Palestinians: Clinton Undermining Peace Process    Abdullah Quits Afghan Runoff    Pakistan's Other Problem Area: Baluchistan    Prayers and Criticism in Wake of Detroit Imam's Killing by FBI    Iraqis Blame Prime Minister Maliki for Baghdad Bombings    Clinton: 'Withdrawal Won't Affect Afghan Vote Legitimacy'    Clinton Warns Iran That Patience Has Limits    Abdullah Plans Runoff Boycott to Delay Afghan Vote    Roadside Blast Kills 7 Pakistan Soldiers    US General: Iranian, Pakistani Insurgents Flood Afghanistan    Obama's Afghan Decision Not Likely Before Nov. 11    World War II Blunder That Doomed 50,000 British POWs    Crucial Iraq Election Deadline Looms    Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret CIA Jails    Sacked UN Official Peter Galbraith Accuses Karzai of Running Second Poll Fraud    33 Militants and Four Pakistan Army Soldiers Killed as Troops Close in on Strongholds    Clinton on Israel: 'Settlement Freeze Is a Main Issue, but Not a US Demand'    Indian Officials: 'Terror in Pakistan May Spill Over to India'    Iran Claims It Has Evidence on US Involvement in Terrorist Attack    House Set to Pass Resolution Denouncing UN's Gaza Report    Obama Administration: Toss Wiretap Lawsuit    Afghan Official: We Had Advance Intel on UN Attack    9-Year-Old Boy Tortured, Says Former Guantanamo Detainee    Iran Lawmakers Reject UN-Drafted Uranium Plan    Transcripts of Defeat    On the Eve of WWIII?    Close Gitmo and Give Detainees Their Day in Court    Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War    Bob Gates' Bad Bet    Shades of Abu Ghraib    
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Updated November 1, 2009 - 11:28 PM EST
Abdullah Pulls Out of Afghan Runoff
  Clinton: 'Withdrawal Won't Affect Afghan Vote Legitimacy'
  Sacked UN Official Accuses Karzai of Running Second Poll Fraud
  Obama's Afghan Decision Not Likely Before Nov. 11
  US General: Iranian, Pakistani Insurgents Flood Afghanistan
Pakistan Says Army Closing in on Taliban Bases
  Pakistan: Clinton Wants Action Beyond Waziristan
Clinton Warns Iran That Patience Has Limits
  Senior Iran Lawmakers Reject UN-Drafted Uranium Plan
  Iran Claims It Has Evidence on US Involvement in Terrorist Attack
Iraqis Blame PM Maliki for Baghdad Bombings
  Crucial Iraq Election Deadline Looms
  Iraq Bombing Suspect Kills Interrogator
Palestinians: Clinton Undermining Peace Process
  Clinton: Settlement Freeze 'Not a Demand'
  House Set to Pass Resolution Denouncing UN's Gaza Report
400,000 Names on Terrorist Watch List
Drone Attacks Inflame Afghan Anti-Americanism  by Ted Rall
Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War  by Ray McGovern
Close Gitmo and Give Detainees Their Day in Court  Los Angeles Times
Bob Gates' Bad Bet  by Jeff Huber
On the Eve of WWIII?
by Gordon Prather
Shades of Abu Ghraib  by Alistair Horne

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Deputy PM Confirms: Israel Is Gathering Intel Inside Lebanon
9-Year-Old Boy Tortured, Says Former Guantánamo Detainee
NASA Scientist Denies Selling Defense Secrets to Israel
Obama Administration: Toss Wiretap Lawsuit
White House, Senators Agree on Media Shield Law
In Pain, Women Soldiers May Be Tougher
World War II Blunder That Doomed 50,000 British POWs
'War on Terror'
Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret CIA Jails
Prayers and Criticism in Wake of Detroit Imam's Killing by FBI
Police Arrest Canadians Tied to Controversial US Mosque
Uighurs Leave Guantánamo for Palau
Lockerbie Bomber Defies Doctors' Prediction of Death
Malta to Investigate Key Lockerbie Evidence
Ahmadinejad: Israel Unhappy With Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Ahmadinejad Says West Still Untrustworthy Over Iran Talks
Iran's Mousavi Hints at New Opposition Rally
Iran Students Plan Return to Street Protests
Lawmaker Says Tehran Reactor to Be Shut Down
Turkey's Erdogan Slams Nuclear Sanctions on Iran
Azerbaijani Laser Specialist Arrested in Iran Accused in Espionage
Liberal Iranian Editor Is Free
Iran Bails Aide to Defeated Candidate: Report
Bailed French Researcher Still Awaits Iran Verdict: Report
Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurds United on Kirkuk
In Iraq's Oil Battle, Kirkuk Is Key
Turkish FM Stresses Importance of Iraq Ties on Kurdish Visit
Iraqi Parties Form New Coalition
More Iraqis Trying to Move Beyond Sectarian Divide
Task Force Re-Inspecting US Facilities in Iraq for Faulty Wiring
Bombings Place Unique Burden on Iraq's 1st DNA Lab
Iraq: US Military Contractor Burns Recyclables, Violating Contract
Baghdad: Fanciful Gardens Emerge in a City of Tan and Gray
Saturday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Clinton Urges Abbas to Talk Without Settlement Halt
Abbas: No Peace Talks Without Settlement Freeze
US: Further Security Breaches Can Reignite Lebanon-Israel Hostilities
Israeli Arabs Accuse Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Jerusalem
Gaza War Widows Struggle to Survive
Barak: Impasse in Peace Talks Only Helps Hamas
Texas Governor's Secret Jerusalem Trip Raises Questions
Lebanese FM: Israel Is Not Preparing to Launch a War Against Lebanon
Report: Lebanon Nabs Top Militant Over Rocket Attack Against Israel
Egypt Party Meet Won't Answer Who Succeeds Mubarak
Egypt to Open Gaza Border for Three Days
Powerful Islamic Movement Faces Leadership Struggle
Yemen Court Sentences Eight More Shi'ite Rebels to Death
Pirates of Somalia
Rival Pirate Gangs Squabble Over Fate of Kidnapped British Couple
British Government Rules Out Ransom Deal for Somali Pirate Captives
Somali Pirates: Western Boats 'Loot' Somali Fish
South Sudan President Makes First Call for Independence
Sudanese Unity a 'Second Class' Option: Kiir
UN Inquiry Opened Into Deadly Guinea Crackdown Despite Russian Opposition
Zimbabwe PM 'Dishonest': Mugabe
Mozambique Is Reporting Big Victory for President
Britons Against Blair, Miliband Getting Top EU Jobs: Poll
Report: Russia to Buy Navy Ship From France
Iraq War Hero Now Working in Call Center Speaks of Anger at UK Government
Congress Considers Honduras Deal
Judge's Aide, Guards in Guatemala Cases Killed
Three British Soldiers Shot During Live-Fire Practice in the Falklands
Weekend Reviews
Outside the Law: Stories From Guantánamo
My Father, the Terrorist
Interview: Quest of a Gaza Cyclist
Taliban Again Overshadow Vote in South Afghan Bastion
German Colonel Made Errors in Afghan Strike
Afghanistan Announces Arrests in UN Guesthouse Attack
Qaeda Had Role in Attack on UN Staff, Official Says
Afghan Official: We Had Advance Intel on UN Attack
At Fort Leavenworth, General Calls for More Troops in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Hard Fight in the Desert, Soft Targets in the Cities
Bush: 'Tyranny' if Militants Retake Afghanistan
Hope and Despair Live Side by Side in Kabul
IED Blast Claims Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan
Afghan Election Uncertainty Slows Economy, Puts Plans and Dreams on Hold
Commander Warned of Helicopter Shortage Weeks Before Afghanistan Death
Chinese Company's Contract to Mine Afghanistan's Rich Copper Deposits Criticized as a Bad Deal
Pakistan Offensive
33 Militants and Four Pakistan Army Soldiers Killed as Troops Close in on Strongholds
Pakistan Air Force: 15 Militants Killed in Kurram, Orakzai
Pakistan Presses the Taliban in Its Lawless Heartlands
Bomb Kills 7 Soldiers in Pakistani Tribal Region
Pakistan: Militant Fight Won't End in Waziristan, Says Zardari
Pakistan's Hidden War
Pakistan Pledges to Eliminate Militants
Revulsion at Bombing in Peshwar
Govt to Resolve All Issues of Balochistan, Says Pakistan's Zardari
Pakistan's Other Problem Area: Baluchistan
Unknown Assailants Fire at Govt Official in SW Pakistan
Red Cross Alarmed by Pakistani Violence
Pakistan: Women Mourn the Women Who Are Targets
Indian Officials: 'Terror in Pakistan May Spill Over to India'
Maoist Rebels Widen Deadly Reach Across India
25-Year-Old Massacre Haunts India's Sikhs
Two Killed, Four Wounded in South Thailand Bombing
Dalai Lama Says China Overpoliticizing His Travels
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Supports US Policy of Engagement
Philippines: Kidnappers Demand $2 Million for 79-Year Old Irish Missionary
US Military
Female US Soldiers Suffering From PTSD
Coast Guard Identifies 9 Missing in Midair Crash
Coast Guard Finds Body of Pilot of Missing Navy Plane Off Texas
Americans Still Dying
Mom on Son Killed in War: 'He Was So Scared' (UT)
Lathrop (MO) Soldier Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife
Mother of Two Young Daughters, Killed in Afghan Attack (CA)
Marine (MA) Killed in Helicopter Crash, Was Returning to US in Six Days
Illinois Soldier Killed on First Afghaistan Deployment
Michigan Soldier, K-9 Handler, Killed in Afghan Blast
Indiana Soldier Was 'Free Spirit' Champion Wrestler
Vancouver (WA) Man Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Anchorage (AK) Marine Dies in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Family, Friends Remember Ohio Marine
Deployment Ends Tragically for Soldier From Lockeford (CA)
Texas Community Rallies Around Family of Soldier Slain in Iraq
Minnesota Military Contractor Killed in Afghanistan Plane Crash
Marine Pilot Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash to Be Buried at Arlington (OH)
Beaumont (CA) Soldier's Body Returns to US From Afghanistan
Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan Kills Little Chute (WI) Soldier
La Mirada (CA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
DEA Agent From Washington DC Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Vigil Honors Ohio Marine Who Died in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Hughesville (PA) DEA Agent Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Marine Helicopter Pilot From Pound Ridge (NY) Killed in Afghanistan Crash
Florida Soldier With Ties to Colorado Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier From Alamo (TX) Killed by Roadside Bomb

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