Rise in the Wake of Bombing

Pakistan to Assist Iran in Suicide Bombing Probe

  Iran Raises Prospect of Military Operations in Pakistan
Pak Army Has 'Understanding' With Anti-US Militants
  South Waziristan Offensive Yields Massive Civilian Hardship
Spell 'Quagmire' A-F-G-H-A-N-I-S-T-A-N  by Joshua Holland
David Rohde's Insights Into What Motivates the Taliban  by Glenn Greenwald
China Seeks Deterrence, Not Dominance  by Doug Bandow
Throttling Back on Afghanistan
by Jeff Huber
The Things They Carry  by James Carroll
An Ordinary Israel  by Roger Cohen

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Election Law Stalls in Iraqi Parliament

Analysis: Washington's Overplayed Hand on Russia

Troops: Killing Makes Us Better People

In Oregon, an Eight-Year Antiwar Protest

US Scientist Charged With Attempted Spying for Israel

Somalia Rebels Say They Hit US Drone

North-South Conflict to Be Emphasis of New US Policy on Sudan

Non-Proliferation Meeting Working on Concrete Cuts


Iraqi Campus Is Under Gang's Sway

Iraqi Shoe Thrower Gets Hero's Welcome in Geneva

Leaving Iraq Ends US Mission Veiled in Ambivalence

UK Jettisons Iraqi Refugees

Maliki in Washington Seeking Investment

Kurds Cross Iraqi Border to Turkey to Seek Peace

Holy City Helps Set Course, Tone of Iraqi Politics

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 10 Iraqis Killed; 35 Iraqis Wounded

Iran Signals It May Not Strike Nuclear Deal

US and Allies Begin Talks With Iran on Nuclear Program

IAEA Chief: Iran Nuclear Talks 'Off to a Good Start'

Iran Threatens to Back Out of Fuel Deal

Iran Holds Funeral for Terror Victims

Rumors of Western Support for Iranian Rebel Groups Have Broad Backing

Profile: Iran's Jundullah Militants

'War on Terror'

Trial Record Provides Account of Oregon Jihad Camp

Report: Norway Has No Plans to Accept Guantánamo Inmates


First Darfur Case to Reach Hague Tribunal Begins

Somali FM Condemns Eritrea for 'Fanning Flames of War'

In Other News

Chile Joint Exercise Angers Peru

Before Arms Pact Expires, US Seeks Ways to Keep Watching Russia

Afghan Electoral Bodies in Standoff Over Results

Audit Strips Votes From Karzai, Afghan Runoff Possible

Afghan Election Body to Announce Rulings on Validity of Votes

New Battleground in N. Afghanistan?

A Variety of Sources Feed Into Taliban's War Chest

Tajikistan Police Kill 4 Militants Amid Concerns Violence Spilling Over From Afghanistan

$400 Per Gallon Gas to Drive Debate Over Cost of War in Afghanistan

UK Official Says War in Afghanistan Winnable

NY Times Reporter's Story: Held by the Taliban, Part 3


Do or Die as Pakistani Army Advances on Taliban

Pakistani Taliban Digs in for Border Battle

Pakistan's Mehsud Tribe Bear Brunt of New Offensive

US Leaders Visit Pakistan as South Waziristan Clashes Continue

Questions About al-Qaeda's Next Move

Musharraf Lauds South Waziristan Operation

Meeting Resistance, Pakistan Touts Progress in Offensive

South Asia

Indian Maoists Vow 'Tornado of Violence'

EU Could Cut Sri Lanka Trade Over Rights Abuses, Brussels Says

Goldstone: Ties to Israel Obligated War Crimes Probe

Israel Army Still Trying to Spin Discovery of Its Own Spying Devices to Hezbollah 'Plot'

Jordan's Abdullah Urges US to Focus on Palestinian Issue

Palestinian Cooperative Looks to Trade Olive Oil for Foreign Cash

Middle East

Libya to Purchase 20 Russian Warplanes for $1 Billion

Yemen Rebels Say Saudi Troops Fired on Border Town


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Rethinking World War III

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The Pentagon's Recruitment Two-Step

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The Mother of All Bunker Busters

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Obama at a Crossroads

Ivan Eland
Five Facts About Afghanistan

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The Bosnian Roulette

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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