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Updated November 5, 2009 - 11:21 PM EST
Suspect Alive: 12 Dead in Ft. Hood Shooting
Afghans Say NATO Strike Kills 9 Civilians
  Taliban Penetrate Afghan Police at 'Every Level'
  Killing of 5 UK Soldiers by Afghan Officer Casts Doubt on Strategy
  Abdullah: Karzai Reelection Illegal
  US Troops Fight 4-Hour Battle at Qatar Kala
  Danish FM Slams Soldiers' Call for Afghan Exit Strategy
Convicted CIA Spy Says 'We Broke the Law'
  Italian Judge Convicts 23 CIA Officers for Kidnapping
Iraq Law Fails Again, January Vote 'Impossible'
  GAO: Contract Issues Could Slow Iraq Drawdown
  Iraqi Logjam Over Vote Law Illustrates Waning US Clout
Israelis Capture Cargo Ship Containing Rockets
  Iran and Syria Deny Link to Arms Shipment Intercepted by Israel
  Israel Preparing Public for a New War in Gaza
Pakistani Taliban Eye ‘Tactical Retreat’ in S. Waz
  US Missile Strike Kills Two in Pakistan
  Faltering Pakistan Ruling Party Eyes Coalition Partners
Heavyweight-Hawks Hold Court on the Hill
  Pentagon Getting Set to Request More War Funding
  No Sunset for Sweeping PATRIOT Act Powers?
Why Does AIPAC Spy on Americans?  by Grant Smith
Keeping Afghanistan Safe From Democracy  by Robert Scheer
Obama Continues Bush Policy Regarding Posse Comitatus  by Joe Wolverton, II
Unicorns in Kabul  by George F. Will
So Much for Europe  by Jeff Huber
America's New Crusader Castles  by Simon Tisdall

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Ellsberg: Obama Fears Military Revolt
Obama Admin Missteps Hamper Mideast Efforts
Arlington Officials Can't Get Their Stories Straight
Justice Dept Won't Appeal Order to Free Gitmo Detainee
Government Agrees to Pay $3 Million in CIA Lawsuit
House Vote on Goldstone Report
Slaughter Raises Afghan Fears of the Enemy Within
US Forces Chafe Under Challenges of Working With Afghan Forces
Camp of Afghan Challenger Abdullah Sought Top Posts, Officials Say
UK Labour MP Urges Afghan Withdrawal
Kouchner Urges Stronger Afghan Role for Europe
Afghanistan: Culture of Corruption
'Most of Them Were Corrupt and Stoned on Opium'
Officials: Pakistan Army Enters Taliban Stronghold
Pakistan Militants Kill Two Women Teachers
Pakistani Press Spins Conspiracy Theory About Kerry Intern
Famed French Judge Bruguiere Tells of a Troubled Pakistan
Sri Lanka Military Chief Skips US War Crimes Quiz
US Officials Visit Isolated Myanmar, Meet Suu Kyi
Malaysia Rejects Call to Release 10,000 Bibles
Czech Leader Signs Lisbon Treaty, Clearing Way for Stronger EU
Russian Reports Tie Nationalists to 2 Killings
Georgia's FM Renounces Russian Citizenship
Deep in the Forest, Bambi Remains the Cold War's Last Prisoner
Fighting Kills Seven, Injures 11 in Central Somali Town
Netanyahu: Ship Proves Iran's Support for Terror
Iranians Mark US Embassy Takeover
Clashes in Iran on Anniversary of Embassy Takeover
In Iran, Rival Rallies Show Rift Endures
White House Monitoring Crackdown in Iran
Iran's Supreme Leader Warns Against Negotiating With US
ElBaradei: Iran Wants to Be Seen as Regional Power
Iran's al-Alam TV Says Dropped by Arab Satellites
Syrian Foreign Minister in Tehran for Bilateral, Regional Talks
US Troops Kill Civilian in Nineveh
Wednesday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 26 Wounded
Clinton Backs Peace Talks Before Israeli Settlement Freeze
US Hope Dims for High-Level Israeli-Palestinian Talks Over State
Palestinian State May Have to Be Abandoned: Erekat
Palestinians Who See Nonviolence as Their Weapon
Israel's UN Ambassador: Goldstone Report Was Born of Hate, Executed in Sin
Gaza Report Debate Aims for UN Security Council Action
Palestinians Seek Gaza War Crimes Justice
Leftist Jews to Israel: Stop Villifying Goldstone
US Military
Spinal Injuries Up Among Troops
75% of Potential Recruits Too Fat, Too Sickly, Too Dumb to Serve
5 Protesters Arrested for Breaking Into Navy Base

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The Disenfranchised Antiwar Voter

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A Manifesto for X Street

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Knocking Our Heads Against a Wall in Palestine

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Polls Give False Impressions About War

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Commuting to War

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The Edifice Crumbles

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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